The best keys

Decorative vinyl of computer keys

The typical battle between the keys of the famous operating systems is what we present in this new design with a funny scene in which both sides manifest themselves showing their best resources and virtues. The best known symbols and icons of the keyboard represented by funny character with posters of texts in English is what you'll find here.

This computer keys vinyl It is the perfect decoration for youth and adolescents fans to the world of computing, video games and an endless number of opportunities offered by the internet, so you have no excuse to decorate the walls of your bedroom or study with a very original style.

the best keys
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • XXL - 250 x 95
  • XS
  • S
  • XL
  • M
  • L

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Sizes of each piece:

Piece 1 Piece 2
XS 25x38cm 33x24cm
S 54x35cm 46x33cm
M 69x45cm 59x42cm
L 85x55cm 72x52cm
XL 100x68cm 85x62cm
XXL 116x76cm 98x71cm

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