Winter animals


Child winter animals vinyl

Cold, snow or winter animals are characteristic by their large coats predominados by whites, adapted to live in very difficult and adverse weather conditions.

This funny Winter animals vinyl It is a drawn illustration of child style to liven up the walls of the bedroom with a touch of natural fauna of the most little kids.

The polar bear, reindeer, White Wolf, the imperial Penguin or Fox are some likeable characters that make up this adhesive children's animal sticker which will give a fun aspect to the home. What animal you like most?

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  • 50x56
  • 70x78
  • 90x102

46,45 €

Buy your vinyl adhesive with white animals

Television about wildlife and nature documentaries have shown us, in many cases, beauty and lifestyle of many animals living free and where adapt to the environment that surrounds them.

Our designers have captured in this nice child winter animals vinyl a selection of animals with white fur, among others, more recognizable in habitats cold where we have included polar bear, reindeer, owl, White Wolf, the Fox, the Siberian husky, goat, seal, Arctic Hare, Emperor Penguin and the small seal.

A charming animals with a colored very attractive for decorations for children's rooms and loving animals.

How to glue a printed and die-cut vinyl on my wall

This video de instalación de Lokoloko It will guide you through the steps you have to follow to paste your vinyl printing and die cutting of white animals and cold places.

In our section help have our videos and installation guides para que aprendas los mejores métodos para pegar tu vinilo dependiendo de la situación de cada uno.

Ideas to put an infant animal print vinyl

Vinilo decorativo infantil de animales blancos con estilo cartoon Vinilo de impresión de animales para zonas de descanso Vinilo adhesivo de ilustración de animales para tu pared

One of the places most conducive to decorate with this Vinyl sticker animals are children's bedrooms, the friendly aspect of these characters offers a cheerful environment where the children can enjoy his new decoration.

At certain times of the day we like to relax while reading a book or a magazine or browse over internet with our Smartphone or our Tablet. Why not enjoy also a winter animals with a funny cartoon style decoration to make us company?

Many designers need decorations in your area of creation than l(e) serve as inspiration in his works. If you like animals drawn with a style very original and funny, East adhesive vinyl for studies It may be your key to make your new artwork from cartoon style ideas to flow.