Flowers and animals - Washable self-adhesive vinyl furniture and floors

Flowers & Animals

Vinyls of flowers, plants and animals of Lokoloko

Lokoloko offers you a wide collection of designs inspired by natural elements, exhibited through careful high-resolution images and various techniques for their elaboration. Traditional scanned and treated drawing techniques, digital painting, photography, as well as a multitude of mixed techniques are the processes that our designers work to offer you an elaborate, unique and exclusive Lokoloko design.

Mosaics, large botanical compositions, figurative or abstract elements of all kinds, a category that will draw your attention due to the variety and quality of its excellent designs.

If you are a lover of the natural, of fresh and innovative spaces, you will find in Lokoloko vinyl with which to renovate and recycle any type of furniture, wall or floor and give it a renewed look.

Our vinyls of flowers, plants and animals

This elegant family has been treated with great care, living beings that bring well-being and life to the rooms, we wanted to present them with the utmost taste and care through careful avant-garde design.

For the slow process of creating each design, the designer plays with color, treatment (sometimes photographic and other times he makes use of traditional or digital artistic techniques) to represent the beauty of the botanical world. Sometimes the organic and irregular appearance of some species is visually molded to respond in an easy image, to the decorator who escapes from the baroque. strength and elegance, lightness and subtlety, transparency and balance, are some unions captured in this pampered family.

Where can you put vinyl of flowers, plants and animals?

The available designs allow you to create walls, ceilings, furniture, wet and washable areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, kitchens, screens, shower walls... with a refined visual impact that will decorate any interior or exterior room.

It is possible to change any surface with our self-adhesive vinyls, by presenting a protective laminated finish, you can change surfaces that for other brands it is impossible to carry out, you will be able with a Lokoloko to cover walls next to fireplaces, radiators, sources of cold or heat, tiles, kitchen front walls, interior and exterior walls and furniture, bathrooms, toilets, bathtubs, shower screens, shower walls and tiles, boats, caravans, all kinds of exterior or vehicle interiors…. given the professional quality of our product, versatility is maximum compared to other brands.

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