Education and games 

Wall stickers

Educational Games

Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers

Educational Games

Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

In our category Education and games of Lokoloko You'll find fun and interactive designs to learn playing as well as elegant artwork to decorate the most silent libraries and study rooms. Our decorative vinyl maps and educational games are excellent choices for decorations of bedrooms, children's and youth, giving a touch fun while learning.

We have compositions of video games, children's alphabet, blackboards, maps of Spain, world maps, labyrinths and much more, being very popular among students and young workers. There are designs both in colors to choose as of printing and rimmed to enjoy from multicolored designs. Fill your atmosphere of culture and knowledge with a renewed look at your walls.

With Lokoloko you'll be choosing an original and elegant design that also quality matte finish will bring an extra addition to the aesthetics of the space you want to decorate and vinyl adhesive will keep it perfectly glued to the surface.

Decorating ideas for children play area.

Decoration of a play room for kids is so good for a confortable space to play games and have fun.
Space alphabet is a nice wall sticker to decorate baby rooms. The happy characters and letter help him to learn his first words and colours.

Tetris is a good game and you can decorate with these simple but nice pieces to paste on walls and doors of your cupboard or bedroom.

Install or paste adhesive vinyl wall

Learn with Lokoloko a pegar un vinilo adhesivo en tu pared o en la superficie que quieras (una puerta, un armario, una mesa de cristal, etc.) de una forma fácil y mostrado paso a paso en nuestro canal de YouTube. Essential guides to learn about the installation process.

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  • Colourful world map vinyl decals for kids bedrooms. World maps are very appreciated every places and every cultures, so they show us a plane image our planet surface, continents, islands, seas and oceans. Children are very impressionables and they will impress so much with this wall bedroom stickers with a grat and wonderful colourful world map full of...

    78,65 €
  • Colourful World Map vinyl decals for kid bedrooms. Worldmap is a graphic image displayed in 2D of the Planet Earth surface which must be into your home decoration with this awesome adhesive vinyl stickers of nice animal faces and a big map of the world. Young and kid bedroom decoration is a concept which have to be presence into every home and we've...

    104,05 €
  • ¿Te apasiona el universo y la astronomía? No cabe duda de que la Luna esta entre tus preferencias. Ahora Lokoloko te trae este estupendo vinilo impreso del satélite terrestre cortado en círculo para que decores tu pared y des un aspecto espacial. Elige el tuyo y pégalo.

    39,93 €
  • (In English Moon) Moon is the satellite of our planet Earth and the fifth most large solar system. Printed and cut circled simulation on your wall will leave you amazed. Would you like to have a moon in your House?

    39,93 €
  • The figure of Buddha is very represented in the oriental culture of Asia. If you like universal culture, their art and their customs, this design is what you need for a relaxing decoration in your walls.

    39,93 €
  • Vinyl inspired by the video game Asteroids, popular vector-based arcade released in 1979 by Atari video game and was one of the most popular arcade games. A retro vinyl incredible, able to surprise anyone and fit in with all kinds of decoration.

    25,41 €
  • A decorative vinyl Lokoloko for interior walls of the English alphabet in our category texts, with the letters stacked together, will give a modern and cultural style to your room environment. If you are fond of reading, try to read this global alphabet on the walls of your House.

    39,93 €
  • Simple but direct. A design of typography with the letters of the Spanish alphabet piled up that you can find in our category texts. For lovers of the letters, reading or plays on words, can not miss a vinyl as well on the walls of your home. Configure yours and send it to you home.

    39,93 €
  • The world map is a map of the Earth's surface representation. If you like to contemplate the map mundi and geometric as prisms or polygons elements, try to paste this decorative vinyl Lokoloko, our category geometric, on the walls of your living room or office and immerses your environments in a burst of intense and bright colors.

    64,13 €
  • This geometric and colourful Lokoloko of puzzle game more popular will give a touch of retro and modern at the walls of your study, living room or bedroom. Paste this decorative vinyl and surprise your friends most geeks.

    49,61 €
  • Star Wars vinyl with an original reinterpretation of LokoLoko so decor your walls with the aesthetics and design of this fantastic film. A vinyl with the death star that you can configure in a color. We recommend black color to enhance your design.

    57,89 €
  • For the more hardcore gamers more classic, Lokoloko proposes a decorative vinyl of Tetris, the acclaimed puzzle game. If you're passionate about the game of pieces par excellence, this design ambientará the walls of your home with a touch of modern, daring and romedor!

    49,61 €
  • Tetris, is possibly the video game puzzle more original history, designed by the Russian Aleskséi Pázhitnov in 1984. If you're a lover of video games that never go to oblivion, this decorative vinyl Lokoloko games that we propose, will be spectacular in the walls of your House. Surprise your friends more hardcore gamers and Bohemian.

    49,61 €
  • Original map of Spain formed by the name of each of the provinces written with a handwritten font that gives it a fun and casual air. If you like maps and design, this is decorative vinyl which will give current touch to your decoration bringing knowledge to the big and little kids.

    45,75 €
  • This model is special among our vinyl boards being an educational map of Spain that includes all its islands.  On the Board you can write provinces or any geographical detail. A vinyl slate very educational to know your country. Dare and take it home.

    47,19 €
  • Modern decorative vinyl with the popular image of the physicist who revolutionized the century XX, Albert Einstein. Only designed with points this vinyl will give you a very original touch to your walls. Science and design together to make decor your home, office or business with this vinyl LokoLoko puts at your disposal within its family of vinyl freaks....

    52,29 €
  • The Martians have come to stay with this vinyl style freak games. Decorate your wall with this vinyl and gives a retro touch at the same time that modern to your decor. A vinyl of video games that you can configure in various colors and sizes.

    38,72 €
  • A way very decorative to remember the values of the poker ranking. A vinyl poker that you can put on your wall or furniture to you know how to memory. Combine it with any other vinyl of our series of vinyl poker to give even more room of poker to your game room.

    58,08 €
  • The alphabet and the numbers 1 through 10 are the basic elements in a child's education, and that it must be repeated many times to learn them well. LokoLoko has thought of this and has designed a child vinyl manufactured vinyl slate so that the child can write with chalk as many times as the letters and numbers. When you arrive at school it will be the...

    66,55 €