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Lokoloko vinyl for floor

On many occasions we want a design change or contribution that improves the aesthetics of the space. A good solution is Loko Loko self-adhesive vinyl for the floor. As a design studio, we have developed a multitude of modern proposals to capture on any type of floor that allows the adhesion of its adhesive (wood slats, tiles, marble, ceramic tiles, etc.).

Our designs include the most varied themes such as geometric patterns, printed textures of all kinds and colors. The versatility of our material allows changes to be made on many places and different floors that do not release particles.

High-quality self-adhesive floor vinyls

Decorators and interior designers have been able to adapt to new materials, this is clean, does not require works and is low in labor cost given the enormous speed of application, it is therefore ideal for those spaces that do not have a work interruption , whether offices or commercial spaces.

Advantages of laminate in self-adhesive vinyl for floors

It can be scrubbed with cleaning products without damaging the color due to the high quality of the protective anti-slip laminate for floors.

The laminate that is used for this type of vinyl flooring is a transparent vinyl layer that covers the entire layer of the printing vinyl and protects the ink from the wear and tear of the frequent footsteps that are exerted every day when passing over it. Its misuse will cause deterioration even on the same day it is installed, as in the care of another piece of furniture, it must not be exposed to fire, acid, dragging heavy metals or any sharp or piercing object (see the manual).

It is non-slip, the surface has a slightly rough texture that does not affect the appearance of the design and prevents slipping, complying with the regulations for public pavements.

When passing over vinyl for floors, the design will not be affected, you can scrub it as many times as you want.

It is resistant to ultraviolet rays so do not be afraid if the sun hits it, it is suitable for exterior and interior.

How to install a Lokoloko floor vinyl?

Place the design sent as it is or customize the vinyl for floors to your liking, cutting it out with a cutter or scissors beforehand (suggestion for the most creative).

The application is very simple, once you receive the order, you will have a rectangular sheet of the chosen design, you can place it as is or you can decide to customize it by cutting with a cutter or scissors, being you the one who decides which parts interest you and how they are going to be placed and distributed. by the surface. Sticking it on the floor is easier than on a piece of furniture.

If you decide to customize the received size, previously cut out the silhouette that interests you and take advantage of the leftovers for a new decoration idea.

*It is important that you read the installation manual before installing LokoLoko vinyl flooring.

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