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Decorative vinyls of Glamour

Family Lokoloko Glamour will find an endless number of elegant and modern designs to decorate as Vinyl for hairdressersbathrooms and bedrooms.

This category includes topics such as love, fashion, urban, vintage style, the pin-up girls, lips, art...

Decorative vinyls of Glamour

Family Lokoloko Glamour will find an endless number of elegant and modern designs to decorate as Vinyl for hairdressersbathrooms and bedrooms.

This category includes topics such as love, fashion, urban, vintage style, the pin-up girls, lips, art...

When you buy our women stickers de alta calidad tanto en material como en diseño estarás adquiriendo ilustraciones decorativas ideales para gente moderna, vanguardista y que viste a la última moda. Decoraciones que no ocupan espacio y llena de ambiente tu hogar.

5 ideas for decorating my clothing with decorative vinyl store

If you have a business dedicated to clothes fashion and latest trends, a Hairdresser or beauty or a lingerie shop, salon a Vinyl for decorating walls Iran you very well to the space, bringing personality to environments as dynamic as this type of premises.

Clothing stores are one of the shops frequented by the public when they go shopping and maintaining modern décor with the latest trends is essential.

Often mirrors go unnoticed and are an excellent resource to express pleasant environments in moments of leisure. In the testers with over one mirror, we can paste the caritmatica Pin up 6 en uno de ellos, dándole un aspecto clásico que vuelve a estar de moda.

If we have a Hairdresser with a large mirror or glass, we can paste Love heart polygonal as decorative adhesive for glass. With this elegant design will succeed in attracting the eyes of the customers more demanding.

Model 1 es una buena opción para la zona de los vestidos de fiesta de una tienda de ropa, en una pared visible que sea la atención del público. Además al ser de 2 colores podremos combinar los mas interesantes o incluso buscar colores próximos a los del logotipo de la tienda.

Vinyl Style woman dará un toque fresco, moderno y desenfadado a la entrada de una tienda de ropa enfocada a un público mas jóven que busca ropa elegante para salir con sus amigos o ropa mas casual para el día a día. Un vinyl furniture that you can stick on wooden panels quite common in this type of establishment.

AShop lingerie and underwear frequented by women of all ages also need décor according to times and Ornamental retro 2 pegado en la pared trasera del mostrador principal quedará fenomenal. Un estilo vintage de una bella mujer sentada y rodeada de círculos y triángulos flotantes que nos lleva a un estilo totalmente retro y sensual.

¿Quiéres saber cómo pegar tus pegatinas adhesivas?

In our channel of YouTube es la solución que necesitas para despejar las dudas de cómo pegar tus pegatinas Lokoloko. Here you will find a list of videos with guides and tutorials in different ways that there are paste one vinyl on a surface, all explained step by step so that you don't lose detail.

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  • Modern ideal cut for avant-garde Interior vinyl, brings color and elegance, taking care to not highlight in excess in the stay. 

    39,00 €
  • Change a female image and naughty vintage, adding geometric shapes colored with very current tones in decoration, a simple and elegant composition that will not go ignored, ideal for modern and eclectic decorations. Printed and die-cut vinyl uses ecological inks resistant to UV rays.

    39,00 €
  • Embodied in a vintage image, female sensuality is accompanied by geometric shapes colored with very current tones in decoration. The woman is treated with a stippling that mimics the plot of old machines printing (points). The vinyl is printed with UV-resistant green ink and perfectly formed.

    40,00 €
  • An image that is not overlooked, meets vintage touch of feminine elegance and modernity of geometric shapes with soft hues that allow an easy integration in modern or classic cut decorations. Take this die-cut vinyl original composition and test before place it cut out geometric parts and place them where you want, furniture, walls...

    39,00 €
  • Dress as women period and the 20th century is not only a thing of the past, since the style and elegance of those years remain to the last. If you feel passion for fashion and home décor, this is your vinyl. A design with distinction.

    28,00 €
  • A spectacular design for decorative vinyl wall of our category glamour of a woman dressed for a special occasion fashion. With a casual playing with the lights and shadows face as its a bulb to illuminate it.

    46,00 €
  • The eyes are the reflection of the personality of the person, and through them we can perceive emotions and sensations that cannot be expressed with words. This feminine look of strokes proposes vintage décor to offer a calm atmosphere to our spaces.

    39,00 €
  • If you like different designs, here we present you a new decorative vinyl that combines figurative form and typography, you can combine it in 2 colors you want, providing a fresh air and casual to decor your walls, doors or furniture. A missing front face of woman after modern sunglasses will be a point of attention among your friends more fashionable.

    40,00 €
  • The decorative vinyl women are ideal to decorate your walls with feminine styling, with a modern and current roll that goes according to casual, urban décor. With this vinyl "Say Yes" say yes to a vinyl sexy and fashion according to your lifestyle. Do not hesitate, if you want to bring your personality to your walls, configures, and don't wait to place it!

    33,00 €
  • The psychosis movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960, is the most famous cry of the film, now you can take it to your walls to decorate in a way that is current and avant-garde. A decorative vinyl with frames of irregular points with an original look that will largely get attention in your decoration.

    60,00 €
  • The skulls is a very important act in Mexican society, represented by a skull made up of many natural elements, with a self-designed recognized around the world. Now you can decorate the walls of your living room with this super vinyl decorative color and size you want and to tap traditional at the same time elegant inside your House.

    53,00 €
  • The traditional design of skulls from Mexico are an icon that has become famous around the world. If you like your peculiar and original design we propose an original vinyl decorative Mexican skulls composed of many natural elements with which you will offer a new and dramatic style to your home.

    54,00 €
  • The skulls is a frequent activity in Mexican society that is to write rhyming verses that describe the relationship between the person and his death. Lokoloko brings you in the form of decorative vinyl the mythical Mexican skulls represented with floral elements and ornaments in the glamorous family. Available in various colors and sizes.

    59,00 €
  • If you like Mexican traditions do not wait to decorate the walls of your living room or bedroom with a super typical Mexican day of the dead skull. A unique style very representative and famous around the world now you can find in our Glamour category decorative vinyl. Select your size and color and we ship it home.

    61,00 €
  • Mexican skulls are a very good option to decorate the walls of your House with a classic and traditional style at the same time that modern with this decorative vinyl that you propose, where you will not leave anyone indifferent.

    54,00 €
  • The skulls is a frequent activity in Mexican society that is to write rhyming verses that describe the relationship between the person and his death. Now you have in Lokoloko a fantastic decorative vinyl of the classic skull composed of floral elements that give a traditional and modern look to the walls of your House. Are you waiting to get yours!

    54,00 €
  • The skulls in Mexican society establish a relationship between the person and the death. Lokoloko shows you this original way of presenting them, floral and abstract elements that take as their reference designs of textile fashion and tattoos bringing new trends to the decor of your home.A vinyl of high quality available in various colors and sizes can...

    63,00 €
  • Lokoloko puts at your disposal an original design of the image of a woman wearing a suit that is fashionable. stuck on your walls this decorative vinyl Interior and set your spaces with a touch more modern. Set the size and colors and buy it now!

    56,00 €
  • A design that invites calm and relaxation. Plasma this elegant design in the wall of your living room and bedroom to provide sensations of relaxation in your home with this decorative vinyl than Lokoloko to prepared inspired by the art of the female body.

    56,00 €
  • There is no doubt that female beauty offers a cosy charm to space environments. With this vinyl Lokoloko inspirtado in the works of Egon Schiele, the walls of your House can be elegant and stylish. Dress up your bedroom, living room or sitting area with these designs of a reclining woman. Available in 2 colours.

    54,00 €

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