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Crane model 2

Crowned Crane Model. Poster printed with eco inks resistant to ultraviolet rays, washable and suitable for interior and exterior. Very elegant design that shows the humanization through beautiful outfits of this majestic animal. The beautiful image as well as the careful color palette make this sheet an ideal element. Designed to dress modern or classic...

Gorilla model 2

Gorilla Model 2. Poster printed on high quality waterproof material, suitable for exterior or interior thanks to the high quality inks resistant to ultraviolet rays. A decorative print whose sober and forceful color palette stains the room where it is placed with mystery, romanticism and mysticism. The centered image provides a lot of compositional...

Chartreux cat model

Chartreux Cat Model. Poster printed on high quality waterproof material, suitable for exterior or interior thanks to the high quality inks resistant to ultraviolet rays. A decorative print whose beautiful color palette colors the room where it is placed with a romantic and mystical vision. The centered image provides a lot of compositional order,...

Cool dog model 1

Cool Dog Model 1. Bright tones and strong chromatic impact are the main hallmarks of this extravagant design. Poster printed on a high quality waterproof material, suitable for indoors and outdoors thanks to the fantastic eco inks resistant to ultraviolet rays. Lokoloko shows a decorative poster for walls or furniture, with a photographic design of the...

The surprise

The birth of a flying leprechaun from the enchanted forest displays a colourful and child poster. Happy creatures gather to contemplate sweet awakening. Give illusion with this happy illustration of Cesar Sanchez Andujar. Printed on photographic paper brightness of gran grammage with ecological inks resistant to UV rays.


The little Wizard invites you to contemplate as the happy dragon MOM observes their offspring learning to manage the fire. Give a fun and colourful illustration of Cesar Sanchez Andujar, who may be happy to youth and adults dreamers.

Bulldog Model

Modelo Bulldog. Poster design of a different Bulldog This beautiful dog, originally from Great Britain and a symbol of England, has been posed as a model in some photographs that will take him to stardom. He has managed to measure up and has put on his best shirt and his incredible and huge pasta glasses. We present you a printed sheet of a bulldog in the...

Gorilla Model

Decorative animal fashion poster. Gorilla model. Gorillas are the largest herbivorous primates and inhabit the forests of central Africa. This endearing animal of enormous strength and nobility has been represented by our team in the customary symmetrical frontal composition that accentuates the power and solemnity of this animal. At Lokoloko we...

Be calm

The poster be calm (be quiet) shows a dip of apnea where calm and concentration are essential for overcoming the challenges. Striking image where the man, faces the immense and preturbador marine environment, an image deep it will amaze the observer.Decorate with this poster printed in ink that resist ultraviolet rays.

Lokoloko's posters

Lokoloko posters are unique and exclusive to the brand, designed by our team of artists and creatives where they address various themes artistically represented in standard formats, making it easy to find the right frame in any store or large area.

The best online poster designs

All the themes created in the posters section, no matter how different they are, have been treated with the same care. The images are of very high resolution and have been treated with great care by the professional team, photography, digital drawing, painting and graphic design, they go hand in hand in numerous works that will not go unnoticed when decorating your spaces.

Why buy posters in our online store?

Lokoloko is committed to the quality of its products and after numerous tests of the best photographic papers, we verified deficiencies in photographic papers for posters. We looked for a more revolutionary material that would be used for interiors and exteriors, resistant to adhesive tapes, weather, rain, water and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

With Lokoloko posters you can decorate the walls of children's rooms, your living room, chillout, terrace, shower, spa... without worrying about damaging the product. Some posters that you can put with adhesive tapes after time remove these without damaging the material. You can clean them with soft, damp cloths and decorate your terraces, outdoor or indoor spaces in a thousand ways with different formats.

If you are passionate about decoration, live for rent and want to keep them, you must take into account the aforementioned characteristics.

Designed in standard sizes to facilitate fast and economical framing.

Characteristics of Lokoloko posters

The posters are printed in high resolutions with eco inks resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Nickel free, do not give off carcinogenic vapours.

Washable with a soft cloth dampened in water

Water and weather resistant material

Suitable for interior and exterior

You can fix them to the surface with double-sided tape or adhesive tapes if you do not want to frame them and in removing these, you will not damage the material

Much stronger than the best photo paper

Unique and original Loko Loko designs

multitude of themes

Designed in standard sizes to facilitate fast and economical framing

Available in three standard sizes:

1/ 30 x 40 cm

2/ 50 x 70 cm

3/ 70 x 100 cm

Possibility of customizing measures if you need a larger size.

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