Cream leaves


Floral vinyl sheets to cover your furniture

The digital printing with floral and vegetable they make an important role in the decoration of our space when we want to convey a natural feel to our visitors.

This image is a random mosaic of leaves worked with a geometric style of parallel lines and a very manual very artistic treatment on a cream-colored background to offer warmth to the environment.

You can either paste it into furniture, doors and even walls. If you change the image of areas of continuous use as a table and the front of a drawer Board, we recommend that you add the option Laminate to protect the contact ink and scratches of objects.

  • XL - 205 x 95
  • L - 180 x 95
  • M - 150 x 95
  • S - 120 x 95
  • Matte Vinyl
  • Glossy Vinyl
  • Floor vinyl

43,20 €

54,00 €