Decorative vinyl Freaks

Category Freaks is the area of Lokoloko where can find adhesives most fun and original to decorate the rooms more animated in your House or apartment with Vinyl for furniture and walls.

Decoration of video games, of cinema, of characters, rare or computer science they are some of the themes that you will find here as well as many icons and recognizable characters.

Decorative vinyl Freaks

Category Freaks is the area of Lokoloko where can find adhesives most fun and original to decorate the rooms more animated in your House or apartment with Vinyl for furniture and walls.

Decoration of video games, of cinema, of characters, rare or computer science they are some of the themes that you will find here as well as many icons and recognizable characters.

Any of various colors of vinyl to choose as well as print designed to decorate the rooms of young people and students to be groundbreaking, explosive, dynamic, fun and full of life designs.

When you purchase your designs not only geeks you'll be choosing a design distinguished and original, if not that also the quality of finish will bring an extra addition to the aesthetics of the space you want to decorate, and vinyl adhesive will keep you perfectly glued to the surface.

Dare to fill strength and color the walls and your bedroom.

4 ideas for decorating rooms in student apartment with vinyl for bedrooms

The floors of students and shared flats are mostly used by boys and young girls who are studying or have started to work and live outsideof their city, and nevertheless there neglecting the decor since it is a place where they will live for a season and create feeling of conford. The bedroom is the most important from the tenant of an apartment or a House, so it must have a modern and attractive decoration.

If for example we like very much the video games, the product Gamepads queda genial como decorative vinyls for bed Headboards giving prominence to the room; Besides that we will show our passion for the games since it represents to the Classic Pacman and managers and drivers of all consoles. Because just choose the color that we want to give to the room that matizque missing.

Decorate cabinets also is a successful option. You can opt for an adhesive vinyl in vertical layout. Televisions 1 It is a pack of old monitors with which you placed and distribuiras like creating a retro look both modern and elegant.

A fun idea is to use a wall as part of a clothes hanger adhesive. For example:Paste the sticker on the wall of Surrealism the hanger and put some small hooks to hang bags and clothes on the tips of the horns of the animal. You can surprise your friends and colleagues with this great decoration. This idea applies to any space: lobbies, bedrooms, and any room where you want to have a hanger with personality.

You must not forget decorating our hallways to make more enjoyable travels to go from one room to another. A very good idea to decorate the walls of the Hall of an apartment is to apply the decorative sticker Battle space. If you are a fan to the science fiction, this vinyl will represent your tastes, which is composed by a multitude of ships that can move as you want for the entire wall and that even will be well by taping them around pictures, posters, plugs and window frames. Do you want to relive a scene more epic space film?

Learn the tricks to stick vinyl

We invite you to visit our YouTube dto watch videotutorials and learn all tips to pate wall stickers at home. Very easy :)

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  • Cinema of suspense and action fans can enjoy from this super stylish vinyl film Lokoloko of the film Snatch, a diamond made of geometric elements and accompanied by text. With a simple installation you plasmarás this "piece of jewelry" on your walls.

    41,14 €
  • A vinyl different surrealist inspired ideal to give an artistic touch to your walls. You decorate with a decorative vinyl as if it were a work of art, and all for an affordable price. A vinyl with seahorses that make a dandelion flower stem. Choose your color and size and we will send you home!

    73,81 €
  • When the man wanted to imitate the action of walking, he created the wheel, which is not similar to a leg. Apollinaire phrase to define the character of surrealism. This movement inspired a whole series of different by the imaginative character vinyls and seemingly little real. A decorative vinyl that permeate artistic air to your wall.

    72,60 €
  • If you like the artistic movements of the 20th century this surreal and different vinyl can be a great option for ti, for decor your wall in a different way. The vinyl is specifically inspired by surrealism, movement marked by clear reason and reach the subconscious to create images over reality.

    76,23 €
  • Inquitante and imaginative is this modern and surrealist vinyl that you can use to dress up your walls with art. A different vinyl LokoLoko proposed for special people like you who do not conform with the provisions and see beyond things. Choose your color and size and we take it you immediately where your want.

    75,02 €
  • If you like modern vinyl, original and with this decorative vinyl personality may be what you are looking for. A proposal of LokoLoko to honor one of the artistic movements of the century most important twentieth, surrealism. Images taken from our subconscious or our dreams take reality to suggest and create mystery. It gives an artistic touch to your walls!

    77,44 €
  • Modern decorative vinyl with the popular image of the physicist who revolutionized the century XX, Albert Einstein. Only designed with points this vinyl will give you a very original touch to your walls. Science and design together to make decor your home, office or business with this vinyl LokoLoko puts at your disposal within its family of vinyl freaks....

    52,29 €
  • The Martians have come to stay with this vinyl style freak games. Decorate your wall with this vinyl and gives a retro touch at the same time that modern to your decor. A vinyl of video games that you can configure in various colors and sizes.

    38,72 €
  • Vinyl film with the portrait of "the Queen of Hollywood" and thus call the actress estodounidense Bette davis. Her bewitching eyes filled film screens and now fill your walls with this decorative vinyl which used patterns of points to represent lights and shadows. These frames give vinyl a modern and original aesthetic that will be great in your decor

    57,29 €
  • One of the most universal film figures, Charles Chaplin, and his unforgettable Charlot, stars in this decorative vinyl with patterns of points that draw their peculiar silhouette. A different vinyl in its aesthetic interpretation that you can be a good choice for eclectic environments. You can put it in your living room, bedroom or study to give that...

    52,19 €
  • The Metropolis of the year 1927 German film directed by Fritz Lang was the first film considered by UNESCO memory of the world by its human and social depth. One of the most iconic films that now you can take home this way so original that it proposes you Lokoloko. Set the color and size and we carry you home.

    56,29 €
  • If you like the vinyl with the word Love, this vinyl is an original option to decorate your wall with love and a touch of geek inspired by classic video games of Martians. Perfect for youth and modern decorations and paste in any room, lounge, bedroom or study room. Configurable in two colors.

    48,40 €
  • This classic vinyl is an original option to decorate classical environments but you can also be adapted to space more modern. The perfect man of Leonardo is a classic in the illustrations in Figure express and human perfection in form and the Canyon of the human body. With a typographic touch this vinyl is ideal to decorate your walls. Configurable in 2...

    48,40 €
  • Film and pop culture posters filled pictures of the salons of alternative houses and people who love the culture, seeking pleasure and enrichment in artistic expression. The film The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a mythical movie of the 1970s whose image are bitten lips that you offer in this decorative vinyl pop style.

    44,77 €
  • The "Pussy Wagon" is a van Chevrolet Silverado bright yellow color that came out in Kill Bill 1, which originally belonged to Buck, the character who tries to abuse the protagonist of the movie in the hospital, but that after the film director Tarantino was still with her. If you like the film and especially Kill Bill this vinyl can be a great option for ti.

    36,30 €
  • Original design that makes reference to the art in cinema. Starring vinyl the most famous robot in cinema, which with its golden particular science fiction will fill the walls of your House. Configurable vinyl in two colors, we recommend the black and gold in your choice!.!

    64,13 €
  • Vinyl which illustrates a portrait of the most famous robot in science fiction. Its unmistakable metallic look and his bright features gold color, will make it to decorate your wall in a unique way. Advised the choice gold in the configurator.

    49,61 €
  • He is too smart to be a human is one of the sympathetic phrases that this peculiar film couple used to repeat. If you like vinyl records with text but with a twist, this decorative vinyl may be the option you were looking for. Ideal for lovers of cinema houses.

    77,44 €
  • In any human conflict, hope is the last thing is lost. Although ships are lost, their captains and soldiers resulted in the attempt at victory over the enemy. So if you are the captain of your walls with this design decoration will have a resounding success. Decorative vinyl with a high level of negligible detail in photographs.

    81,07 €
  • The Pontiac is a classic car among the classics that marked an entire generation in the series that starring in the 1980s. Become an icon of mass culture LokoLoko pays tribute with this decorative vinyl that will you cool on the wall that you want. In the study room or in the lounge for more geeks, this decorative vinyl is ideal to decorate your walls.

    48,40 €
  • The DMC-12 is a sports produced by the Delorean brand and as it was the only car produced by this car stayed with that name. It is characterized by wing's Gull and its housing of stainless steel doors. His fame, of course, comes by his appearance in the film back to the future. If you are passionate about film and need to decorate with a quality vinyl...

    54,45 €
  • Silhouettes of the 6 criminals from Reservoir Dogs star in the design of vinyl film yourself presenting LokoLoko. The film, Tarantino's first, was going to roll with your friends with $30,000, but thanks to Harvey Keitel who became interested in the project, made with 1.2 million.If you cool this film from independent cinema because the tough guys going,...

    42,35 €
  • To human intelligence, artificial intelligence. It is a view inspiring struggle for the cinema many times in the genre of science fiction. Our robot character has given many times sample of his will to do good. Us moviegoers were captivated by his robotic perfection and therefore will give him tribute in the form of decorative vinyl to decorate our walls.

    54,45 €
  • Between the mythical cars of the film the Delorean from back is the future. In fact this car was called DMC-12, but was the only car manufactured by the Delorean brand, to ultimately stayed with the brand name. Our vinyl illustrates the modified version for the film, capable of travelling through time thanks to fluzo capacitor.Ideal for decorating Studio...

    55,66 €
  • If you're a geek, video games and the computer this decorative vinyl that we present to you doesn't need explanation. Ideal for your study room decor or any space in which you have installed your computer. It will provide a fun and jovial tone to your wall that will give you good vibes whenever you look at it. Do not hesitate, if you cool do not wait to...

    26,62 €
  • Vinyl with a precise line drawing with a front view and another side of a Biped of combat. This vinyl Lokoloko whose theme is the cinema, wants to satisfy desires more moviegoers lovers of science fiction and let them decorate their walls with the elements that excite them.

    75,02 €
  • Decorative vinyl themed video games in particular with the game Arkanoid, one of the most classic and popular arcade games. A very geeky option to decorate your rooms and give life to your walls. Configure it with our configurator and not wait to stick it!

    25,41 €
  • Decorate your wall with the famous video game Arkanoid, one of the most classic games arcade LokoLoko presents within its family of vinyl freaks. A vinyl game that you can configure in various colors and various sizes so that your wall is the most possible freak.

    25,41 €
  • If you like arcade video games then you will know this famous video game, Pacman. It is one of the most historic games and more addictive. This vinyl is another companion, and is distinguished by having a continuous line rather than pixelated picture. Choose the one you like!

    38,72 €
  • Decorate your wall or furniture with casino-style with this vinyl poker with a fabulous ACE of spades. To give a modern touch to your decor in an easy and economical way. Configures the extent of vinyl and choose the color that you like, although the ideal color is black.

    24,20 €
  • The mazes are very old, so square they found as a seal in the tombs of ancient Egypt. Rounds as the series that presents LokoLoko date from the Italian Etruscan era in the 7th century BC. This first vinyl is a classic because the trail leads to the Centre and out we go back the same way. dare to follow him?

    38,72 €
  • Educational vinyl with an interesting maze that draws a city with which you can decorate any wall or cabinet space in your living room, bedroom, office or game room. An easy and fun to decorate in an original way and modern option. It is a configurable vinyl in a color and number of steps.

    48,40 €
  • The labyrinths are elements that the human being has designed since ancient times creating different versions. LokoLoko attached in this educational vinyl two exciting concepts as the labyrinth and science fiction, to give life to an image by well-known, with a mental and educational challenge will discover the correct way out. Perhaps with this...

    54,45 €
  • Human relations and above all the sentimental are sometimes a challenge when it comes to choosing the right decisions. In this educational vinyl we propose a vinyl original maze by the mixture of geometry and typography to express the idea of sentimental labyrinth that we all live in our day to day. I think about you is a modern vinyl that will decorate...

    37,51 €
  • The cultural meaning and interpretation of the labyrinth as a symbol is very rich. In prehistory the mazes drawn on the floor served as traps for malevolent spirits. Why LokoLoko present you this education with a labyrinth vinyl decor your home and protect it!. Configure it in size and color to make you perfect.

    48,40 €
  • Version in negative of the labyrinth with circular LokoLoko puts at your disposal to decorate your walls. And remember that the mazes have been used for rites of protection against evil spirits throughout history!

    47,19 €