Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Kids wall stickers are the key for a funny and happy decoration for children's spaces as bedroom, living room or play area at home. In this category you will fine nice characters, medieval castles, alphabets, sweet little animals and good monsters to give the best children style into the rooms. Make a unique space for kids.

Also the school decoration is possible. Make a great landscape of wonderful animals and symbols of vinyl stickers pasted on walls, doors and even on furniture. Remember when you buy here you are getting a high quality vinyl and very original illustration you can only find in Lokoloko.

Ideas to combine wall decals for kids

If you want a nice fantasy landscape you can paste Magic Tree aligned in the upper corner of the wall and in the other side place the Birds in the garden of Eden to make an elegant depth effect with the rest of the element on the wall. Choose your favorite colours for your new composition.

Normaly we decorate walls with photos and pictures but sometimes we need more things. It's time to add vinyl stickers to improve the look around. Try to paste Love in the air vinyl. Change the element composition to make a personal style.

Learn sticking vinyl

To learn how to install vinyl sticker visit our Youtube channel and watch our videotutorials. If you need help, please, text a comment ^^

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  • New

    The children's and youth spaces as the bedrooms are ideal for a decoration with fun and colorful characters of animals. In Lokoloko We now have this cute Fox and some mischievous kittens playing with colorful balloons. Bring a smile to your kids with this decorative vinyl impreso y troquelado de pared.

    39,99 €
  • Vinyl of seas and oceans for kids decoration. Refresh your spaces with this amazing marine landscape of modern style. This vinyl is perfect to paste on headboard wall. Aquatic animals, jellyfish and water.

    48,51 €
  • Wall vinyl sticker for kidsrooms. Here you are a reason to buy this nice garden landscape with nature, gnomes and plants. You can paste this vinyl on the headboard's wall or where you want. Include some independient pieces to put on the wall too.

    46,65 €
  • Vinyl stickers for kidsrooms. The outer space is a wide world and it's de time to decorate the bedroom of your children with a wonderful space landscape with spaceships, stars, planets and aliens. Renovate the happiest room at home with this colourful vinyl stiker for walls.Are you ready to take off? ;)

    47,15 €
  • Vinyl sticker to make your own solar systems. If you like the out space you like this nice pack of vinyl stickers to paste on walls, doors and cupboards. Renovate the kidsroom decorations at home with all of them.This pack contians 122 pieces:21 planets23 planetas with ring24 astronauts27 moons27 ufos

    23,97 €
  • Decorative vinyl of sea bottom icons. Wall stickers of marine silhouettes to decorate your best spaces at home. You can paste them on walls, doors, cupboards, windows and more.This pack contains 135 pieces:28 lighthouses24 jellyfish28 stars30 anchors25 boats

    23,97 €
  • Cool vinyl stickers for Wall DIy decorations. Lokoloko shows you a new vinyl pack of fruit silhouettes to paste on walls, glass and furniture. Renovate your decorative style in the kitchen, bedroom or hall with nice vinyl decals.This pack contains 142 pieces:30 cherries24 carrots28 strawberries30 avocados30 mushrooms

    28,93 €
  • Colourful world map vinyl decals for kids bedrooms. World maps are very appreciated every places and every cultures, so they show us a plane image our planet surface, continents, islands, seas and oceans. Children are very impressionables and they will impress so much with this wall bedroom stickers with a grat and wonderful colourful world map full of...

    65,00 €
  • Colourful World Map vinyl decals for kid bedrooms. Worldmap is a graphic image displayed in 2D of the Planet Earth surface which must be into your home decoration with this awesome adhesive vinyl stickers of nice animal faces and a big map of the world. Young and kid bedroom decoration is a concept which have to be presence into every home and we've...

    85,99 €
  • Decorative vinyl animals of the farm The farm animals are perhaps the animals most recognized by the children after pets domestic as cats or dogs. This farm animals vinyl for children's decorations is a great and original artwork with a very funny style that no doubt will give the key point to environments of the bedrooms with a renewed appearance....

    39,50 €
  • Child winter animals vinyl Cold, snow or winter animals are characteristic by their large coats predominados by whites, adapted to live in very difficult and adverse weather conditions. This funny Winter animals vinyl It is a drawn illustration of child style to liven up the walls of the bedroom with a touch of natural fauna of the most little kids....

    38,39 €
  • Decorative vinyl dogs The dog, man's best friend, is undoubtedly the company and domestic animal more faithful to its owner and this picture is a tribute to all them. A Vinyl dogs of different races as the strong boxer, the gran san bernardo, smart Dalmatian, endearing Akita dog, or even the funny pug make up this amazing canine family. There is no...

    37,60 €