Samples folder wrapping and wallpaper


Includes wrapping and wallpaper samples in a 1:1 scale, in which the level of detail of each design is appreciated. It is delivered in A5 format. Together with an installation spatula.

WRAPPING: Washable self-adhesive vinyl furniture, walls and floors.
+ Matte: Mosaic of Serene Mint Circles, Grayish Weathered Triangles, Dark Terrazzo, Orange and Gray Terrazzo.
+ Brightness: Geometric Slabs in Spica, Hexagonal Ceramic and Wood Tiles (mini), Carrara White Marble, Art Deco Hexagons.
+ Wood: Norway Wood, Alpine Wood, Nordic Birch Wood, Elegant Wood.
+ Floors: Hydraulic Tile Mosaic 5, Vintage Pattern 4, Dark Vintage Geometry, Hydraulic Tile Mosaic 4.

Designs: Light Cement, Nordic Industrial Cement, Tropical Mural, Stone Texture.

25,00 €