Metallized Hexagon and Triangle


Geometric vinyl stickers of metallized finish and pastel colours for your decoration.

Combine metallized and pastel colour into this simple but elegant geometric composition of a hexagon and a triangle to make a new and fresh decorative style in your home. Remember you can place every shape how you want on the wall.


XS - Metallized hexagon: 22,5x26cm / Triángulo: 30x26cm
S - Metallized hexagon: 37,5x43cm / Triangle: 50x43cm
M - Metallized hexagon: 52,5x60,5cm / Triangle: 70x60,5cm
L - Metallized hexagon: 67,5x78cm / Triangle: 90x78cm

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L

42,70 €