Materials and colours

¿Qué son los vinilos decorativos?

The Luminescent panels dividing fluowall they are prepared and reproduced in material adhesive to paste them on all kinds of surfaces clean and rigid, in a simple and easy way.

Designs are made of one or several colors if they are Vinyl cutter (left) or unlimited if you are printed vinyl (right). Depending on the design, these can consist of one or more pieces.

Vinilo de corte y vinilo impreso

This type of materials will increase by its excellent decorative results and the low cost of the product, is really accessible.

Types of luminescent panels dividing fluowall

Cut vinyl

The cut vinyl they are materials of color planes and with different finishes, focused on the design and decoration of walls and spaces. This type of vinyl has the same intensity of color on both sides, so you can paste it into crystals to see for the other side.

Colores de vinilo decorativo

Vinyl etched

The vinyl to theacid tiene el mismo efecto que un translucent glassblasting or sandblasting. You can't see through it with definition even if it passes the light, making it perfect for illuminating your space and create privacy.
These vinyls have the same intensity of color on both sides and are widely used in shop windows, partitions, windows...

Vinilo al ácido

Blackboard vinyl

The Blackboard vinyl It is an excellent material from decocarion that we will achieve a surface interactive, since we can write about it, write down phones, schedules, appointments and ingluso shopping lists. It is also very resorted to children's spaces where children can expand their imaginations with white chalk-colored.

Vinilo pizarra

Blackboard vinyl is a very flexible material so we recommend to paste it in straight and smooth walls. We can clean its surface with a dry or damp cloth without any problem.

Punched printing vinyl

The Vinyl printing and die they are reproduced using digital to achieving elegant printing designsmulticolor decorations s. This type of adhesives provides very good results at home, study or work spaces.

You can find many decorative vinyl printing and die among our categories.

Vinilos troquelados

Vinyl furniture

Lokoloko has a category called Wrapping where will you find many designs of printing. These vinyls are designed to cover furniture and offer a new look to the image of your tables, doors, cabinets or shelves.

Vinilos para muebles