Split key

Decorative vinyl of computer keys

The keyboard and the computer they are strongly linked and are essential to each other. We could not use one without the other. If you like computers either to surf the internet, chat with friends, play video games or to organize your personal files East computer vinyl We present you'll love.

The design is made by some funny computer keys playing a game of sports with a piece of Apple, who is angry about what is happening in the scene. A hilarious adhesive to the wall.

"Los lokolokos nos tomamos unas minivacaciones. Los pedidos realizados desde 14/08 al 25/08, serán tramitados a partir del lunes 26/08. The lokolokos we took a mini-vacation. Orders placed from 14/08 to 25/08, will be processed from Monday 26/08."
Split key
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This product is a pack of pieces of vinyl that you can place and distribute as you want on your walls, furniture and surfaces.
In the gallery you will see indications and measures of the pack with regard to displayed figures to choose.

Figuras del pack de vinilo de teclas animadas de ordenador