Vinyl to wrap furniture

Vinyl to wrap furniture

Vinyls for furniture by Lokoloko

Lokoloko's self-adhesive vinyl for furniture allows you to transform many types of modern furniture with avant-garde printed designs. Recycle and renew your furniture (without throwing anything away).

Being laminated, you can clean them with soft, damp cloths. In addition, Lokoloko materials allow you to clean them as many times as you want with any cleaning product without affecting the quality of the color of the design, it protects the furniture adding the best and maximum durability on the market as it is a professional product.

Adapting the vinyl to the entire surface

Our materials adapt perfectly to almost any type of surface. Although, you can ask us the level of adaptation of the material of the product you have chosen, if the furniture has very complex moldings and curves.

The best adhesive vinyl to cover furniture

All Lokoloko brand vinyls are also suitable for furniture that requires continuous cleaning with products due to stains and food splashes, therefore they are perfect for them, renew, restore and recycle objects, appliances and all furniture, such as doors. , tables, glass, metal, cabinets, headboards... (*see manual, suitable surfaces and if you have any doubts, consult the technical staff).

Why decorate with Lokoloko vinyl for furniture?

Now you can renew, recycle or restore your furniture without the need for expensive lacquers, carpentry projects, without delays, without dirt or expensive furniture changes, adding design compatible with your new decoration.

Our adhesive vinyl for furniture adapts to hundreds of the most disparate styles given the enormous variety that we present, protect your new or recycled furniture on delicate surfaces, since they are all laminated and can be cleaned as many times as you want.

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