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Shop for adhesive vinyl and ecological wallpaper Online

Lokoloko online store offers a multitude of self-adhesive vinyls, wall papers and posters, with an elaborate design that responds to the work of trained professional designers.

In Lokoloko you will find categories that contain designs with different styles that address current trends that meet the latest interior design requirements. Recycle spaces with our designs, mix plain colors with murals, textures with colors... we offer infinite possibilities to the creative.

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The best quality in our Online paper and vinyl designs

An Online store that stands out for emphasizing design and the latest trends in the field of the decoration. All Lokoloko designs are exclusive and original to Loko Loko. All our products are manufactured in Europe following the highest quality standards with certificates that accredit it and that you can request for the demands of any project.

The vinyls are polymeric, printed with eco inks, they resist large temperature changes from -50º - 100ºC without shrinking, they are opaque due to their gray back and can cover surfaces of different colors without altering the design, washable, laminated, resistant to ultraviolet rays, printed with nickel-free inks, and support all household cleaning products without altering the design, designed and manufactured in Spain, possibility of manufacturing special measures, different sizes that adapt to your needs.

The soft-textured papers are ecological, PVC free, printed with nickel-free eco inks, they are installed by spraying water, you do not need glue or tools for installation. tion providing great savings in labor, design and European manufacturing.

The posters are printed with eco inks on a superior professional material in quality and resistance to any photographic paper, with convan, resistant to water and ultraviolet rays, suitable for indoors and outdoors, you can fix them to the wall with adhesive tapes without damaging the material when you remove them. Of standard sizes easily framed.

Online vinyl and wallpaper store for any location

Loko Loko products can completely renew any space inside or outside. Depending on the selected product, it can be applied to different surfaces:

Paper / The paper, with its pleasant touch, is applied to treated walls, smooth and free of impurities, also on roofs. If you wish, you can apply it on smooth furniture fronts or interiors that can withstand water spray for installation.

Self-adhesive vinyl / can cover a multitude of surfaces free of impurities, smooth walls, on some gotelés (check which ones are suitable), treated furniture such as kitchen fronts, cabinets, tables, doors, headboards, tables... you can also cover tiles, floors, bathroom walls, screens, showers and everything type of vehicles such as boats, caravans, cars, motorcycles…

posters / their standard sizes makes them suitable for any frame that you can buy in large areas and their material resistant allows you to fix them with adhesive tapes to any wall.

Are our wallpapers, vinyls, murals and posters easy to install?

Easy to install, we send a qr code that by scanning with your phone you will access the installation manual, you also receive an email with links to the installation manual. In our social networks and web we have explanatory videos and the phone or whatsapp to answer any questions.

The vinyl on surfaces such as walls is installed dry, if the surface allows it, you can help yourself with water or water and neutral pH soap previously sprayed before gluing on the surface. On non-porous surfaces such as glass, previously spray the surface and the adhesive part of the vinyl with water or water with 3 drops of neutral pH soap. In the case of vinyl (not for flooring) all the pieces are delivered with an overlap of approximately 2 cm, if you twist when installing consecutive pieces you will never see the surface underneath.

The wall paper is only placed by spraying water on the back to activate the adhesive and on the surface, if you take time to place it and it dries, you spray water again and you will reactivate its adhesive properties. if after the installation you see areas that you did not paste properly due to carelessness, spray plenty of water on the front, this moisture will pass through the paper activating the adhesive, just apply a little pressure to this area and dry it will be perfectly fixed, an easy, fast patented system , simple and clean.

The posters do not need installation, their standard measurements make it easy for you to find the frame that suits your taste, either in any large area or framing business.

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