Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Kids wall stickers are the key for a funny and happy decoration for children's spaces as bedroom, living room or play area at home. In this category you will fine nice characters, medieval castles, alphabets, sweet little animals and good monsters to give the best children style into the rooms. Make a unique space for kids.

Also the school decoration is possible. Make a great landscape of wonderful animals and symbols of vinyl stickers pasted on walls, doors and even on furniture. Remember when you buy here you are getting a high quality vinyl and very original illustration you can only find in Lokoloko.

Ideas to combine wall decals for kids

If you want a nice fantasy landscape you can paste Magic Tree aligned in the upper corner of the wall and in the other side place the Birds in the garden of Eden to make an elegant depth effect with the rest of the element on the wall. Choose your favorite colours for your new composition.

Normaly we decorate walls with photos and pictures but sometimes we need more things. It's time to add vinyl stickers to improve the look around. Try to paste Love in the air vinyl. Change the element composition to make a personal style.

Learn sticking vinyl

To learn how to install vinyl sticker visit our Youtube channel and watch our videotutorials. If you need help, please, text a comment ^^

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  • Vinyl of colours to decorate baby and kid rooms Babies and kids need love and the best and confortable space to grow up, learnd and be happy. Lokoloko wants to help you with this wonderful wall vinyl sticker to decorate bedrooms walls. It's a little girl enjoying the rain. You can select 3 colours to combine them together.

    29,65 €
  • Vinyl decals to renovate bedrooms. We show you our own King Kong of children's style to decorate bedroom walls. The big gorilla is in the top of the Empire State Building and he's fighting against the airplanes. Combine the best colourt and buy it.

    35,20 €
  • Funny decorative vinyl for kids. Kids love cool drawings like this nice scene of likeable dragons playing in the city with building and airplanes. Make your own composition on the wall with this adhesive vinyl stickers. Combine the colours and buy your.

    44,45 €
  • Decorative vinyl for baby rooms Your baby needs a happy and funny decoration in the bedroom, so we show you a children vinyl sticker of a nice little girl floating with balloons. You can select 2 different colour and combine them on the wall. Make your baby be happy everyday :)

    28,29 €
  • Transforms your child room with this our family of children's vinyl design, a clear example of that with simple shapes can be a pleasant and elegant, vinyl will be very well in the quarter of his sons. Configures its two colors, sizes and dare to distribute the parts where you want.

    28,35 €
  • Vinyl to decorate baby space. Love is in the air and that is your babyroom needs. We want a confortable place with calm and positive feelings, so this stickers of balloon and cloud silhouettes are perfect to paste on the wall. Choose nice colours to combine with cot or bed.

    31,45 €
  • A cute Teddy bear flying in his plane with clouds and Sun is what we propose in this decorative vinyl of our children's family. Paste this Lokoloko on the walls of the bedroom of your children and will be delighted with the new patterns that decorate their rooms. Choose yours and buy it.

    37,51 €
  • We have designed an a pack of small dinosaruios to make the walls of your children with decorative vinyl interior decor. If you like animals and little creatures, this Lokoloko of printing that we propose will give you a cheerful and colorful touch to the children's bedrooms in your home. Buy it now and wonder to the most kids.

    39,93 €
  • Decorate with floral decorative vinyl is a great solution to provide your décor the feeling that provide indoor plants. The plant forms we inspired by freshness and naturalness, us relaxing thing. In addition the vinyls are aesthetic and modern, and you'll love when you see it since. Choose the one you like and do not wait any longer to put it.

    53,24 €
  • Vinyl wall sticker of colourist castle of children style. Castles are place of magic tales, dragons and princess and this vinyl decals of colourist castle is perfect to decorate babyrooms with nice bridges, towels, flags and more. We're sure your children will love it.

    55,68 €
  • Vinyl sticker of colourful castle for bedrooms decor. Bedroom decorations with children's style is trending topic right now in the design of the world. This vinyl sticker of a colourful castle is perfect for kidsrooms and babyrooms decor. It's easy to paste on walls and it will improve the image at home.

    56,89 €
  • Colourful and cheerful child vinyl to give a different touch to the walls of the fourth child of your son or daughter. His imaginative and sympathetic characters compose an original illustrated scene LokoLoko intended to arouse the imagination of children. Choose the measure that you better have left and do not hesitate to put it.

    58,08 €
  • Wall vinyl decals for kidsrooms decoration. We show you an adhesive vinyl essential for wall decoration into children's rooms. This is a colourful illustration of a nice castle with towels, walls, flags and bridges on a mountain and rounded by trees. If your kids like tales of princess, dragons, magic and fantasy this is an amazing vinyl to decorate...

    62,80 €
  • Vinyl stickerr of a children's style castle. This castle is the highest towel of the magic kindoms for kids to look after the bedrooms at home. A wonderful building of the best fantasy tales with happy end.Get noew your colouirs vinyl sticker of this castle rounded for trees and decorate the walls of your home. Alin it next to the desk, sideboard, cot...

    56,60 €
  • Decorative vinyl of castle for kidsrooms. This is the castle of the kids' dreams and it's time to paste it on the wall of their bedrooms. This is a nice decorative vinyl sticker of a colourful castle to renovate the space at home. A castle full of towels, walls and flags for the best decorative style. 2 towels included.

    59,29 €
  • Wall vinyl sticker for kidsroom decorations. This castle is special. It's the unique one which is rounded by the sea and powerful boats to give peace in the coast. We show you a awesome vinyl decals of a colourful castle to renovate the decoration into bedrooms at home. If your children like dragons, princess, magic and fantasy from tales we are sure...

    58,09 €
  • Our children's slates of Happy Animals series can be an option very different from everything that you've seen before. Our funny characters of life fill the wall space where to install it and you'll have a useful slate to write your notes, reminders and messages to your family and you can also place it in an infant room so your son or daughter to write...

    53,24 €
  • This vinyl child slate will be crazy of joy for your children when they see it on their walls. Our mice by jumping to the pool are very fun and contagious happiness. You can draw and write while having fun with white chalk or of colors. And if you like vinyl to ti and need a chalkboard to write your messages and reminders you can put it in the kitchen.

    52,03 €
  • Our character is called Fernando and a vinyl slate very fast able to reach your home in a single footprint of the accelerator. It is fun and crazy and would love to become a vinyl slate for children, play with them and help them in their learning. With Fernando in your walls, nothing will be as before, set it up on the measure and bring it home.

    48,40 €
  • The bears from Happy Animals are affectionate and family. They are slate vinyl Teddies and want to be in the nursery a few scholars and fun to help them grow learning. They want to become a vinyl slate for children and you have to help them, llevatelos home and gives you the satisfaction of having them in the family.

    47,19 €
  • Our mischievous mice Fer and Buti are a very naughty slate vinyl. They have broken a large Crystal playing with the ball and it seems a Fer making him very much. Of course, is that they need kids that play with them and control them a little. They are really good and want to be a good slate vinyl and be with you on your wall by seeing your notes, drawings...

    66,55 €
  • Our chick is naughty and not allow yourself to her mother's egg. They are a very nice chalkboard vinyl and expected to be with your family, on your wall, seeing that you notes and messages daily.In addition to decorate with a lovely farm scene, they are useful and practical. Like saying no to the chicks!

    47,19 €
  • Blackboard vinyl are decorative as well as practical, patterned friendly as that of our chicks balloon will have a funny and fun detail that you can use to write down reminders and messages with chalk to your family. Our chicks you would love to be able to read them and laugh with you. Choose the size and take it home.

    47,19 €
  • Our slate this walrus waiting for that you rasques you belly writing your notes and messages, hopes to decorate your home and have fun with you. Also like to be with your children and help them teach them to write and draw. The Walrus is a slate vinyl ready to everything loving and fun. You can't tell him no, stick it on your wall and will make her happy.

    47,19 €