Space Invaders retro

The Martians have come to stay with this vinyl style freak games. Decorate your wall with this vinyl and gives a retro touch at the same time that modern to your decor. A vinyl of video games that you can configure in various colors and sizes.

"Los lokolokos nos tomamos unas minivacaciones. Los pedidos realizados desde 14/08 al 25/08, serán tramitados a partir del lunes 26/08. The lokolokos we took a mini-vacation. Orders placed from 14/08 to 25/08, will be processed from Monday 26/08."
Space Invaders retro
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • ¨90x90
  • 100x100
  • 120x120
  • 140x140
  • 160x160
  • 180x180

38,72 €

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vinilo videojuegos clasicos

The height of the measures is relative to the design shown in the configurator.
This vinyl will be sent exploded in this way.

Troop of Martians is contemplated in a block.
Loose you will find the main nave, a few lines of fire and a spaceship.
Place them as you like to create your own composition.