Vinyl for bathroom

Vinyl for bathroom

Lokoloko bathroom stickers

When we talk about self-adhesive vinyl, wet areas or those that require continuous cleaning are not usually considered for fear of the damage that printed designs may suffer.

All Lokoloko brand bathroom vinyls are suitable for wet areas and surfaces that require continuous cleaning with products, therefore they are perfect for bathrooms, toilets, wcs, showers, screens, tiled walls and all kitchen furniture. bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

Bathrooms are spaces that are not usually given the same time as other rooms if we talk about decoration, at Lokoloko we provide ideas to create special environments for very little, with our designs you can easily mix plain colors with mural backgrounds, textures Printed from multiple materials with geometries, endless proposals exposed on social networks and lokoloko web.

Decorate your bathroom with self-adhesive vinyl

Now thanks to Lokoloko you can renovate your bathroom without the need for works or finish your reform by adding a touch of design with our vinyl. Our materials adapt to hundreds of the most disparate decorations due to the enormous variety of designs available, protect your delicate countertops from moisture with a layer of laminated self-adhesive vinyl.

All the available vinyls can be used both on the furniture part of the bathroom, wc or spa, as well as on any wall (ask in case of doubts with the Lokoloko technical team) of course these can be smooth walls previously painted or if they are built, tiled

Bathroom vinyls can cover a multitude of types of tiles, when they have joints they can be smoothed beforehand or the material can be placed on tiles and their joints, which even if they are marked, the effect of change is devastating.

Adhesive vinyl for bathrooms with original designs

At Lokoloko we have created a wide variety of designs classified by categories that make it easy for you to find the one that best suits your decoration.

The diversity of designs range from printed textures that imitate materials such as concrete, cement, both in different colors and textures, geometric patterns of different styles, sizes and colors, terrazzo, fabrics as well as abstract or figurative images of all kinds.

Designs of varied decorative lines that cover neutral styles with a reduced color palette to chromatic designs with a wide color palette that allow you to play with the different tones that the decoration presents.

The wide variety of designs make our self-adhesive vinyl a potential bet to achieve a multitude of styles that cover the most current market deco trends, such as Nordic, Minimalism, Mediterranean, Industrial, Boho, Wabi Sabi, Minimalist, Industrial styles, Boho Chic, Navy, Eclectic, Retro... Loko Loko accommodates a huge variety of currents.

The studied and developed designs are unique and exclusive to Lokoloko, made by professionals in the field of design, BBAA and decoration, where trying to stand out by doing something different, they make every effort to innovate and anticipate trends.

Where to place them in the bathroom?

Our vinyls are ideal for the bathroom as they stick on a multitude of surfaces that you will find in them, such as glass in windows, partitions, mirrors, any type of glazed, porcelain and marble slabs on smooth surfaces such as walls, shower walls, floors and finally other types of materials, smooth ceramic for bathtubs, wood for doors, cabinets, furniture... Endless possibilities with which there is no longer an excuse to give a new look to that outdated room that you do not like.

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