Egon Schiele girl sleeping

Vinyl art to decorate the walls of your home, office or store and grant an artistic and expressive element to your decor. Family vinyl glamour inspired by the drawings of the artist of the century XX Egon Shiele, and that you can configure in two colors of vinyl to give contrast and color to your wall.

"Los lokolokos nos tomamos unas minivacaciones. Los pedidos realizados desde 14/08 al 25/08, serán tramitados a partir del lunes 26/08. The lokolokos we took a mini-vacation. Orders placed from 14/08 to 25/08, will be processed from Monday 26/08."
Egon Schiele girl sleeping
Vinyl Color
Egon Schiele girl sleeping
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • 70 x 94
  • 90 x 120
  • 110 x 146
  • 130 x 174
  • 150 x 200

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2 vinilos mujer

This Lokoloko of 2 colors will be sent separately by color parts. For easy positioning of the hair and waist, trim parts silueteando near the edge of the vinyl to be able to locate it with more precision.