If you're an amateur to the futuristic movies and action, this decorative vinyl film preapocaliptica MadMax you will love. A groundbreaking design of our cinema category, to decorate the walls of your living room, study or bedroom and that will surprise your friends and family. Configure yours and send it to you home.

Vinyl Color
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • 110x76
  • 120x84
  • 130x90
  • 140x98

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mad max vinilo piezas

This vinyl is 2 colors that will separate as shown in the image. Its installation is very simple.









In many of our vinyl will included a text which we call Text companionwith a phrase that enriches the design, which is separated from the other parts.

This explanation is the phrase Kiss me and ride Vinyl Kiss me de la categoría Vehicles.

texto acomp

This is the default orientation Normal.



This image represents orientation Reflected.
Normally used to paste in a glass, and see it from the other side. 


In many ocacsiones we want to have the design in orientation Reflected, because we like more that position, but we want tothat the Text companion still in orientation Normal to have a correct reading.

reflex text

In this case, we will have to leave a comment stating and clarifying how we want the companion text.
To do this, we will have a box to write reviews, which you will find in the section Address of the Cart.

comentario normal


In cases of paste it on glass to see dede the other side, we may want to keep the orientation Normal with an orientation Reflected in the Text companion.

texto reflejado

Remember that with this option, you will see the inverted design, since we will be observing it from the other side of the glass to read it correctly.