Terrazzo & Marble - Washable self-adhesive vinyl furniture and floors

Terrazzo & Marble

Vinyl imitation marble and terrazzo

The terrazzo originally from Venice arises in order to cover floors economically using clay bases and pieces of marble to give greater durability. In the 80s they appear again, being very present in low-cost housing with poor colors, becoming aesthetically demonized.

With the passage of time, today it resurfaces strongly to stay offering infinite possibilities where the appearance is more than pleasant due to the continuous changes of materials, shapes and colors that compose it and that in the 80s both defended the Memphis style as an artistic value.

If terrazzo is currently associated with design, marble is linked to luxury and high quality, since originality is provided by Loko Loko, offering a wide variety of colors and styles with both materials applied to our revolutionary vinyl with protective laminate.

Earth and timeless materials

The quality of marble is a highly requested aspect in modern decorative styles, emphasizing the gloss finish to achieve more realism in our self-adhesive vinyls, it is a very versatile decorative element to capture on any surface, just like terrazzo and its peculiar texture does not They are no longer essential to decorate our spaces.

Where to use imitation marble and terrazzo vinyl?

As long as the surface is suitable, smooth, free of impurities, you can stick them on any surface, taking these materials to places never seen before, that is, you can decorate a wall, ceiling, door, kitchen with the look of marble or terrazzo. , refrigerator… making your decorative project shine with enormous force and surprise the viewer.

You can cover the dreaded gotelé, the tiles and if you don't like the joints to be marked, apply a joint filler beforehand and let it dry. You can put it on any glass such as screens, apply water with a sprayer previously or soapy water and the installation will be very simple (see videos and installation manuals).

All kinds of walls, furniture, whether or not they are outdoor, vehicles, objects, rooms... will no longer be exempt from your imaginative change, explore our social networks, videos to get thousands of ideas and if you have any questions, call our staff who will advise you in a professional way so that you can execute your dream.

Why buy marble and terrazzo effect vinyl?

You can already create the illusion of having a beautiful marble or the most original terrazzo with our unique designs, if you also apply the gloss protective finish, the change will be even more beautiful and the result of the illusion more realistic.

With the amazing progress of digital printable materials, the need to carry out works is eliminated, with the high cost that this entails, the stoppage of functions while the work lasts, assuming added costs.

Now recycling is on the rise and do it yourself too, our vinyls allow you to change the appearance of that piece of furniture or kitchen that you don't want or can't throw away, all for very little cost.

Our materials are approved, they are tested in compliance with rigorous quality processes, they are polymeric so they do not shrink due to changes in temperature and you can put them in vehicles, boats, indoors and outdoors.

In a fast, clean, simple and economical way, you can make that great change in the decoration, eliminating expensive processes and dirty gluing on surfaces, a modern alternative on the rise.

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