Cement and Concrete eco paper

Cement and concrete wallpaper

Imitation concrete and cement wallpaper by Lokoloko

In a new printed paper that imitates the appearance of these materials, you have the possibility of covering both smooth surfaces, complete walls or specific areas and the possibility of creating the illusion of totally timeless materials.

The concretes and cements previously linked to industrial decorations, have now passed, accompanied by our plain colors or woods, to multiple decorative styles.

Cement and concrete imitation adhesive wallpaper designs

At Loko Loko you will find a wide range of designs whose variations, not only in gray tones or color, but also in printed textures, will offer you the power to capture from the crudest and roughest treatment, to the most careful concrete and cement. Select the one that best matches your interior design project.

Boho, Boho-Chic, Minimalism, Industrial, Cottage... are not exempt from using them, more and more styles are opting for this material and more areas are decorated with them. Now we offer the affordable possibility of decorating any wall of the interior room with this contribution that renews with a trendy look.

Select our wide range of papers if you are going to cover suitable smooth surfaces and dare to combine them with our wide range of plain colors, warm textures such as wood or a mural.

How to install the cement and concrete imitation wallpaper?

Its technology is patented, the dry back has an adhesive that is activated by spraying water on it, thus eliminating the traditional, cumbersome and slow gluing process.

During installation, it is a material that can be repositioned as many times as you want until the installation of the pieces is perfect. If the material dries out during installation it loses its adhesive properties, to recover them it is enough to spray water again on the back and surface.

Why buy this wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a quick and economical solution for any decorative project, for very little you can cover large walls from floor to ceiling with the pieces without works.

You do not need to buy a multitude of tools, just a water sprayer, forgetting about the complicated, slow and dirty process of gluing both walls and pieces of paper, this translates into cleanliness and a great saving of material, labor and time in the work process.

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