Wall Stickers 

Wall stickers

Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers

Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

The decorative adhesive vinyl they are the type of element that you need your space to convey a friendly renovadeo shaping the more elegant and modern designs proposed in Lokoloko categories.

Animals, Sports, Children's, Slates, Texts, Vehicles, Geometric o Freaks they are some of the themes that make up the wide range of designs and illustrations of stickers to decorate walls, doors and furniture where you can find the face of a peaceful Wolf, breaks most amazing of skateboardingthe positive phrases more beautiful in English and Spanish or the characters more funny for the children's room decor.

All this and more awaits you here. Peeps and see an endless number of possibilities for the new look of your dorms and rooms.

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  • Animals vinyl are a good choice for the walls of your home decor. Installed on walls or furniture will fill of life, especially with a vinyl with an an animal. LokoLoko offers you this unique and original vinyl with the portrait of a monkey that you can configure in two colors.

    48,40 €
  • ¿Te fascinan los Polar bears?, because LokoLoko offers you this fantastic Vinyl's animals with the majestic figure of a polar bear that look friendly. With a simple but highly original design East decorative vinyl You can move easily and inexpensively.

    45,99 €
  • If you are looking for a cats vinyl is because you love the pets. We are presenting this configurable decorative vinyl in two colours with a style line and stain very exclusive and original color. This vinyl is a portrait of a Persian Catthat see us relaxed and to be you great in any space in your home where you want to add a different touch.

    44,79 €
  • Spectacular decorative vinyl with one Penguin familymother and son, who will fill your walls decoration of wildlife. With a style of line open and expressive, this vinyl has a design very artistic and that is why it won't happen unnoticed in the room where to put it. It is configurable in 2 colors and with various sizes so that you can choose which you...

    45,98 €
  • Wall sticker of a nice tiger. Now you can get this amazing adhesive sticker of tiger silhouette to decorate your room walls with a very elegant animal. Choose your favorite colour to lines and fur to combine it as well.

    49,65 €
  • Decorative vinyl in 2 colors of a Toucan The birds of tropical climates they are very characteristic for its colorful plumage of very bright colors and for this occasion we have designed a Toucan, a long-beaked bird, so that the walls of your home with this decor birds decorative vinyl composed of spots and lines in 2 colors that you can combine as you...

    44,79 €
  • Printed decorative vinyl de animales full color with an elegant and majestic elephant in several steps. Ideal for decorate your walls in the living room, bedroom or Hall and give a natural and wild touch to your decor. Dare to change your style with this Vinyl elephant. This super stylish polygonal elephant decorative vinyl is a great element for a wall...

    49,25 €
  • Energetic and expressive this Silhouette one of the most beautiful animals Configures a decorative vinyl with artistic soul and which get hit in your décor without losing one iota of elegance and exclusivity. A decorative vinyl Multicolor y original de LokoLoko within its series of polygonal animals.

    56,25 €
  • The beauty of the horse He has inspired to LokoLoko to create this elegant animals vinyl with polygonal shapes that will be a nice decorative piece in your decor. Aportars elegance and design to your walls in a current and modern way without spending too much. Select your custom and we took him home.

    43,19 €
  • The Majesty and beauty of the Eagle It has been represented in this multi-colored vinyl with a unique design of Lokoloko de su categoría de animal decorative vinyl for decorations of all kinds wanting to add a touch of style natural, protagonizado por un original modo de representar la forma a base de polygonal elements con colores característicos.

    44,95 €
  • The Kingdom of birds comes to your wall with this brand new crane of decorative vinyl animals LokoLoko, con su original y exclusivo diseño polygonal multicolored, different and able to transform your environment in any room where install you, since by its printed colors, it is elegant and spectacular.

    39,50 €
  • We offer you a multi-coloured decorative vinyl of a polar bear modern polygonal design and Magic that will give a dramatic touch in your walls. A different special environments with a vinyl exclusive and quality decoration. Choose your size and color of vinyl and not wait to stick it.

    42,95 €
  • The strength and characteristic expressiveness of the birds tropical has inspired us in this animals vinyl. A decorative vinyl colors red, Orange and black and decomposed forms in polygons which converge to sketch the body of the Parrot and have the highest definition on its head. An explosion of color to decorate the walls of your home and office.

    43,45 €
  • The majestic port of the King of the jungle used to give life to this animals vinyl with polygonal design a head of Leon in warm tones. The head decomposes into hundreds of polygons to originating an expressive movement that will give a genuine style to your Wall decoration. Think the place where place it and choose the measure.

    44,95 €
  • This is the unmistakable colour of this curious and beautiful bird Vinyl Multicolor with the theme of animals that it will impact on the walls of your home or office. A design of a Pink flamenco colourful and with rectilinear and polygons textured in move that will fill your decor with vitality. A mode of original and exclusive to differentiate your...

    65,05 €
  • Decorate your walls with the Cable English Almeríaone of the most famous landmarks and recognized in this city. A loading of ore designed by the school of architects of Eiffel with an industrial air and poetic while that is great where you paste it. Decorative vinyl configurable in 2 colors, ayudate of the configurator to choose the most suitable for your...

    68,95 €
  • Decorative sticker of Cabo de Gata landscape (Almeria). This is an Lokoloko exclusive adhesive vinyl for walls of amazing landscape of Cabo de Gata, with a little town, mountains and beach. Change your decoration with this wonderful image. It's perfect to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and halls.

    43,31 €
  • If you are a lover of Almería and adore the building of the butterflies of Puerta Purchena, this is your opportunity to pay tribute to your city. Decorate with this original decorative vinyl with an illustration of this famous building. Configures the vinyl in two colors and choose the size which best suits you.

    59,29 €
  • Decorate your walls with the railway station of Almeria, and put in your home an artistic linear representation of the architecture. Its horizontal composition you will have to very well on any rectangular space that is available. Choose the color of this decorative vinyl helping the Configurator of color and not wait to replace it.

    59,79 €
  • If you're a lover of the land of Almeria and its province LokoLoko offers you this original decorative vinyl of the Gold mines in Rodalquilar, an abandoned mine filled with charm. Configurable in two colors and several sizes so you harmonize perfectly with the spaces and colors of your decor.

    59,75 €