Metallized Rhombus and Triangle


Metallized vinyl with modern design for your wall.

We show you a original design inspired by Art deco to renovate the decorative style in your home or business with polygonal abstract shapes and gold and coppet metallized colour to paste on your walls.

Sizes of shapes:

XS - Metallized rhombus: 25,5x25,5cm / Triangle: 30x26cm
S - Metallized rhombus: 42,5x42,5cm / Triangle: 50x43cm
M - Metallized rhombus: 59,5x59,5cm / Triangle: 70x60,5cm
L - Metallized rhombus: 76,5x76,5cm / Triangle: 90x78cm

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L

43,05 €