Double bass player

A bass player music vinyl

The term Jazz Bass refers to the set of techniques used in the world of jazz improvising accompaniments or carry out alone on the issue.

The double bass It is a bowed string instrument and one of the most important within a band of jazz, because that is the double bass player who carries the rhythm and song base, helping other musicians to continue the theme that interpertan.

We like the music much as ti, and therefore we have designed this magnificent illustration of a bass player posing with his 4 string musical instrument. An elegant musical decorative vinyl that you can buy in the color and size you want.

Double bass player
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The sound of the double bass is produced by the vibration of the strings to be rubbed with the fingertips, producing notes serious, since this instrument plays based on the songs and is essential for musicians is guided through their sound.

The musical decorative adhesives with the theme of the Jazz style are very interesting elements for the interior decoration of the home. If you are a musician and have a test area or a small corner where you play music, the design of the bass player is your chance to decorate your walls with the best design.

How to hit a vertical vinyl

We are going to recommend to see This video tutorial de nuestro Youtube con el que aprenderás la mejor manera de pegar este vinilo el cual es mas alto que ancho.

In addition, this design has a "text companion" which is independent of the main one, and can give you several possibilities in the choice of orientation normal and mirrored. We advise you to visit this post para entender cada una de ellas.

Decorative vinyl for music studies

Any musician, whether professional and amateur, has its small space at home to practice their favorite instruments, compose their songs and record them on the computer and best decoration for these spaces as the silhouette of a bass player.

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You can place it next to your personal desktop, without imiportar that part of the figure is covered by the table. Either paste it next to furniture to see it completely.

We can also choose to paste the double bass player music vinyl on walls of common places of a House as the vestibule or entrance hall from the front door of our home. We will use an interesting colour to create a harmony with the environment of space.