Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

The animal world is appreciated by everyone. For this reason, Lokoloko creative team wanted to interpret multiple species with different graphic styles.

From sympathetic domestic pets such as cats and dogs mammals of the African Savannah o marine animals as jellyfish or fish.

The decorative animals vinyl

Animal wall stikers are so good for fresh and happy decorations, which add personality in our spaces. In this category you are finding all animals you like the most to customize your walls and doors with original designs.

Here are a lot of designs of 1, 2 and more colours to combine together, of course, multicolour designs of graphic designs, illustrations and more.

Where can I put my animal vinyl stickers?

You can paste them on walls, doors, windows, mirrors, etc. You can make a elegant composition in your living room or bedroom thinking of all elements around, including frames, furniture and colours. We have vertical and horizontal design, so this point is important to look for the best surface to paste the vinyl.

If you like wolfs, cats, dogs, fish, birds, etc this is your category :)

Los diseños que te proponemos en Lokoloko ofrecen muchas posibilidades para decorar el entorno de nuestra casa, oficina o estudio.

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  • New

    The children's and youth spaces as the bedrooms are ideal for a decoration with fun and colorful characters of animals. In Lokoloko We now have this cute Fox and some mischievous kittens playing with colorful balloons. Bring a smile to your kids with this decorative vinyl impreso y troquelado de pared.

    39,99 €
  • Colourful World Map vinyl decals for kid bedrooms. Worldmap is a graphic image displayed in 2D of the Planet Earth surface which must be into your home decoration with this awesome adhesive vinyl stickers of nice animal faces and a big map of the world. Young and kid bedroom decoration is a concept which have to be presence into every home and we've...

    85,99 €
  • Decorative vinyl animals of the farm The farm animals are perhaps the animals most recognized by the children after pets domestic as cats or dogs. This farm animals vinyl for children's decorations is a great and original artwork with a very funny style that no doubt will give the key point to environments of the bedrooms with a renewed appearance....

    39,50 €
  • Child winter animals vinyl Cold, snow or winter animals are characteristic by their large coats predominados by whites, adapted to live in very difficult and adverse weather conditions. This funny Winter animals vinyl It is a drawn illustration of child style to liven up the walls of the bedroom with a touch of natural fauna of the most little kids....

    38,39 €
  • Decorative vinyl dogs The dog, man's best friend, is undoubtedly the company and domestic animal more faithful to its owner and this picture is a tribute to all them. A Vinyl dogs of different races as the strong boxer, the gran san bernardo, smart Dalmatian, endearing Akita dog, or even the funny pug make up this amazing canine family. There is no...

    37,60 €
  • In nature there are many and different animals living in harmony and in this fun and funny scene friends have come together to enjoy a cheerful walk in a tree. Horse, sheep, rabbit, bear, Parrot... all decided to compose this decorative vinyl child to animate the walls of the boys of the House rooms.

    43,72 €
  • A family of birds enjoy its nest at the top of the tree while Dad chases away the hungry foxes. A funny scene of friendly animals is what made this great vinyl 2 colors for children's and youth rooms decoration. You set your children with an original touch spaces Lokoloko.

    37,76 €
  • The world of the cinema and series of television It has marked our lives with exciting and fun moments. Our CAT dress up the personajes of action, fiction and adventure most famous of the big screen to make decor your walls and doors with this super pack of decorative vinyl freaks no doubt it will be the attention of your friends and family. Which of them...

    34,21 €
  • If you feel passionate about authentic and lover of the comicsthe manga and the animethe video games and the otaku worldThis Super Pack of decorative vinyl cats geeks It is for you. Decorate your bedroom or your area of games featuring characters most mythical of the World of fiction. Are you able to recognize them all?

    34,17 €
  • All we love the animals most adorable cats. Lokoloko presents this fun decorative vinyl 2 colors of a Pack of kittens with hats and moustaches, which you can place as you like and change the appearance of your cats. Who will remain best the moustache English?, and the Mexican? Combine them as you want and decorate your wall in a fun way.

    37,15 €
  • The CAT It is considered one of Pets most adorable in the domestic arena. In Lokoloko We propose a child vinyl decoration with a cute kitten turned up in boxes with the numbers 1, 2 and 3, which will no doubt please to the more little kids. 

    25,00 €
  • The cats they are considered as pets more adorable that we may have in our homes and domestic environments. This decorative vinyl child a cute Kitty uploaded in a few buckets of lyrics A, B, C, It will be a graceful design that will work very well as a decoration for the walls of the bedroom of the most small.

    31,00 €