Square pink linear tiles


Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors.

Design of square tiles with white pink background and quartz pink line drawings.

On each slab and in an aletoria form with lines, geometric shapes are drawn. This design reminds us of the aesthetics of graphic design.
As you can see in each photo, it can be placed in all the spaces of a house and brings personality, whether you have a modern, eclectic, nórdic style.

Measure of each 6x6cm mosaic tile

Los pedidos realizados desde el 11/04 al 21/04 serán enviados a la semana siguiente de esas fechas por descanso de los Lokolokos ;)
  • XL - 205 x 95
  • L - 180 x 95
  • M - 150 x 95
  • S - 120 x 95
  • Matte Vinyl
  • Glossy Vinyl
  • Floor vinyl

48,60 €

54,00 €