Animals Portraits

Animals Portraits

Lokoloko Animal Portrait Posters

A section aimed at lovers of both domestic and wild animals, which Lokoloko shows through uniquely crafted posters where animal beauty is represented in focused and humanized compositions through poses, altered canons and catwalk clothing.

Some nice, elegant and treated author images of artistic cut, whose compositions and colors do not go unnoticed at all. Boldly introduce a unique note of color and modernity in your space.

Original humanized animal poster designs

Faced with the original trend of animals with simple garments, the design team went further and worked with very high resolution images on the structure of a multitude of animal species, providing rigidity and in some cases hieratic with the symmetry that provides forcefulness. Later he worked studying palettes with a dominant color for each case, thus creating a wide range of possibilities for disparate tastes and styles. Finally, he added pret-a-porter garments for humanization, concluding numerous works that introduce the elegant and daring essence of Lokoloko.

Where to put the animal portrait posters?

The high quality of the material makes it ideal if you live for rent and want to place it with double-sided tape or adhesive tape on your wall, thus being able to create current and modern presentations by playing with the colors of the adhesive tapes and the compositions of our available sizes.

If you leave the house or want to change the room posters, you can remove the adhesive materials without damaging the product, a great advantage that, together with the ecological and resistant ink against UV rays, add durability and make them perfect for decorating interiors or exteriors. .

Lokoloko offers standard sizes so that you can find the frame that suits your taste economically on any surface, you can also request a larger and special size than the one we offer, if you wish, you just have to request it by mail.

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