Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

A full colour illustration offer us a great graphic imagen in out decoration and this catecory has printing adhesive vinyl you can put it on smooth walls. These sticker decals are similar than standar one. No background, you'll get a silhouetted vinyl sticker of a nice printed design.

What kind of design I will find here?

Good question. In this category you will see polygon animals, kids worldmaps, geometric compositions and more wonderful illustrations we are sure you will like all of them.

Here you are elegant polygonal animals of intense and pastel colours, worldmaps for kids, kits of little animals to decorate baby rooms, halls and even the kitchen with a lot of amazing illustrations made by our design team.

How to install multicolour vinyl decals

These kind of vinyl stick on walls like standar ones, doing the same steps. Please, visit our Youtube to learn more tips.

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  • Design of pink flower silhouette and grey parallel lines.

    79,00 €
  • Floral composition of a big black flower rounded by several small flowers. Some parallel black or grey colour lines.

    79,50 €
  • Design of modern style of a big flowers shape with turquoise and cream colours with parallel lines.

    77,95 €
  • Modern design of a big blue flower and small grey flower. Also parallel lines which you can change its glod or copper colour.

    76,85 €
  • Vinyl of seas and oceans for kids decoration. Refresh your spaces with this amazing marine landscape of modern style. This vinyl is perfect to paste on headboard wall. Aquatic animals, jellyfish and water.

    59,00 €
  • Wall vinyl sticker for kidsrooms. Here you are a reason to buy this nice garden landscape with nature, gnomes and plants. You can paste this vinyl on the headboard's wall or where you want. Include some independient pieces to put on the wall too.

    56,45 €
  • Vinyl stickers for kidsrooms. The outer space is a wide world and it's de time to decorate the bedroom of your children with a wonderful space landscape with spaceships, stars, planets and aliens. Renovate the happiest room at home with this colourful vinyl stiker for walls.Are you ready to take off? ;)

    57,05 €
  • Vinyl sticker of a modern bird to decorate walls. The eagle is a iconic animal and it has been used in logotypes, posters, tshirts and more. We love its head shape and we think it gives a serious touch for interior decorations. Here you are a colourful vinyl sticker of a modern eagle's portrait to paste on the walls. Perfect for computer and tv places.

    49,00 €
  • Decorate your walls with vinyl stickers of animals with modern clothes. This is a colourful vinyl sticker of a modern zebra portrait to decorate your spaces. Paste it on walls into bedrooms, living rooms and where you want.

    48,00 €
  • Decorative vinyl of pet and animal's portraits. Here you are a wonderful animal's portrait to change the look in your home decorative style. This is a colourful vinyl sticker of a rabbit wearing human clothes to make a new tendence at home. Try it on your computer or tv wall.

    45,00 €
  • Vinyl sticker for walls of a little hipster dog. Hipster life's style is here for coolest dogs of the world and we know they want to wear modern clothes and, of course, big glasses. If you home decoration needs an element to keep an equilibrium in your spaces, so ou need this colourful vinyl sticker of a hipster dalmata's portrait to paste on walls. Try...

    52,00 €
  • Vinyl of pet with clothes's portrait. Welcome to great world of dogs where the awesome doberman poses to give its best face to your interior decoration at home. If you like pets and dogs, we propose you a nice silhouette of a human doberman with leather jacket. You can paste it beside compurte desk or sideboards.

    42,10 €
  • Vinyl of animal's portraits to decorate your bedroom. Have you ever seen a pretty gazele with a nice dress? This is your opportunity to place it in your home decoration. This is a colourful vinyl sticker of a human gazelle's portrait to get a funny touch in the space. Put it near of desk or bed to get the best results.

    44,35 €
  • Decorative vinyl stickers of human pets for your wall. The dog is the best friend of the human being and we know this pet will never leave us. This modern afghan hound dog is yout new friend for a renovate decoration at home. With this colourful adhsive sticker of a human animal's portrait like this you'll give a cool decorative style into your spaces.

    45,05 €
  • Decorative vinyl sticker of human pets' portraits. Brilliant eyes, sharp ears, little moustaches... It's a cat! But not enyone if not the most modern cute cat wearing human clothes. This is a colourful vinyl sticker of a cat's portrait to decorate your walls in bedrooms, living rooms and your personal place.

    43,29 €
  • Vinyl sticker of a cool kitten. Wow! I think I saw a cute kitten! We know you are a cats lover so that's why we've designed a human kitten portrait to decorate young and teen bedrooms. It's a colourful sticker to paste on walls and doors. Change your decorative style with the best animal portrair and modern your space ;)

    42,14 €
  • Vinyl for walls decor of a dressed animal. If you are seening a gorilla with human clothes, you are in the right site. Let us to show you an original colourful vinyl sticker of the best animal portrait of the world. This decorative vinyl sticker is perfect to decorate your bedroom and studio and it will give fressh air in your space.

    45,05 €
  • Decorative vinyl sticker of the fastest animal of the world. This nice cheetah is so fast to modernize itself with cool human clothes. If you want to give a new look in your decorative style of bedrooms get this colourful vinyl sticker of the portrait of a pretty cheetah to add in the living room or bedrooms.

    40,35 €
  • Wall vinyl sticker of a modern hyena. We aren't crazy, just we show you this awesome human hyena wearing a jacket to renovate decorative styles. This human animal portrait is perfect for bedrooms and home in general. If you like hyenas and fashion world, this is for you.

    42,70 €
  • Wall colourful vinyl sticker of modern animals. Don't worry if you see a giraffe with modern human clothes and cool t-shirts. It's time to change your home decoration with this vinyl of a portrait of elegant and fashion giraffe to me us happy. You can paste it on doors and walls.

    41,39 €
  • Vinyl sticker to decorate of a dressed lion. Everyone know lion is the savannah king and you can't say this white lions is very good-looking wich its elegant jacket. Decorate with a funny lion of vinyl sticker to renovate your decorative style at home. It's perfect for bedrooms and office.

    43,89 €
  • Decorate yout living room with a colourful vinyl of human animal. Trends is always changing and we need to renovate our decoration to be cool. Including animal shapes at home decoration is a new style to give personality onto spaces. This is a portrait of a monkey wearing traditional human clothes. It's ideal to put it near to desk and sideboards.

    41,59 €
  • Vinyl sticker of human animals for young decorations. Do you know other animal more adorable than panda bear? Well, perhaps cats, but this time we are talking about bears. You can get now an colourful vinyl sticker of panda bear to decorate your wall fo bedroom, living room or where you want. This panda bear is ready to gie love every day.

    43,89 €
  • Decorative vinyl decals of a bad black panther. Panther's eyes are so nice and they are looking at us. This is an amazing colourful vinyl sticker of a human black panther wearing modern clothes to paste on walls and doors. If you want to renovate your new decorative style at home, get your panther silhouette.

    44,49 €
  • Decorative wall vinyl sticker of a cute puppy. We need to learn how to combine clothes when we're wearing them. This little and cute puppy has become the best fashion star in this place. Stick this decorative vinyl of a dog silhouette to make a new style in your home.

    45,65 €
  • Decorative vinyl of portrait o the best dog of the world. This is the star dog in the fashion world. Here you are the shape of the nice little dog wearing human clothes. It's perfect to decorate walls in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and more.

    43,39 €
  • Decorative vinyl of a very modern dog. Don't you want a pug like a pet? It's so cute and we love it so much. We've designed this amazing colourful vinly sticker of a human dog silhouette to decorate and personalize your spaces at home.

    44,46 €
  • Decorative vinyl of a hipster dog portrait. Join a dog with a glasses and you will get a hipster dog. This is an authentic shar pei portrait to decorate your walls. It's an excellent multicolour vinyl sticker to change the look of your home. Be different, be hipster ;)

    43,29 €
  • Decorative vinyl of a human animal. Our friend the fox is the only one who doens't lost the parties. We are talking of this awesome animal lover of saturday party. It's time to change the decoration in your home. Get this vinyl sticker of an elegant fox in the human clothes like this hawaiian tshirt of red flowers. You can put it in the wall next to your...

    43,89 €
  • Colourful world map vinyl decals for kids bedrooms. World maps are very appreciated every places and every cultures, so they show us a plane image our planet surface, continents, islands, seas and oceans. Children are very impressionables and they will impress so much with this wall bedroom stickers with a grat and wonderful colourful world map full of...

    78,65 €
  • Colourful World Map vinyl decals for kid bedrooms. Worldmap is a graphic image displayed in 2D of the Planet Earth surface which must be into your home decoration with this awesome adhesive vinyl stickers of nice animal faces and a big map of the world. Young and kid bedroom decoration is a concept which have to be presence into every home and we've...

    104,05 €