Terrazo paper ECO wall

Marble and terrazzo wallpaper

Marble and terrazzo effect wallpaper by Lokoloko

The terrazzo originally from Venice arises in order to cover floors economically using clay bases and pieces of marble to give greater durability. In the 80s they appear again, being very present in low-cost housing with poor colors, becoming aesthetically demonized. With the passage of time, today it resurfaces with force to stay offering infinite possibilities where the appearance is more than pleasant due to the continuous changes of materials, shapes and colors that compose it and that in the 80s both defended the Memphis style as an artistic value. If terrazzo is currently associated with design, marble is linked to luxury and high quality, since originality is provided by Loko Loko, offering a wide variety of colors and styles with both materials applied to their revolutionary role.

Decorate the walls with our marble and terrazzo effect wallpaper

The most acclaimed marbles and the most avant-garde terrazzo designs make an appearance at Lokoloko, in a wide range where neutral colors and the most extravagant colors combine in perfect harmony designs that will not go unnoticed.

The coldness of the touch of these demanded materials is applied to the warm and soft touch of the wall paper. Always associated with floors, they create an avant-garde visual crunch by extending them over the walls, dare to cover large areas or highlight architectural volumes with studied designs thought of the continuity of panels without cuts in the texture. You can put as many pieces as you want continuous without jumps in the design.

Buy imitation marble and terrazzo wallpaper

Wallpaper is a quick and economical solution for any decorative project, for very little you can cover large walls from floor to ceiling with the pieces without works.

You do not need to buy a multitude of tools, just a water sprayer, forgetting about the complicated, slow and dirty process of gluing both walls and pieces of paper, this translates into cleanliness and a great saving of material, labor and time in the work process.

Its technology is patented, the dry back has an adhesive that is activated by spraying water on it, thus eliminating the traditional, cumbersome and slow gluing process.

During installation, it is a material that can be repositioned as many times as you want until the installation of the pieces is perfect. If the material dries out during installation it loses its adhesive properties, to recover them it is enough to spray water again on the back and surface.

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