Decorative vinyl Freaks

Category Freaks is the area of Lokoloko where can find adhesives most fun and original to decorate the rooms more animated in your House or apartment with Vinyl for furniture and walls.

Decoration of video games, of cinema, of characters, rare or computer science they are some of the themes that you will find here as well as many icons and recognizable characters.

Decorative vinyl Freaks

Category Freaks is the area of Lokoloko where can find adhesives most fun and original to decorate the rooms more animated in your House or apartment with Vinyl for furniture and walls.

Decoration of video games, of cinema, of characters, rare or computer science they are some of the themes that you will find here as well as many icons and recognizable characters.

Any of various colors of vinyl to choose as well as print designed to decorate the rooms of young people and students to be groundbreaking, explosive, dynamic, fun and full of life designs.

When you purchase your designs not only geeks you'll be choosing a design distinguished and original, if not that also the quality of finish will bring an extra addition to the aesthetics of the space you want to decorate, and vinyl adhesive will keep you perfectly glued to the surface.

Dare to fill strength and color the walls and your bedroom.

4 ideas for decorating rooms in student apartment with vinyl for bedrooms

The floors of students and shared flats are mostly used by boys and young girls who are studying or have started to work and live outsideof their city, and nevertheless there neglecting the decor since it is a place where they will live for a season and create feeling of conford. The bedroom is the most important from the tenant of an apartment or a House, so it must have a modern and attractive decoration.

If for example we like very much the video games, the product Gamepads queda genial como decorative vinyls for bed Headboards giving prominence to the room; Besides that we will show our passion for the games since it represents to the Classic Pacman and managers and drivers of all consoles. Because just choose the color that we want to give to the room that matizque missing.

Decorate cabinets also is a successful option. You can opt for an adhesive vinyl in vertical layout. Televisions 1 It is a pack of old monitors with which you placed and distribuiras like creating a retro look both modern and elegant.

A fun idea is to use a wall as part of a clothes hanger adhesive. For example:Paste the sticker on the wall of Surrealism the hanger and put some small hooks to hang bags and clothes on the tips of the horns of the animal. You can surprise your friends and colleagues with this great decoration. This idea applies to any space: lobbies, bedrooms, and any room where you want to have a hanger with personality.

You must not forget decorating our hallways to make more enjoyable travels to go from one room to another. A very good idea to decorate the walls of the Hall of an apartment is to apply the decorative sticker Battle space. If you are a fan to the science fiction, this vinyl will represent your tastes, which is composed by a multitude of ships that can move as you want for the entire wall and that even will be well by taping them around pictures, posters, plugs and window frames. Do you want to relive a scene more epic space film?

Learn the tricks to stick vinyl

We invite you to visit our YouTube dto watch videotutorials and learn all tips to pate wall stickers at home. Very easy :)

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  • Eye silhouette vinyl stickers pack.108 units of 7 x 4,5cm.

    29,00 €
  • 8 bits heart vinyl stickers to decorate bedrooms, walls and doors. Ideal for gamers spaces. 96 units of 6 x 5,5cm.

    29,00 €
  • Decorative film Mad Max car vinyl Cars have been a very important factor with which many fans have made reference to remember titles and exciting scenes for many stories. The films were not going to be less and in a series of retro-futuristic style as it is MadMaxwhere the car is a protagonist of the adventures that happen during the plot. In...

    61,71 €
  • Buy decorative vinyl film with Mad Max car Cinema, films and TV series are hilarious entertainment that likes everyone, where back in fashion the legendary works of the seventh art that you have marked their own style in the last decades of the 20th century. On this occasion we propose a bold and daring design of mythical vehicle retro-futuristic film...

    58,08 €
  • Decorative vinyl of computer keys The typical battle between the keys of the famous operating systems is what we present in this new design with a funny scene in which both sides manifest themselves showing their best resources and virtues. The best known symbols and icons of the keyboard represented by funny character with posters of texts in English is...

    38,72 €
  • Indian key decorative vinyl Youth decorations must be inspired by recognizable icons among his hobbies and computer keys will not pass unnoticed before his eyes. This keys vinyl India is a success for the most fans to the world of the internet and new technologies. We can see a group of mischievous keys disguised as Indians with their feathers on the...

    27,83 €
  • Decorative vinyl of computer keys The keyboard and the computer they are strongly linked and are essential to each other. We could not use one without the other. If you like computers either to surf the internet, chat with friends, play video games or to organize your personal files East computer vinyl We present you'll love. The design is made by some...

    37,51 €
  • Decorative vinyl of computer keys The everyday use of the computer is a very common activity in every household, workplace and schools and this computer keys vinyl It is intended for fans to the world of computing and the internet. Letters, numbers, symbols, and special buttons is that fun and funny characters make up with arrows, Spears and swords in...

    37,51 €
  • The imperial soldiers, those enemies that have become big in the science fiction of the 20th century cince can have them now in this fantastic vinyl freaks here and that will delight more than one fan of the stellar saga most famous of all time. With that soldier you feel most represented? Choose your color of vinyl and take it home.

    66,55 €
  • The mythical sword of the Star Wars laser is a recognizable icon that has taken its toll on fans of fiction since its emergence in the 1970s. With this vinyl wall you can decorate your space with retro but which is still fashionable. Choose color vinyl and as you like and surprise your friends.

    38,72 €
  • The space battle is one of the scenes of science fiction best known from the history of cinema. Put on your walls decorative vinyl for the most fans and feel all the passion with ships that were protagonists of this Galactic struggle. Will you be able to fill your walls of real fiction?

    93,17 €
  • The film Alien has marked a before and an after with the design of one of the characters most recognized in the world of the horror and science fiction film. You can now enjoy your profile with this decorative vinyl freaks that you can install on the walls of your room, study or area of Games. Wait no more and get yours.

    77,44 €
  • Cut here. Those are the words we have all seen in many containers of products or packing boxes. This game of lines staple and four scissors will be the key to a simple, modern and attractive decoration for your home. A decorative vinyl very funny that you can paste by walls outlining elements of home: paintings, lamps, door frames, plugs, windows...

    24,20 €
  • If you're a lover and passionate of the video gamesThis decorative vinyl of video game consoles and gamepads You must be on your wall. It shows everyone that you're a real player of interactive stories decorate your room by pasting this great heart.   We have of more games like this vinyl PAC-man o este shooters.

    78,65 €
  • ¿Quién no ha jugado alguna vez a los clásicos video games Martians and space ships? Here's a retro figure of Space Invaders composed of the consoles of all time. A true design to decorate with Vinyl the walls of your recreational and game zone.   If you like this games much Vinyl It will be a good decoration for your recreation area.

    52,03 €
  • If you like the video games and you are a fan of games but this retro decorative vinyl composed of gamepads is for you. A design Geek the ghost of the PAC-man game that will surely amaze your friends. Decorate your game zone and it begins to enjoy a new gamer.

    55,66 €
  • ¿Eres un Gamer or a casual player? Here is a representation of a famous character of classic retro games of the 80's; the ghost of Pacman played by a mosaic of gamepads or control of video game consoles. A very freak vinyl to decorate the bedrooms and authentic hardcore game areas. Are you going to wait to stick yours in your wall?

    55,66 €
  • A passionate and enthusiastic gamer-oriented, this vinyl in English, fun way reinterprets the original design of the slogan "keep calm and carry on". We offer this original design focused on any gamer that prepares and wanting to capture his passion for video games.

    44,77 €
  • We love vinyl geeks, family images are OK, but this takes the cake, we collect some caricatured characters that somebody will recognize. A vinyl that is a sin not having it!! that the force be with you :)))

    57,79 €
  • Inside the vinyl geeks create this hilarious and original stamps that he embodies the eternal rivalry between two large systems, which do you belong?, completely changes your seating area with a devastating design.

    48,40 €
  • Within a freak line we present a bizarre burst of enthusiasm with shots in the air, this homage to the western plays with typography and geometry of his strokes to give that touch of color and fun that is missing to your space.

    66,55 €
  • Vinyl inspired by the video game Asteroids, popular vector-based arcade released in 1979 by Atari video game and was one of the most popular arcade games. A retro vinyl incredible, able to surprise anyone and fit in with all kinds of decoration.

    25,41 €
  • The psychosis movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960, is the most famous cry of the film, now you can take it to your walls to decorate in a way that is current and avant-garde. A decorative vinyl with frames of irregular points with an original look that will largely get attention in your decoration.

    50,15 €
  • If you're an amateur to the futuristic movies and action, this decorative vinyl film preapocaliptica MadMax you will love. A groundbreaking design of our cinema category, to decorate the walls of your living room, study or bedroom and that will surprise your friends and family. Configure yours and send it to you home.

    62,59 €
  • Gamers and video games fans will be delighted with this decorative vinyl's controls and handheld game consoles that make up the icon of Pacman. Decorate your bedroom, study or recreation area with this great design and surprise your friends more hardcore gamers.

    55,66 €
  • This geometric and colourful Lokoloko of puzzle game more popular will give a touch of retro and modern at the walls of your study, living room or bedroom. Paste this decorative vinyl and surprise your friends most geeks.

    49,61 €
  • Star Wars vinyl with an original reinterpretation of LokoLoko so decor your walls with the aesthetics and design of this fantastic film. A vinyl with the death star that you can configure in a color. We recommend black color to enhance your design.

    57,89 €
  • For the more hardcore gamers more classic, Lokoloko proposes a decorative vinyl of Tetris, the acclaimed puzzle game. If you're passionate about the game of pieces par excellence, this design ambientará the walls of your home with a touch of modern, daring and romedor!

    49,61 €
  • Tetris, is possibly the video game puzzle more original history, designed by the Russian Aleskséi Pázhitnov in 1984. If you're a lover of video games that never go to oblivion, this decorative vinyl Lokoloko games that we propose, will be spectacular in the walls of your House. Surprise your friends more hardcore gamers and Bohemian.

    49,61 €
  • We present one of the vinyl film Lokoloko based on horror and science fiction film The Fly (the fly). The design is made in 2 colors, typography and a silhouette of a fly that you can place wherever you want by way of detail. Choose yours and we took him home!

    42,35 €
  • The saga of Star Trek is one of the stories of science fiction and futuristic best known of all time. An amazing vinyl film of the greeting Vulcan with whom we have always represented Spock, his character icon par excellence. If you're a fan of this saga, don't miss this chance to have a Lokoloko of cinema at home. Paste it into your walls and surprise...

    54,45 €
  • There is no doubt that Akira has been and will be one of the films most influential within the anime worldwide. If you feel otaku passion to see this anime films vinyl, no doubt it more and plasma on the wall of your room this icon of the film by Katsuhiro Otomo with a modern, elegant and groundbreaking. Available in 2 colours.

    45,98 €
  • Psychosis is one of the horror and suspense movies most known within the world of the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock. If you like good classic film, Lokoloko brings you a vinyl films to 2 colors of the outside of the House where it happened the plot of the film, that you can now translate into your walls to make a tribute to this quintessential cult movie.

    71,39 €
  • Original design for one of the vinyl film in 2 colors that Lokoloko brings film Trainspotting, a dramatic film that chronicles the life of a group of heroin addicts in Edinburgh without aspirations in life. If you like the film and interior decoration, this vinyl will be an extravagant point to your spaces.

    50,82 €
  • Design casual of one of the films of the great film director Quentin Tarantino. No doubt a vinyl films Lokoloko which you should not escape if you feel identified with chases, gunfights and action movies. Available in 2 colors and various sizes. Choose yours and paste it on your walls!

    66,55 €
  • 2001 Space Odyssey is perhaps, Stanley Kubrick film more famous of all history of cinema of science fiction, which has had a multitude of tributes in other films, series, TV and even music discs. Lokoloko brings you the icon more representative of the film on a vinyl film, which will be very elegant and very stylish in the walls of your home.

    44,77 €