Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

In Lokoloko We offer you a large selection of great illustrative designs of the buildings more famous and the cities more emblematic of the world.

Traditional oriental castles from Japan, the tallest bulding of the New Jork city, the romantic city of Paris or historic monument of Spain.

Wall stickers of cities are the best decorative element to make an urban and modern interior style at home to enphasise your passion for the best architecture of the world. Change the look to your walls with these wonderful designs you are looking here right now :)

When you buy wall decals you have to think about how you paste it on the wall or door. for example a building desing is perfect when it is aligned near to the door frame.

Which colour I need for my decoration?

Colours are important for interior decorations, offices, houses, etc. We hae to choose the appropiate colour to make a great combination with the rest of the elements in our rooms.

If we want to paste a city wall sticker in the white wall of the hall, we can select beige or grey to get a very elegant composition. Some designs like Paris 1 has 2 colours, so you can select 2 colour to improve te look of your spaces.

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  • Oriental decor with a Castle of Japanese architecturefull of details and can set in various sizes and colors. A Vinyl wall ideal for decor the your bedroom wallstudy or living room. If you like the oriental culture This vinyl can be a great option for you.

    72,60 €
  • Decorative vinyl of the Capitol building For lovers and passionate the capital of Spain, we present one of the architectural monuments more emblematic of the city of Madrid. A adhesive vinyl buildings ideal for urban, modern interiors and decorations to rooms such as bedrooms, corridors and study rooms. Mark a style of City vintage with this...

    66,55 €
  • For those who like to watch landscapes, Lokoloko It has prepared a new design for decorative vinyl one of the cities more beautiful and romantic. Enjoy the buildings of Parisyour Eiffel Tower, and an original design that you can capture in the walls of Houseoffering a elegant and modern decoration.

    71,39 €
  • Paristhe City of love It is a reference on decoration designs for spaces with romance and elegance. Lokoloko puts at your disposal a decorative vinyl in the French capital, with its Eiffel Tower, its buildings and its vegetation, in an original style that you can paste on the wall of your Living room, bedroom o halls. Configurable in 2 colors.

    79,86 €
  • The Eiffel Tower It is a structure of puddled iron constructed for the Universal exhibition in 1889 in Paris and is considered a symbol of France. If you're a fan of architecture designs this spectacular decorative vinyl Lokoloko It will give an elegant and classic style to the walls of your home or Studio.   You can find more designs of the city of Paris...

    89,54 €
  • Take home a spectacular decorative vinyl of the Statue of liberty in New York made with our style polygonal. A vinyl in grey and blue tones capable of transforming the space where to place it, your Living room, bedroom o study room. All the elegance and Majesty of the Statue of liberty transformed in printed and die-cut vinyl.

    70,18 €
  • The English cable It was the loading of ore of Almeria during end of the 19th and the beginning of industrialization. Can now see this architecture of the school of Gustave Eiffel by way of elegant decorative vinyl. Configurable in 2 colors.

    84,99 €
  • For lovers of history and culture, we have designed a decorative vinyl Lokoloko with  the Alcazaba of Almeria.  Decorate the walls of your House with this elegant and great design of the iconic historical monument represented as infographics geometric. Available in 2 colors and various sizes.

    68,99 €
  • Vinyl wall sticker of colourist castle of children style. Castles are place of magic tales, dragons and princess and this vinyl decals of colourist castle is perfect to decorate babyrooms with nice bridges, towels, flags and more. We're sure your children will love it.

    55,68 €
  • Vinyl sticker of colourful castle for bedrooms decor. Bedroom decorations with children's style is trending topic right now in the design of the world. This vinyl sticker of a colourful castle is perfect for kidsrooms and babyrooms decor. It's easy to paste on walls and it will improve the image at home.

    56,89 €
  • Wall vinyl decals for kidsrooms decoration. We show you an adhesive vinyl essential for wall decoration into children's rooms. This is a colourful illustration of a nice castle with towels, walls, flags and bridges on a mountain and rounded by trees. If your kids like tales of princess, dragons, magic and fantasy this is an amazing vinyl to decorate...

    62,80 €
  • Vinyl stickerr of a children's style castle. This castle is the highest towel of the magic kindoms for kids to look after the bedrooms at home. A wonderful building of the best fantasy tales with happy end.Get noew your colouirs vinyl sticker of this castle rounded for trees and decorate the walls of your home. Alin it next to the desk, sideboard, cot...

    56,60 €
  • Decorative vinyl of castle for kidsrooms. This is the castle of the kids' dreams and it's time to paste it on the wall of their bedrooms. This is a nice decorative vinyl sticker of a colourful castle to renovate the space at home. A castle full of towels, walls and flags for the best decorative style. 2 towels included.

    59,29 €
  • Wall vinyl sticker for kidsroom decorations. This castle is special. It's the unique one which is rounded by the sea and powerful boats to give peace in the coast. We show you a awesome vinyl decals of a colourful castle to renovate the decoration into bedrooms at home. If your children like dragons, princess, magic and fantasy from tales we are sure...

    58,09 €
  • Educational vinyl with an interesting maze that draws a city with which you can decorate any wall or cabinet space in your living room, bedroom, office or game room. An easy and fun to decorate in an original way and modern option. It is a configurable vinyl in a color and number of steps.

    48,40 €
  • Since at the end of the 19th century they began to make buildings high, considered skyscraperuntil today, his height has continued to increase. From the building Chrysler with 319m up to the Burj Dubai with 828m with this decorative vinyl of cities, the history of the skyscraper can be part of the your home decor. Compositionally plays with him to...

    51,35 €
  • The skyscraper they are evidence of the will of man to express his power and greatness against the physics limitations imposed. Since the end of the 19th century the skyscraper has continued to grow until reaching the height of 828m which currently has the Burj Dubai. With this vinyl's monuments LokoLoko want to immortalize the history that the skyscraper...

    55,66 €
  • In 1664, the English conquered the City New Amsterdam to the Dutch and renamed it with the name of New York in honor to the Duke of York and Albanand this is the beginning of this great and famous City He stars in the design of this decorative vinyl, and its famous skyscraper mas alto Empire State is situated in the center of the composition.

    60,50 €
  • It was the building top of the world for more than forty years, from 1931 until 1972, the year in which the construction of the North Tower was completed in the World Trade Center. After the September 11, 2001the Empire State It became again the highest of New York. LokoLoko presents a current interpretation and modern of this iconic skyscraper.

    47,99 €
  • With its 319 meters, was the tallest building in the world in 11 months, until it was surpassed by the building Empire State in 1931.Con architectural style art deco the distinctive ornamentation of the Tower is based on gargoyles shaped of Eagle What's on each corner of the floor 61. If you are a lover of skyscrapers and New York This may be your...

    67,79 €
  • The building of Schweppes from Gran Via and Plaza Callao It has become one of the most significant and famous thanks to the cinema. LokoLoko presents you this original and modern image of Madrid ideal to decorate your living room, bedroom or study with a decorative vinyl our category Architecture.

    56,89 €
  • Decorate your walls with the Cable English Almeríaone of the most famous landmarks and recognized in this city. A loading of ore designed by the school of architects of Eiffel with an industrial air and poetic while that is great where you paste it. Decorative vinyl configurable in 2 colors, ayudate of the configurator to choose the most suitable for your...

    68,95 €
  • Decorative sticker of Cabo de Gata landscape (Almeria). This is an Lokoloko exclusive adhesive vinyl for walls of amazing landscape of Cabo de Gata, with a little town, mountains and beach. Change your decoration with this wonderful image. It's perfect to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and halls.

    43,31 €
  • If you are a lover of Almería and adore the building of the butterflies of Puerta Purchena, this is your opportunity to pay tribute to your city. Decorate with this original decorative vinyl with an illustration of this famous building. Configures the vinyl in two colors and choose the size which best suits you.

    59,29 €