Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers


Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

A full colour illustration offer us a great graphic imagen in out decoration and this catecory has printing adhesive vinyl you can put it on smooth walls. These sticker decals are similar than standar one. No background, you'll get a silhouetted vinyl sticker of a nice printed design.

What kind of design I will find here?

Good question. In this category you will see polygon animals, kids worldmaps, geometric compositions and more wonderful illustrations we are sure you will like all of them.

Here you are elegant polygonal animals of intense and pastel colours, worldmaps for kids, kits of little animals to decorate baby rooms, halls and even the kitchen with a lot of amazing illustrations made by our design team.

How to install multicolour vinyl decals

These kind of vinyl stick on walls like standar ones, doing the same steps. Please, visit our Youtube to learn more tips.

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  • Decorative vinyl animals of the farm The farm animals are perhaps the animals most recognized by the children after pets domestic as cats or dogs. This farm animals vinyl for children's decorations is a great and original artwork with a very funny style that no doubt will give the key point to environments of the bedrooms with a renewed appearance....

    47,79 €
  • Child winter animals vinyl Cold, snow or winter animals are characteristic by their large coats predominados by whites, adapted to live in very difficult and adverse weather conditions. This funny Winter animals vinyl It is a drawn illustration of child style to liven up the walls of the bedroom with a touch of natural fauna of the most little kids....

    46,45 €
  • Decorative vinyl dogs The dog, man's best friend, is undoubtedly the company and domestic animal more faithful to its owner and this picture is a tribute to all them. A Vinyl dogs of different races as the strong boxer, the gran san bernardo, smart Dalmatian, endearing Akita dog, or even the funny pug make up this amazing canine family. There is no...

    45,50 €
  • Here is a pack of funny animals from the African savannah in an original style where we can find the fierce lion, quiet giraffe or mischievous monkeys. A decorative vinyl que podrás pegar en las paredes de los children's bedrooms by placing the figures where you want.

    60,50 €
  • It is not the ship of Noah, but these Nice animals of Africa they have embarked on a journey to the walls of the more small, to offer a decoration deep sea. Accompanied by a funny fish Bank que podrás place independently sobre la pared o cualquier mueble. Un decorative print and die-cut vinyl that you can not let escape.

    55,66 €
  • Here is an original adhesive vinyl of the recognizable African animals arranged in column, will provide a funny aspect to the child decor of your House. Leaves that Lion, giraffe, crocodile, the elephant, the bird and the sympathetic apes queer with an original style bedroom of the more kids in the House.

    72,60 €
  • Modern ideal cut for avant-garde Interior vinyl, brings color and elegance, taking care to not highlight in excess in the stay. 

    47,19 €
  • Change a female image and naughty vintage, adding geometric shapes colored with very current tones in decoration, a simple and elegant composition that will not go ignored, ideal for modern and eclectic decorations. Printed and die-cut vinyl uses ecological inks resistant to UV rays.

    47,19 €
  • Embodied in a vintage image, female sensuality is accompanied by geometric shapes colored with very current tones in decoration. The woman is treated with a stippling that mimics the plot of old machines printing (points). The vinyl is printed with UV-resistant green ink and perfectly formed.

    48,40 €
  • An image that is not overlooked, meets vintage touch of feminine elegance and modernity of geometric shapes with soft hues that allow an easy integration in modern or classic cut decorations. Take this die-cut vinyl original composition and test before place it cut out geometric parts and place them where you want, furniture, walls...

    47,19 €
  • ¿Quién puede resistirse a los adorables y encantadores Puppies small that many families have as pets? The Poodle It is one of them and we present it to you with an original style geometric shapes and polygons that you make up a singular and unique design to decorate with charm the walls of your home.

    41,50 €
  • The dog, an excellent Petwhich has an excellent sense of hearing and smell is arguably man's best friend. This vinyl printing and die with a composite design by polygonal elements make that the your home decor present a new and dynamic aspect to your wall.

    39,79 €
  • The Leone is one of the animals female more charismatic of the wild world, primarily in regions of the African savannahresponsible for most of the hunt for food from his herd. If you're a lover of the animal Kingdom, now you have this formidable feline in incredible stylish geometric design and polygonal shapes that will mark a before and an after to the...

    43,95 €
  • ¿Te apasiona el universo y la astronomía? No cabe duda de que la Luna esta entre tus preferencias. Ahora Lokoloko te trae este estupendo vinilo impreso del satélite terrestre cortado en círculo para que decores tu pared y des un aspecto espacial. Elige el tuyo y pégalo.

    39,93 €
  • (In English Moon) Moon is the satellite of our planet Earth and the fifth most large solar system. Printed and cut circled simulation on your wall will leave you amazed. Would you like to have a moon in your House?

    39,93 €
  • The figure of Buddha is very represented in the oriental culture of Asia. If you like universal culture, their art and their customs, this design is what you need for a relaxing decoration in your walls.

    39,93 €
  • There is no doubt that Africa is a benchmark when it comes to imagine animals in the wild world and living in freedom. Lokoloko now features a decorative vinyl child with the animals better known on the African savannah, and we know that the more little kids will enjoy this fun cartoon design

    55,66 €
  • The world map is a map of the Earth's surface representation. If you like to contemplate the map mundi and geometric as prisms or polygons elements, try to paste this decorative vinyl Lokoloko, our category geometric, on the walls of your living room or office and immerses your environments in a burst of intense and bright colors.

    64,13 €
  • A geometric pattern of squares with blocks, printed decorative vinyl, is a good choice for interior decoration. With a modern and elegant style, this Lokoloko ambientará your space with style. Select the color, the measures and send it to you home.

    67,76 €
  • Decorative vinyl Lokoloko polygonal floating parts con printed wood appearance. You set your spaces with this original design of geometric shapes and elegant. Choose yours and we took him home.

    73,81 €
  • Take home a spectacular decorative vinyl of the Statue of liberty in New York made with our style polygonal. A vinyl in grey and blue tones capable of transforming the space where to place it, your Living room, bedroom o study room. All the elegance and Majesty of the Statue of liberty transformed in printed and die-cut vinyl.

    70,18 €
  • This geometric and colourful Lokoloko of puzzle game more popular will give a touch of retro and modern at the walls of your study, living room or bedroom. Paste this decorative vinyl and surprise your friends most geeks.

    59,00 €
  • For the more hardcore gamers more classic, Lokoloko proposes a decorative vinyl of Tetris, the acclaimed puzzle game. If you're passionate about the game of pieces par excellence, this design ambientará the walls of your home with a touch of modern, daring and romedor!

    59,00 €
  • Tetris, is possibly the video game puzzle more original history, designed by the Russian Aleskséi Pázhitnov in 1984. If you're a lover of video games that never go to oblivion, this decorative vinyl Lokoloko games that we propose, will be spectacular in the walls of your House. Surprise your friends more hardcore gamers and Bohemian.

    59,00 €
  • Vinyl wall sticker of colourist castle of children style. Castles are place of magic tales, dragons and princess and this vinyl decals of colourist castle is perfect to decorate babyrooms with nice bridges, towels, flags and more. We're sure your children will love it.

    55,68 €
  • Vinyl sticker of colourful castle for bedrooms decor. Bedroom decorations with children's style is trending topic right now in the design of the world. This vinyl sticker of a colourful castle is perfect for kidsrooms and babyrooms decor. It's easy to paste on walls and it will improve the image at home.

    56,89 €
  • Wall vinyl decals for kidsrooms decoration. We show you an adhesive vinyl essential for wall decoration into children's rooms. This is a colourful illustration of a nice castle with towels, walls, flags and bridges on a mountain and rounded by trees. If your kids like tales of princess, dragons, magic and fantasy this is an amazing vinyl to decorate...

    62,80 €
  • Vinyl stickerr of a children's style castle. This castle is the highest towel of the magic kindoms for kids to look after the bedrooms at home. A wonderful building of the best fantasy tales with happy end.Get noew your colouirs vinyl sticker of this castle rounded for trees and decorate the walls of your home. Alin it next to the desk, sideboard, cot...

    56,60 €
  • Decorative vinyl of castle for kidsrooms. This is the castle of the kids' dreams and it's time to paste it on the wall of their bedrooms. This is a nice decorative vinyl sticker of a colourful castle to renovate the space at home. A castle full of towels, walls and flags for the best decorative style. 2 towels included.

    59,29 €
  • Wall vinyl sticker for kidsroom decorations. This castle is special. It's the unique one which is rounded by the sea and powerful boats to give peace in the coast. We show you a awesome vinyl decals of a colourful castle to renovate the decoration into bedrooms at home. If your children like dragons, princess, magic and fantasy from tales we are sure...

    58,09 €
  • Decorate in style with this animals vinyl one of the three big catsthe Leopard. Their fur, as used in the textile sector characteristics stains irregular, LokoLoko has reinvented it in polygons colorful, expressive and full of movement. A decorative vinyl with personality and capable of transforming your space.

    47,50 €
  • Printed decorative vinyl de animales full color with an elegant and majestic elephant in several steps. Ideal for decorate your walls in the living room, bedroom or Hall and give a natural and wild touch to your decor. Dare to change your style with this Vinyl elephant. This super stylish polygonal elephant decorative vinyl is a great element for a wall...

    49,25 €
  • Energetic and expressive this Silhouette one of the most beautiful animals Configures a decorative vinyl with artistic soul and which get hit in your décor without losing one iota of elegance and exclusivity. A decorative vinyl Multicolor y original de LokoLoko within its series of polygonal animals.

    56,25 €