Textite & mudcloth - Washable self-adhesive vinyl furniture and floors

Textile & Mudcloth

Vinyls of fabrics and mudcloth of Lokoloko

Designs based on textile textures work very well in decorating spaces. They were a super trend in the 70's due to great cultural changes that prompted a change in mentality. This was reflected in interior design and one of the most representative trends of this decade was decoration with sober textile patterns that are currently making a strong comeback.

Our vinyl fabrics and mudcloth

Lokoloko offers you a wide range of textile designs and mudcloth motifs that collect the aesthetic legacy of the 70s and adapt it to the new demands, with proposals that stand out from the common approaches, varying in tones with neutrals being the most present, predominating in shapes , the smallest, thus ensuring not to break with the style of interior design.

The lines represented in our designs are varied, we offer proposals in color or black and white, passing through designs of subtle lines that respond to patterns where the raised hand and artistic chaos enter into an orderly grid. A section loved by the designer who intends with our palettes and studied shapes, to give spaces a refined touch of today.

Why buy vinyl textiles and mudcloth in Lokoloko?

Our laminated and washable self-adhesive vinyls are a quick and economical solution for any decorative project, for very little you can cover large walls from floor to ceiling without works or other suitable smooth surfaces, gotelés, tiles, glass, wood, marble. , soils of many types...

You do not need to buy a multitude of tools, just our spatula (free with the purchase) and a spray bottle with water or soapy water for those surfaces that are not porous and thus facilitate installation (see manual and installation videos), or dry glue .

Forget about the complicated, slow and dirty process of a work, change walls, furniture or floors, this translates into cleaning and great savings in materials and labor, as well as time in the work process.

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