Eye of the Eagle, linear style

Decorative vinyl of the eye of the Eagle

Flying animals such as birds and birds they are beings who never cease to amaze us by their spectacular plumage and their own ways to leverage the resources of nature, and for this reason we have designed this elegant illustration composed of lines and stains of an elegant Eagle throwing a glance at the Viewer.

If you love birds and particularly birds of prey this adhesive Eagle sticker It is the decorative element you need to liven up your living room. Try to stick it on your wall in colors according to your tastes and styles.

Eagle, linear style - look stain
Vinyl Color
Looking Eagle, linear style - lines
Vinyl Color
Wall Color
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Buy vinyl of Eagle, linear style

The Eagles are larger predatory birds, which have a great pointed peak which makes them unique and strong, and its image with this décor birds vinyl It will give a serious and distinguished touch to your bedroom or living room walls.

This Bird sticker It will mark the decorative tendency in the walls of your room or bedroom and we know that your friends will be impressed and you felicitaran.

Remember that to the buy decorative online of Lokoloko You'll be acquiring a product of high quality both in design and material.

¿Cómo pego mi pegatina de manchas y líneas?

despiece de vinilo de 2 colores

This product is composed of 2 colors of vinyl, and they are separated by sheets as shown in the image.

To learn how to paste this design of bird of prey with layers superimposed on simple steps we recommend to see this video tutorial that you can find in our channel of YouTube.

Decorate the room with an Eagle vinyl

The Living room It is often our favorite place, where we solve a long work day, we met with friends or simply relax watching TV and therefore deserves a look that transmit strength and elegance where we feel comfortable.

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The decorative vinyls for salon they are essential for modern décor and ground-breaking, that stand out and cause positive and pleasant sensations to your visitors.

You can paste the sticker on the wall where we have located our TV. The colors are very important and it will also depend on your tastes, if you want to stay more warm or more cold, more dynamic or more quiet. Use the color Builder to try and combine colors.

Another key to decorate with vinyl is the wall where we align our sofa or our armchairs, as it tends to be the main wall in the room and highlight with much prominence.