ACE of Spades Poker

Decorate your wall or furniture with casino-style with this vinyl poker with a fabulous ACE of spades. To give a modern touch to your decor in an easy and economical way. Configures the extent of vinyl and choose the color that you like, although the ideal color is black.

ACE of Spades 2
Vinyl Color
Surface Color
Normal Reflected
  • 30x44
  • 50x74
  • 70x102
  • 90x132
  • 110x158
  • 130x190
  • 150x220

17,00 €

20,00 €

despiece as de picas

This product is delivered by parts and their installation is very simple.
Displayed measurements refer to the design shown in the configurator. In the gallery you can see a list of sizes of parts with respect to the measures.

As the 3 main parts are loose, you can place them as you want to adapt it to the wall where you will glue the vinyl.

See our video tutorial de cómo pegar este tipo de vinilos decorativos compuestos de varias piezas.

Characteristic fo decorative vinyl stickers.

Vinyl sticker is a shape of drawing or text, no white limits, no background and it's focused to decorate walls, doors, glasses and other surfaces. You can choose between plane colours (with 1, 2, 3 or more colours) or multicolour (printing) of several kind of thematics. It's very easy to clean.

In general, sizes to selecet are reference of the composition you can see in the colour combiner. Some designs have separate pieces at the beginning. It's a pack which you can customice your own composition on the wall. In the images gallery there are grafically the pieces of vinyl.

Other products are packs with silhouettes and their sizes are named by letters (S, M, L, XL). In this case you can see details on the images gallery.

A lot of our original designs have an independent text, it's mean a shorte quote yo improve the vinyl. If you want to buy a product with orient reflected but with this text as normal, just text a coment throught the order.

*Spain shipping 3-5 days.
*International shipping 5-7 days.

Learn how to stick decorative vinyls

Here you are some videotutorials to lern the most basic steps to install a decorative viny. We recommend visit our Youtube channel.

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