Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

The animal world is appreciated by everyone. For this reason, Lokoloko creative team wanted to interpret multiple species with different graphic styles.

From sympathetic domestic pets such as cats and dogs mammals of the African Savannah o marine animals as jellyfish or fish.

The decorative animals vinyl

Animal wall stikers are so good for fresh and happy decorations, which add personality in our spaces. In this category you are finding all animals you like the most to customize your walls and doors with original designs.

Here are a lot of designs of 1, 2 and more colours to combine together, of course, multicolour designs of graphic designs, illustrations and more.

Where can I put my animal vinyl stickers?

You can paste them on walls, doors, windows, mirrors, etc. You can make a elegant composition in your living room or bedroom thinking of all elements around, including frames, furniture and colours. We have vertical and horizontal design, so this point is important to look for the best surface to paste the vinyl.

If you like wolfs, cats, dogs, fish, birds, etc this is your category :)

Los diseños que te proponemos en Lokoloko ofrecen muchas posibilidades para decorar el entorno de nuestra casa, oficina o estudio.

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  • Swallow bird vinyl stickers pack.90 units of 7 x 6cm.45 birds left and 45 birds right.

    29,00 €
  • Flamingos vinyl sticker pack126 units of 4 x 6cm.63 look left and 63 look right.

    29,00 €
  • Vinyl sticker pack of whale silhouettes.144 units of 7 x 3,5cm.72 look left and 72 look right.

    29,00 €
  • Rubber ducks vinyl stickers to decorate bedrooms, walls and doors. 120 units of 5 x 5cm.60 look right and 60 look left.

    29,00 €
  • Colourful World Map vinyl decals for kid bedrooms. Worldmap is a graphic image displayed in 2D of the Planet Earth surface which must be into your home decoration with this awesome adhesive vinyl stickers of nice animal faces and a big map of the world. Young and kid bedroom decoration is a concept which have to be presence into every home and we've...

    104,05 €
  • Decorative vinyl animals of the farm The farm animals are perhaps the animals most recognized by the children after pets domestic as cats or dogs. This farm animals vinyl for children's decorations is a great and original artwork with a very funny style that no doubt will give the key point to environments of the bedrooms with a renewed appearance....

    47,79 €
  • Child winter animals vinyl Cold, snow or winter animals are characteristic by their large coats predominados by whites, adapted to live in very difficult and adverse weather conditions. This funny Winter animals vinyl It is a drawn illustration of child style to liven up the walls of the bedroom with a touch of natural fauna of the most little kids....

    46,45 €
  • Decorative vinyl dogs The dog, man's best friend, is undoubtedly the company and domestic animal more faithful to its owner and this picture is a tribute to all them. A Vinyl dogs of different races as the strong boxer, the gran san bernardo, smart Dalmatian, endearing Akita dog, or even the funny pug make up this amazing canine family. There is no...

    45,50 €
  • In nature there are many and different animals living in harmony and in this fun and funny scene friends have come together to enjoy a cheerful walk in a tree. Horse, sheep, rabbit, bear, Parrot... all decided to compose this decorative vinyl child to animate the walls of the boys of the House rooms.

    52,90 €
  • A family of birds enjoy its nest at the top of the tree while Dad chases away the hungry foxes. A funny scene of friendly animals is what made this great vinyl 2 colors for children's and youth rooms decoration. You set your children with an original touch spaces Lokoloko.

    45,69 €
  • Here is a pack of funny animals from the African savannah in an original style where we can find the fierce lion, quiet giraffe or mischievous monkeys. A decorative vinyl que podrás pegar en las paredes de los children's bedrooms by placing the figures where you want.

    60,50 €
  • It is not the ship of Noah, but these Nice animals of Africa they have embarked on a journey to the walls of the more small, to offer a decoration deep sea. Accompanied by a funny fish Bank que podrás place independently sobre la pared o cualquier mueble. Un decorative print and die-cut vinyl that you can not let escape.

    55,66 €
  • Here is an original adhesive vinyl of the recognizable African animals arranged in column, will provide a funny aspect to the child decor of your House. Leaves that Lion, giraffe, crocodile, the elephant, the bird and the sympathetic apes queer with an original style bedroom of the more kids in the House.

    72,60 €
  • ¿Quién puede resistirse a los adorables y encantadores Puppies small that many families have as pets? The Poodle It is one of them and we present it to you with an original style geometric shapes and polygons that you make up a singular and unique design to decorate with charm the walls of your home.

    41,50 €
  • The dog, an excellent Petwhich has an excellent sense of hearing and smell is arguably man's best friend. This vinyl printing and die with a composite design by polygonal elements make that the your home decor present a new and dynamic aspect to your wall.

    39,79 €
  • The Leone is one of the animals female more charismatic of the wild world, primarily in regions of the African savannahresponsible for most of the hunt for food from his herd. If you're a lover of the animal Kingdom, now you have this formidable feline in incredible stylish geometric design and polygonal shapes that will mark a before and an after to the...

    43,95 €
  • There is no doubt that Africa is a benchmark when it comes to imagine animals in the wild world and living in freedom. Lokoloko now features a decorative vinyl child with the animals better known on the African savannah, and we know that the more little kids will enjoy this fun cartoon design

    55,66 €
  • Marine animals different come to Lokoloko in the form of Interior decorative vinyl. Select the two colors which fit your space and surprise your family and friends with this beautiful figure of a Medusa dancing to the sound of the ocean currents.

    43,59 €
  • The jellyfish they dance in the marine environment carried by the current of the ocean. Contemplates their relaxing forms and you brighten up the wall of your House with this exotic marine animal. A decorative vinyl animals that will play an important role in the your living room decoration. Combines the colors with your furniture to create a soft and...

    52,00 €
  • The Medusa It is feared and admired, elegant by itself with its beautiful colors imnoticos. You approach this marine animal as original image and little used in the interior decoration with decorative vinyl. ¿a qué esperas para ser el primero?, no pasará por alto su elegante aspecto.

    43,70 €
  • This marine animal es uno de los mas bellos que nos podamos encontrar bajo el Sea. Its elegant and fluid movement to be swept away by currents is worth contemplating. Now you can enjoy this Medusa en 2 colores con un decorative vinyl You can paste on your wall. Undoubtedly one decoration that it will not pass unnoticed.

    53,25 €
  • Vinyl decals to renovate bedrooms. We show you our own King Kong of children's style to decorate bedroom walls. The big gorilla is in the top of the Empire State Building and he's fighting against the airplanes. Combine the best colourt and buy it.

    35,20 €
  • The Leonthe King of the Savannah par excellence has always been represented with the courage and strength, but we have also seen with his side more maternal and tender. Lokoloko now puts at your disposal a charming two-color decorative vinyl a Leone with her small offspring in your family Animals. No doubt a design that will captivate who contemplate it.

    47,19 €
  • Decorate in style with this animals vinyl one of the three big catsthe Leopard. Their fur, as used in the textile sector characteristics stains irregular, LokoLoko has reinvented it in polygons colorful, expressive and full of movement. A decorative vinyl with personality and capable of transforming your space.

    47,50 €
  • Decorative vinyl of the eye of the Eagle Flying animals such as birds and birds they are beings who never cease to amaze us by their spectacular plumage and their own ways to leverage the resources of nature, and for this reason we have designed this elegant illustration composed of lines and stains of an elegant Eagle throwing a glance at the Viewer....

    39,95 €
  • If you are looking for a animals vinyl that is elegant and different, we offer you this Swan configurable in two colors. With a drawing of line, expressive fluid and with areas of color as a pictorial spots, this vinyl is a very interesting option if your intention is to harmonize with your decor.

    45,90 €
  • A parrot head decorative vinyl This tropical bird curved beak and intense color in their feathers is a new design that we have for you in our category Animals. An illustration of a parrot head composed by forms of lines and stains in two colors which you can combine as you like. For lovers of animals and nature, to decorate the wall of the bedroom,...

    45,90 €
  • The Cheetah the animal is fastest on the planet Since its bone structure is designed for this purpose. If you like this awesome animal You can take it home by way of decorative vinyl, with a design of linear style and painting that will give very artistic flair to any space of your home.

    44,75 €
  • Decorative vinyl of a parrot Parrots are beautiful animals that inhabit tropical and warm climates and are very recognisable by their colourful plumage and its curved beak. In Lokoloko We propose to you this elegant Parrot decorative sticker with a super design composed of lines and stains that you can combine 2 colours. An original style of design with...

    49,79 €
  • If you are looking for a decorative vinyl with the design of a owls be smart, LokoLoko It puts at your fingertips this original and exclusive animals vinyl a family of owlswith which you can decorate walls, doors, crystals or appliances. You can give a unique and artistic touch to the your wall decoration fast, convenient and economical way.

    52,00 €
  • The artistic style of this decorative vinyl quedará genial sobre todo en your living room, but you can put it in quick and easy way where you wish. You know that they can be installed on any surface such as walls, cabinets, doors, glass, etc.A design of animals with the figure of a Wolf that will bring much elegance to your decor.

    47,19 €
  • Animals vinyl are a good choice for the walls of your home decor. Installed on walls or furniture will fill of life, especially with a vinyl with an an animal. LokoLoko offers you this unique and original vinyl with the portrait of a monkey that you can configure in two colors.

    48,40 €
  • ¿Te fascinan los Polar bears?, because LokoLoko offers you this fantastic Vinyl's animals with the majestic figure of a polar bear that look friendly. With a simple but highly original design East decorative vinyl You can move easily and inexpensively.

    45,99 €
  • If you are looking for a cats vinyl is because you love the pets. We are presenting this configurable decorative vinyl in two colours with a style line and stain very exclusive and original color. This vinyl is a portrait of a Persian Catthat see us relaxed and to be you great in any space in your home where you want to add a different touch.

    44,79 €
  • Spectacular decorative vinyl with one Penguin familymother and son, who will fill your walls decoration of wildlife. With a style of line open and expressive, this vinyl has a design very artistic and that is why it won't happen unnoticed in the room where to put it. It is configurable in 2 colors and with various sizes so that you can choose which you...

    45,98 €
  • Wall sticker of a nice tiger. Now you can get this amazing adhesive sticker of tiger silhouette to decorate your room walls with a very elegant animal. Choose your favorite colour to lines and fur to combine it as well.

    49,65 €