Parrot, linear style

Decorative vinyl of a parrot

Parrots are beautiful animals that inhabit tropical and warm climates and are very recognisable by their colourful plumage and its curved beak.

In Lokoloko We propose to you this elegant Parrot decorative sticker with a super design composed of lines and stains that you can combine 2 colours. An original style of design with a very artistic touch.

If you're passionate about these fantastic animals flying and worship nature, especially the exotic birds, this will be the decorative element that mark your style in your home.

Parrot, linear style - spots
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Parrot, linear style - line drawing
Vinyl Color
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Buy your tropical Parrot adhesive sticker

The exotic birds very bright and colorful, such as (also called Parrot) parrots and cockatoos, are very beautiful-looking animals, which have been becoming a few excellent pets. They also have the ability to imitate human sounds by repetition and are well-known in stories of pirates and adventures.

The decorative vinyl Parrot proposed in Lokoloko with the unmistakable style of lines and stains will be the main piece decorative your space I live from your House.

¿Es fácil pegar mi vinilo de loro de 2 colores?

Despiece de vinilo de 2 colores del loro

This product is composed of 2 colors and they will separate as shown in the image.

To learn how to install this sticker with superimposed layers we advise you to follow the steps of this videotutorial que podrás encontrar en nuestro canal de YouTube.

Decorate your floor with a bird-style linel

Liven up the spaces with natural flair is what you need your flat and with this sticker of our Parrot you can get enhancing the image of the stay and maintain harmony at the same time in the overall composition.

Vinilo para decorar salitas con animales exóticos Vinilo adhesivo para decorar el comedor con el diseño de un loro Decora tu estudio con un vinilo decorativo de animal exótico

The lobby omain entrance they are usually many times the living room our floor and the decor that we put in that area will be the cover letter when we receive to our friends and family. Choose a few intense colors that are complementary to give the finishing touch you need your floor.

The decoration of rooms for domestic use as it is the dining room should show a consistent aesthetic, as soft tones of the Parrot vinyl It will renew the lunch area.

If we have a space considered as our personal study where we give rein to our designs of fashion, literary works or artistic works, it must certainly be main decoration.

Try to paste the exotic bird in a few colors that harmonize with the environment to decorate with a adhesive vinyl wall.