The trumpet is a musical instrument of wind and have an important role in the world of jazz, playing solos and melodies. Lokoloko has designed a decorative vinyl interiors for those who love good sound musicians. Paste it into the walls of your essay or study room and feel inspired to contemplate its modern and quiet style.

Vinyl Color
Wall Color
Normal Reflected
  • 60x68
  • 70x80
  • 80x92
  • 90x102

53,24 €

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This product contains text Companion. If you choose the orientation option reflected note on that surface will install. Typically a design of decorative vinyl with accompanying text is chosen orientation reflected when you are going to paste in a Crystal or material trasnparente to see it from the other side.

If you choose the option orientation reflected to install vinyl on an opaque surface (wall, door, furniture), please indicate on a message next to your order if the text companion wants orientation reflected or in Normal orientation.

You also have the option of not installing in the composition of the text orientation reflected the design. You can use the text independently in any window or screen.