Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

In our category Geometric of Lokoloko You'll find a wide variety of designs, patterns and geometric shapes.

Geometric lines, polygons, triangles or circles are some of the elements that make up the best designs with geometry that you can enjoy in the decoration of your walls, furniture, doors. 

The geometric style wall stickers they are ideal to decorate rooms and places that keep order between their elements such as furniture or boxes, working very well in spacious as the living room or dining room. Straight lines and curved lines parallel, packs of circles, triangles and stars, compositions of geometric landscapes, style retro and much more it is what you'll find here. The best geometric decorative vinyl for your most elegant decoracionesque will create an atmosphere of conford in your spaces.

When purchasing our products not only you'll be choosing a design distinguished and original, if not that also the quality of finish will bring an extra addition to the aesthetics of the space you want to decorate and vinyl adhesive will keep you perfectly glued to the surface.

Some ideas to decorate a small office with geometric vinyl

Every company has its small office or office wherethe accounts are carried and meetings are made with customers or partners, so the decor is important to give a good image of the space. Geometric compositions work very well as decorative vinyls for offices ya que unos diseños de líneas rectas o elementos ordenados proporcionarán seriedad a la estancia además de un toque distinguido.

For scientists and researchers the adhesive Constelation art 2 es un genial diseño astronómico para decorar las paredes de un despacho. Sus líneas rectas con pequeños círculos en las conexiones entre ellas nos llevan a un mundo de constelaciones que centrará la atención de nuestros visitantes. Con un color acorde a los muebles crearemos una integración total.

The adhesives for law firms han de ofrecer sensaciones de calma y tranquilidad, como este Calm sea, where a great original polygonal style boat sailing in a sea made up of parallel straight lines between if. Place it in the back of the desk in a dark shade of color of vinyl to generate visual weight to the space.

Place your vinyls Lokoloko

In Lokoloko We have raised clear you doubts of the steps in the process of placement and installation of vinyl in a wall or any other surface and therefore have a channel in YouTube con guías explicativas de los métodos mas útiles para obtener un buen resultado.

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  • Vinyl decals of geometri shapes for elegant spaces. Modern style is about cleaned spaces, blank walls and ordenated element so we want you modernize your rooms with geometric vinyls of metallized colours and printed textures. Estas son las medidas de las piezas: XS - Metallized circles: 19x28cm / Triangle: 30x26cmS - Metallized circles: 31x46cm /...

    43,05 €
  • Modern vinyl for elegant living-room decorations. Livingroom, kitchen, bedrooms, office...every place is great to decorate the walls with this modern design made by simple geometric elements in gold or copper metallized colours and texture printed. Place them on your wall how you want to make your own composition. Sizes: XS - Metallized hexagon:...

    34,96 €
  • Vinyl design combined with different materials. Mixing elements, colours, shapes and material is the key to make a new artistic design to enjoy on the wall. This time is about a metallized vinyl stickers and texture printing one. These hexagons are what you need to give a new look into your spaces. Piece sizes: S - Metallized hexagons: 45,5x44,5cm /...

    40,57 €
  • Vinyl of modern design for the best decorations. Every year we improve the look of our home, rooms, doors and walls, and is here where we want you paste this great metallized vinyl sticker with a big printing texture circle. Don't wait for renovating your personal decoration. Sizes: S - Metallized landscape: 31x31cm / Circle: 50x50cmM - Metallized...

    40,50 €
  • Sizes: XS - Metallized circle: 26x26cm / Hexagon: 30x26cmS - Metallized circle: 43x43cm / Hexagon: 50x43cmM - Metallized circle: 60x60cm / Hexagon: 70x60cmL - Metallized circle: 78x78cm / Hexagon: 90x78cmXL - Metallized circle: 95x95cm / Hexagon: 110x95cm

    27,93 €
  • Sizes: XS - Metallized circle: 29,5x29,5cm / Inclined rectangle: 50x25,5cmS - Metallized circle: 341x41cm / Inclined rectangle: 70x35,5cmM - Metallized circle: 53x53cm / Inclined rectangle: 90x45,5cmL - Metallized circle: 65x65cm / Inclined rectangle: 110x56cmXL - Metallized circle: 88,5x88,5cm / Inclined rectangle: 150x76cm

    26,69 €
  • Vinyl stickers of metallized colour for modern decorations. Interior design's lovers love geometry. It's part of esthaetic style on our walls and this polygonal composition is perfect to improve your decoration at home. Vinyl decals of metallized circles. Pieces of desing's sizes: S - Metallized circles: 25x37,5cm / Rhombus: 50x50cmM - Metallized...

    34,59 €
  • Decorative vinyl of metallized circles inspired in Art Deco. Your home need enjoy the best interior's decorations and we offer a design og abstract circles of metallized colour and a triangle of soft colour to paste this awesome vinyl on doors and walls. Estas son las medidas de las piezas: XS - Metallized circles: 19x28cm / Triangle: 30x26cmS -...

    27,35 €
  • Metallized vinyl decals to decorate your spaces. This geometric design is made with a metallized abstrac square and a rhombus of colour to give a very elegant style to renovate your interior decoration at home, living room and kitchen. You can place element how you want on the wall. Sizes: XS - Metallized square: 21x21cm / Rhombus: 30x30cmS -...

    28,09 €
  • Vinyl sticker of copper and gold metallized colour for interior decorations. Art, composition and design history taught us that less is more and we want to transmit this positive idea in this design of abstrac geometric vinyl sticker of metllized colour. Change the look into your living-room, corridor or kitchen with this decorative vinyl decals. Sizes:...

    27,10 €
  • Adhesive vinyl decals of metallized geometri shape for decoration. Interior decoration is a concept we have to look after in our rooms and walls. Vinyls stickers of geometric designs of gold and copper metallized colours to renovate your spaces at home. Estas son las medidas de las piezas: S - Metallized shape: 20,5x43,5cm / Rhombus: 50x50cmM -...

    34,09 €
  • Metallized geometric vinyls for your nex modern decoration. You have to give elegance, glamour and style in your livingroom and this geometric design ofr metallized colours is perfect for your walls. Buy your vinyl silhouettes and renovate your spaces! Sizes: XS - Metallized shape: 15x26cm / Triangle: 30x26cmS - Metallized shape: 23x43cm / Triangle:...

    26,85 €