Phantom 2 gamepads

If you like the video games and you are a fan of games but this retro decorative vinyl composed of gamepads is for you. A design Geek the ghost of the PAC-man game that will surely amaze your friends. Decorate your game zone and it begins to enjoy a new gamer.

"Los lokolokos nos tomamos unas minivacaciones. Los pedidos realizados desde 14/08 al 25/08, serán tramitados a partir del lunes 26/08. The lokolokos we took a mini-vacation. Orders placed from 14/08 to 25/08, will be processed from Monday 26/08."
Phantom 2 gamepads
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • 70x76
  • 80x86
  • 90x98

55,66 €

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