Self adhesive Vinyl Information

What is self-adhesive vinyl for furniture, floors and walls?

Opaque washable self-adhesive vinyl for furniture, floors and walls is a layer of rectangular dimensions made of vinyl material, similar to plastic, which is very flexible and versatile for decoration.

Its back layer, which is protected with a base of silicone paper, is adhesive, so you do not need any special or additional product to stick it on straight surfaces.

What kind of surfaces can I use the vinyl?

You can paste vinyl on almost all types of surfaces at home, establishments or businesses. One of the important requirements is that they have straight surfaces and are free of moldings.

The following are the most common:

Furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, doors, drawers, cabinets, tables, desks, dressers, sideboards, wooden furniture, lacquered wood, plywood, etc.

Smooth walls, painted walls, painted plasterboard walls, windows, smooth-surfaced wood, marble slabs, tiles (bathrooms and kitchen fronts), borders, metal, etc.

Tile floors, laminated flooring, wood laminate, parquet, marble flooring, stairs, etc.

Appliances such as refrigerator doors, dishwashers, etc.

What are the different vinyl finishes?

Almost all of our designs can be purchased in the following finishes:

Matte: It is the most popular finish, which, by dispersing reflections, allows you to enjoy the design from any angle or point of view.

Gloss: It imitates very well the effects of a polished surface. A marble textured design with a gloss finish will create a beautiful look. an excellent imitation of reflective material.

Floors: This is the finish you need if you want to decorate the floors of your home. Its resistance considerably increases the durability of the vinyl. In addition, you can wash it without any problem.

Wood texture: Imitation of the texture of wood grain with a slight relief that will leave you with a feeling of relief. amazed. (Only for designs in the Wood and Plain Colors category).

Can I wash it?

Our vinyls are protected and of high quality.

Wet them, use them on dining tables, stain them without fear, place them in front of the sink, in front of the ceramic hob, in the bathroom, on office tables.

They are the only ones on the market that can be cleaned with cleaning products, including bleach, but abrasive products such as acids should not be used. Its properties are the same as vinyl for floors in terms of cleaning.

It is flame resistant?
They are made with European materials with quality certifications. They comply with the fire retardant regulations DIN EN 13501-1
Can it be applied outdoors?
Yes, our vinyls are indoor and outdoor quality. Except floor finish.
Can I hide joints of the tiles or the relief of the borders using vinyl?

The answer is yes, but depending on the pattern of the design it is more or less noticeable. Vinyl is a thin film that adheres perfectly to the surface, so any imperfections or joints underneath will be copied. Our suggestion is to stick vinyl designs with patterns and many details on the floor to hide the joints or relief. But you can also stick plain colored vinyl on the floor, tiled walls or borders even if the joints are marked, it would be like being painted, but without staining and with a possible return.

Can be used on gotelé walls?

Yes, its adhesive holds even on walls with gotelé. with a lot of relief. Now, if what you want is that the dots are not noticeable, you will have to choose a model that hides them because the vinyl does not make them disappear.

Click here to see the result on video.

Can it be put on countertops?

Our vinyls withstand constant water, wash them with cleaning products up to bleach, but not abrasive products. Antibacterial, no dirt sticks to them, which is why they are also used on tables for tablecloths. They are eco-safe, you will not breathe heavy metals or nickel because they are made with ecological inks. They can withstand -50 to 100 degrees, so you can put them on kitchen fronts too, vitro, induction, but not direct gas fire. But of course, they are cut with a knife, so their enemy is the knife, which is why all of us who have them on countertops use cutting boards. And if you lose the knife there, it will not shrink or open since they are of exterior quality.

Can I install them in the shower and/or bathtub wall area?

Sure, no problem. The surface can get wet and you can clean it without fear of damaging the design. Go ahead :)

How to install?

Its installation depends on the surface where we want to install it:

On non-porous surfaces such as tiles, glass, metal, melamine or lacquered paint, we recommend spraying with water soapy the surface where we are going to stick it in addition to so that the adhesive loses adherence capacity and you can stick it more easily.

On the contrary, on painted walls and porous surfaces we recommend sticking it dry.

Visit our video tutorial page to see in more detail how to glue vinyl.

Can I remove the vinyl without damaging the surface?

Our vinyls are ideal for rental flats! Because they do not damage the surface, they do not leave an adhesive residue and they are easy to remove 😉

On office or study tables, is the vinyl damaged by the touch of the mouse?
No. The print is fully protected.
Can heat damage the material?
Our vinyls are also used outdoors, so they withstand high and low temperatures quite well.
Can I stick it on the wall of the ceramic hob? It is dangerous?

Yes, you can paste it, no problem. We have tested our vinyl on the walls in front of ceramic hobs.

Many of our customers have already installed it and have been delighted. There is no problem being close to heat sources. Of course, avoid direct fire, as it could damage the vinyl.

Vinilo adhesivo para pegar en paredes de azulejos de cocinas


What is self-adhesive vinyl for floors?

It is a sheet of vinyl covered by a transparent layer with the non-slip R10 certificate with a thickness of 200 microns to protect the ink from the wear and tear of frequent footsteps.

Its back is self-adhesive, so you don't need any special or additional product to stick it on straight surfaces.

Can I cover the entire floor of the house with vinyl flooring?

The vinyl is essentially a decorative element, so that does not replace a floor, so we recommend putting it on floors where there is no dragging of furniture, and if there are elements such as chairs, that have felt on the legs. It happens like with a wooden floor, it could be damaged by stiletto heels or dirty soles.

We recommend it for spaces such as bathrooms or toilets where use is not usually very demanding.

Do I have to sand the doors to install it on?

No, its thickness is no greater than that of a credit card, therefore it does not generate steps.

How do you clean vinyl flooring?

You can clean the surface dry and also wet and use any conventional cleaning product. Say goodbye to the fear of dirtying it with food, coffee, juice, grease... We refer to conventional cleaning products such as:

  • Multipurpose
  • Wipe windows
  • Cleans bathrooms
  • Soaps
  • Ammonia
  • Alcohol
  • Bleach

Scrubbing vinyl floors with cleaning products

Of course, abrasive products, such as acid, should under no circumstances be used to clean vinyl. These products are very strong, not only for the materials with which the vinyl is made, but also for people. That is why we DO NOT recommend its use.


What is eco-friendly self-adhesive wallpaper?
Self-adhesive paper is a material adapted to achieve large-format murals which is used for decorating the walls of home spaces, shops, hotels or businesses such as living rooms, bedrooms, halls or corridors.
Why is it ecological?

All our wallpapers are printed on a non-woven paper reinforced with nylon fibers that do not create VOC (volatile organic compound) at room temperature.

We print with all natural non-toxic color compounds that do not produce VOCs and our paste is 100% certified. Made from modified potato starch that is also non-toxic.

Is it fire retardant?
Our wallpapers are fire retardant in accordance with the NF EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2007 standard, which is the European standard for the fire classification of wallpaper.
Why is it glued with water and doesn't need glue?
Our ecological paper DOES NOT need glue because it is self-adhesive, to give you an idea, its adhesive works like that of card stamps, it is activated by spraying water on the back.
Where can I paste lokoloko wallpaper?

The question has its answer on the wall, in areas not prone to staining, such as the walls of bedrooms, living rooms or halls.

But ours also in:

- Crystal

- Mirror

- Melamine


- Lacquered or painted or varnished wood

- Tiles

You can see it in the following video.

Can be used on gotelé walls?
No, for the gotelé you can use the self-adhesive vinyl version
How to install

It is very simple, clean and fast, you only have to spray the surface where you are going to install it and the back of the paper with water.

In this video you can see in detail how to glue eco paper.

Posters Information

What are lokoloko posters?
Designs printed on washable polypropylene printed with UV resistant inks, suitable for indoors and outdoors.
What are the available measures?

 - 40x30 cm

 - 70x50 cm

 - 100x70 cm

*We offer the possibility of making them printed in special measures, you just have to ask us.

Can I order the vinyl sheets?
We have expanded the possibilities of our poster designs with a new printed vinyl option with included laminate protection. You can paste your favorite poster design on the wall of your bedroom, the living room and even on the doors or optimal furniture surfaces. An option to consider if you have a place, pub, cafeteria where the images are available to the public and you do not want to frame them.
Do they come framed?
No, you will receive them rolled up inside a cardboard tube.


Can I find your wallpapers in a retail store?
No, we are a online store.
Can I order samples?

You can ask us for samples of both vinyl and paper.

We have a sample product in which you can order several designs to see them physically, touch them and test them before deciding on one Here is the link:

Go to Custom Sample

What are the sizes available for self-adhesive vinyl?

They all have a width of 95 cm but you have 5 different height sizes:

Size S: 120x95 cm

Size M: 150x95 cm

Size L: 180x95 cm

Size XL: 205x95 cm

Size XXL: 250x95 cm

Take a look at the image gallery of each product before making your purchase to check the orientation of the design on the rectangular sheet.

What are the sizes available for ecological wallpaper?

Our eco paper is sold in a single size of 95 x 250 cm. Although if you need a special size, you can contact us at this form or write us an email at info @lokoloko.es

How do I calculate what measurements or how many pieces I need?

If for example you want to cover an 85x100cm table; a size S vinyl (95x120cm) is large enough to cover that board and even trim the edges.

In the event that you have a wall of 270 cm wide x 190 cm high, you should order 3 XL size pieces.

Can I get a vinyl or wallpaper from my own image or design?
No, at Lokoloko we only produce our own designs.
What if my measurements do not match the sizes you have?

Don't worry, we can make you a personalized product with any of the designs we have on the web. You just have to give us the necessary data and information and we will send you a budget tailored to your needs. Contact us at this form or write an email to info@lokoloko.es

Payment Options

Credit card payment
We accept payments with VISA, MasterCard and PayPal. All payments are handled by a secure service provider. Rebel Walls doesn't handle or store any card information.
Pay with bank transfer
Payment by bank transfer (the order process will take longer) but you can speed it up if you send us proof of the transfer.

Delivery Information

What is the delivery time?
Approximately 2-3 business days after payment is made.
Can I track my order?
Once we have delivered your order to the shipping agency, you will receive an email with tracking information.

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return my order?

Lokoloko.es products are made to measure according to the specifications of the consumer, so they are exempt from withdrawal. No changes will be made to orders made correctly.

Conditions for a return

In the event that an item arrives defective, of a different size than requested, or an incomplete order arrives. Lokoloko, once the product has been received and the error in the order has been verified, will proceed. to a new shipment without any charge to correct the error produced.

Products returned under the circumstances described above must be in the original condition of receipt of the shipment, with its original packaging, instructions and in new condition.

ATTENTION Technical defects do not include color variations due to differences in color reproduction on computer screens.

Return time

You have 30 working days to return the order, if the causes specified above are met. To return your order, send it to the address:

Ctra. N-340 km 447.8 s/n 04230 Huércal de Almería (Almería)

If you have any questions, problems, incidents, contact us through the contact page or call us from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on any business day at tel. 950 08 61 83.

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