English cable (Almería)

Decorate your walls with the Cable English Almeríaone of the most famous landmarks and recognized in this city. A loading of ore designed by the school of architects of Eiffel with an industrial air and poetic while that is great where you paste it. Decorative vinyl configurable in 2 colors, ayudate of the configurator to choose the most suitable for your environment.

"Los lokolokos nos tomamos unas minivacaciones. Los pedidos realizados desde 14/08 al 25/08, serán tramitados a partir del lunes 26/08. The lokolokos we took a mini-vacation. Orders placed from 14/08 to 25/08, will be processed from Monday 26/08."
Vinyl Color
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • 160x50
  • 200x64
  • 240x76

68,95 €

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vinilo para pared cable ingles almeria Este producto consta de 2 colores y su instalación es muy sencilla.

First place and glue the large vinyl piece, this being the most important design.

Then trim and separate parts of the 2nd color for easy entry. Looking at the design place parts in the corresponding position.

Make sure that it overlaps not one vinyl with another.