Wall stickers

Floral, trees and botanical

Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

Wall stickers

Floral, trees and botanical

Two styles: Multicolour and 36 different colours to choose
Silhouettes, no edges. 

To paste on walls, wood furniture, windows and mirrors, metal, doors, fridges...

We propose you the most elegant decorative vinyl flowers for walls and furniture to decor your home with our original designs of 1, 2 and 3 colors that you can combine as you like and that will offer a space of highly ornamental and quiet nature. Leaves and petals floating in the air, trees with unique style, great teeth of lion or imaginary gardens are some of the designs that you'll find in this category of Flower stickers of Lokoloko.

The high quality of the material and the design and illustrations highlighted a renewed and fresh vegetable atmosphere in your rooms.

How to decorate my kitchen with floral decorative vinyl

The kitchen is the most important room in at home and with many elements and objects is often difficult looking for a decoration for the space.

Generally kitchens are just wall surface since most of this space is occupied by the furniture, so we give some ideas where to decorate with decorative vinyls for kitchens floral and plant motifs. The furniture they are very important for decoration and their smooth surfaces give much play for a decoration.

The adhesive Petals is a petal packs, leaves and flowers You can place your own along the doors and drawers, creating continuity in the movement and sensation of your flight to wind.

Surface fridges are so good to decorate with floral stickers, as well as being a piece of furniture very used everyday. Color Tree is a good option to combine colours and paste it on your fridge to make a new decoration style in your kitchen.

How to install my adhesive vinyl

To know how to install an adhesive on any surface, we recommend that you visit our channel of YouTube donde dispondréis de videotutoriales de sencillas guías de instalación de vinilos en distintas situaciones.

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  • Design of pink flower silhouette and grey parallel lines.

    94,00 €
  • Floral composition of a big black flower rounded by several small flowers. Some parallel black or grey colour lines.

    92,00 €
  • Design of modern style of a big flowers shape with turquoise and cream colours with parallel lines.

    94,00 €
  • Modern design of a big blue flower and small grey flower. Also parallel lines which you can change its glod or copper colour.

    93,00 €
  • A discrete tree with numerous separate sheets, is a new way to decorate large or small walls, it all depends on from and place elements. Design of great freedom of placement face and subtle aesthetic.

    39,09 €
  • Trees of slender trunks and numerous branches that we offer you, play an important role in a decor that wants to be elegant or according to the color selected, somewhat informal. A subtle design that you can distribute as you like elements.

    37,25 €
  • Trees, plants, flowers, leaves, ultimately the nature is an indispensable element for home decoration in any of its spaces. This game of thin trees with a peculiar and original spiral flooring is the perfect solution to create an atmosphere of harmony in walls with this decorative vinyl Lokoloko.

    45,10 €
  • Floral decorative vinyl work very well in any space and atmosphere. This garden with its original design of petals flowers, is the option you were looking for to increase the feeling of comfort and warmth in your living room or bedroom. Configure the colors, size and ship it home.

    47,05 €
  • All we love scenes that are flying with the wind, flowers and what better to represent those sweet moments with this decorative vinyl teeth of leon, elegant, simple and natural, will be perfect. Try to place them as you like and enjoy its charm.

    47,19 €
  • The breeze, that blow of fresh air which we hope to receive in the hot days of summer to enjoy a pleasant moment. This game of dandelions in our Floral family, represents the magic of nature which transmits us calm and tranquility. Try to see it on your wall for your best spaces.

    36,30 €
  • We know that the decoration with floral designs is a wise decision for your spaces in an elegant way and in harmony. With this design of large with a few stems of geometric style sheets you will get that detail your House needs.

    45,98 €
  • Vegetation and its integration in the decoration has always been one of the more you used to emphasize the spaces of the home. Lokoloko now brings you a decorative vinyl of their Floral category consisting of elegant natural leaves and stems with a linear touch.

    45,98 €
  • Giving the feeling of greatness, we are presenting a natural design with an ascending composition. A very modern floral style to decorate the walls of your living room or bedroom with an original decorative vinyl. Ask for it and carry it home.

    47,19 €
  • This geometric composition with natural elements as you are elegant leaves is a design that will enrich and enhance good decoration in your home. Paste it into your salon, hallways or bedroom walls and enjoy an improved natural environment.

    60,50 €
  • We love this vinyl floors, we wanted a simple and lush image, but introducing a tonic element, a twig that was different and create a point of attention in a design that we assume that will change your space.

    43,56 €
  • This vinyl plants will fill your space providing an image of nature and modernity. Placement depends on your creativity, on furniture, walls, joints, separated... place the plants where you want :)

    43,56 €
  • The vinyl floors are increasingly demanded, without maintenance you can bring freshness and a natural image to those spaces that require it. You can have more freedom in placing if trimming parties, so can locate them by count you want.

    53,24 €
  • The vinyl plants play a role sometimes actor in avant-garde decorations, we invite you with this elegant and subtle design to play a creative role, adding an element that you differentiate conventional decorations.

    37,19 €
  • The image of plants in the vinyl are becoming more popular as companion in modern and elegant decorations, it is for this reason that we offer you this very simple and subtle vegetable vinyl so you add the finishing touch to your space.

    36,40 €
  • We created this vinyl with graceful stems and petals of colors that accompany pretty floral Center. Perfect for spaces that require a modern touch at the same time elegant to highlight before guests.

    65,34 €
  • This floral vinyl will add freshness and elegance with its elegant petals in the wind, will allow you to adapt it to any dimension of space previously cutting the petals before installing it. Add elegance to your room or piece of furniture.

    45,98 €
  • A tree shows its colors for light bathing your stay, to the be numerous leaves, you can crop them and distribute them as you wish the room on furniture or anything. Your imagination as you place it has limits.

    45,98 €
  • A portion of forest we offer you with this original vinyl from a tree which is an original geometric aesthetic ideal for all kinds of environments. Set in grey tones for sober and modern environments or with vibrant tones for children's environments.

    54,45 €
  • If you like hearts and floral vinyl, we present this vinyl that unites the two ideas. A sweet and feminine decorations vinyl and that you can configure in 1 color and various sizes. Ideal for bedrooms or living rooms, on walls and also furniture.

    41,14 €