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Cool dog model 1

Cool Dog Model 1. Bright tones and strong chromatic impact are the main hallmarks of this extravagant design. Poster printed on a high quality waterproof material, suitable for indoors and outdoors thanks to the fantastic eco inks resistant to ultraviolet rays. Lokoloko shows a decorative poster for walls or furniture, with a photographic design of the...

A sunny day

Light and color are reflected in this relaxing and imaginative picture that will start more than one smile. Poster printed on photographic paper brightness of gran grammage with ecological inks resistant to UV rays.

Kitten Model 2

Full color poster of a cat in a children's style. Kitten model 2. Look! The kitten is distracted looking into the eyes of the drawing on his sweatshirt. Undoubtedly this poster with a children's kitten is a very special decorative element to hang on the wall of the bedroom of the smallest of the house. If you like cats, this cute kitten with cute cheeks...

Tibetan Terrier Model

The dog is considered man's best friend, faithful companion and a nice companion pet that completes the family in our home. Considered the animal with more races than any other species in the world, varying in size, coat, colors and many other features. For lovers of these cute animals we have designed this wonderful decorative poster of a very cool dog....

Panda Bear Model

Decorative animal fashion poster. Panda Bear model. The panda bear is a mammalian animal native to Central China, inhabiting mountainous regions such as Sichuan or Tibet. Its main food is bamboo, although it also eats other fruits. Its name in Chinese means "big bear-cat". Pandas are adorable animals that both children and adults like, so we have...

Rabbit Model

Rabbit model. Decorative poster with a fashion animal. Rabbits are nocturnal animals, they feed from dusk to dawn and spend most of the day in burrows. They are silent and remain immobile before predators to go unnoticed. We present you a modern decorative poster for your walls, a rabbit dressed in casual clothes in warm tones. Image that will boldly...

Eagle Model

Decorative animal fashion poster. Eagle model. The eagle is the largest predator of prey, of various species and subspecies, that we can find almost anywhere in the world. A high-flying animal with elegant plumage and a strong physical constitution. If you like animals and especially birds, you will love this high-quality indoor or outdoor film...
Poster of modern ideal cut for avant-garde Interior, brings color and elegance trying to not highlight in excess in the stay. Printed on photographic paper brightness of gran grammage with ecological inks resistant to UV rays.
Change a female image and naughty vintage, adding geometric shapes colored with very current tones in decoration, a simple and elegant composition that will not go ignored, ideal for modern and eclectic decorations. The poster is printed on photographic paper gran grammage brightness using ecological inks resistant to UV rays.
Embodied in a vintage image, female sensuality is accompanied by geometric shapes colored with very current tones in decoration. The woman is treated with a stippling that mimics the plot of old machines printing (points). The poster is printed with UV-resistant green ink and paper is photographic brilliance of gran grammage.

Lokoloko's posters

Lokoloko posters are unique and exclusive to the brand, designed by our team of artists and creatives where they address various themes artistically represented in standard formats, making it easy to find the right frame in any store or large area.

The best online poster designs

All the themes created in the posters section, no matter how different they are, have been treated with the same care. The images are of very high resolution and have been treated with great care by the professional team, photography, digital drawing, painting and graphic design, they go hand in hand in numerous works that will not go unnoticed when decorating your spaces.

Why buy posters in our online store?

Lokoloko is committed to the quality of its products and after numerous tests of the best photographic papers, we verified deficiencies in photographic papers for posters. We looked for a more revolutionary material that would be used for interiors and exteriors, resistant to adhesive tapes, weather, rain, water and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

With Lokoloko posters you can decorate the walls of children's rooms, your living room, chillout, terrace, shower, spa... without worrying about damaging the product. Some posters that you can put with adhesive tapes after time remove these without damaging the material. You can clean them with soft, damp cloths and decorate your terraces, outdoor or indoor spaces in a thousand ways with different formats.

If you are passionate about decoration, live for rent and want to keep them, you must take into account the aforementioned characteristics.

Designed in standard sizes to facilitate fast and economical framing.

Characteristics of Lokoloko posters

The posters are printed in high resolutions with eco inks resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Nickel free, do not give off carcinogenic vapours.

Washable with a soft cloth dampened in water

Water and weather resistant material

Suitable for interior and exterior

You can fix them to the surface with double-sided tape or adhesive tapes if you do not want to frame them and in removing these, you will not damage the material

Much stronger than the best photo paper

Unique and original Loko Loko designs

multitude of themes

Designed in standard sizes to facilitate fast and economical framing

Available in three standard sizes:

1/ 30 x 40 cm

2/ 50 x 70 cm

3/ 70 x 100 cm

Possibility of customizing measures if you need a larger size.

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