Bauhaus Ebony Wood Tiles


Opaque self-adhesive washable vinyl to decorate or renovate walls, furniture and floors.

The perfect combination of modern simplicity and purity of lines, creates a modern and sober atmosphere, perfectly adapting the natural material represented by wood and the retro modern Bauhaus-influenced pattern.

Wood plays an important role in the Japan Boho Style and if we add geometric elements of minimal Bauhaus inspiration, we create a timeless and forceful design. It adapts to a multitude of environments and it is easy to combine it with an extensive palette of grayed colors, in this way you will achieve mixing the design with the pastel or textures palette, the ideal contrast for your Boho Bauhaus Style.

The size of each tile is approximately 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm.

  • XXL - 250 x 95
  • XL - 205 x 95
  • L - 180 x 95
  • M - 150 x 95
  • S - 120 x 95
  • Matte Vinyl
  • Glossy Vinyl
  • Wood Texture Vinyl
  • Floor vinyl

45,90 €

54,00 €