Metallized Square and Rhombus


Metallized vinyl decals to decorate your spaces.

This geometric design is made with a metallized abstrac square and a rhombus of colour to give a very elegant style to renovate your interior decoration at home, living room and kitchen. You can place element how you want on the wall.


XS - Metallized square: 21x21cm / Rhombus: 30x30cm
- Metallized square: 35,5x35,5cm / Rhombus: 50x50cm
M - Metallized square: 49,5x49,5cm / Rhombus: 70x70cm
L - Metallized square: 63,5x63,5cm / Rhombus: 90x90cm

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L

43,49 €