Frequently asked Questions

Vinyl Wall Decals

What's vinyl wall decals?

Decorative vinyl wall decals is a material like plastic with a adhesive base to can paste it on a lot of good surfaces. Really good for interior decorations.

2 kinds:

Cut vinyl decals:This is a plane colour of a silhouette which is perfectly cutted without background. A lot of our designs are componed by several colour, so that's mean they are more than one vinyl.
Multi coloured vinyl decals: This is a colourful printing and it's shape is cutted and without background.

 ¿What I receive when the package is at home?

The package contains a sheet of vinyl sticker, a small Lokoloko sticker and a business card.

What compone that sheet?

It has 3 layers:

Transfer paper: It's the first layer we can see and it helps us to traslate the vinyl to the surface confortably and keeping all element on their positions. You can cutter them to put every element when you want to modify the design how you want.

• Vinyl: It's de main material. It will be pasted on the wall.

Silicone paper: It's the last layer where the adhesive face of the vinyl is protected.

Where I can paste my vinyl sticker?

We recommend straight and smooth surfaces like these:

  • Smooth walls
  • Smooth wood
  • Gloss
  • Playwood
  • Smooth plastic
  • Metal
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Aluminium
  • Wood furniture

If you has dudes, ask us to

Depend of the surface you can paste it in wet or dry method.

Can I put a vinyl on a gotele wall?

Yes, of course if the wall's relief is light. You need be patient to paste it. Push with fingers to be sure all surface is in contact with the wall's paint.. This videotutorial wills help you.

Vinilos colocado sobre una pared de gotelé

I've bought a wall vinyl decor and I won't paste it for a long time, Will I have problems?

We recommend to paste the vinyl sticker in the next 15 days since you buy it to be sure it will look so good.

My wall is recently painted, Can I paste my vinyl when the wall is dried?

If you has painted your wall, just wait for 15 or more days to paste vinyl on it to be sure it's completly dried.

Can I reuse the vinyl after?

No, you can't. When you take off the vinyl of the wall it breaks and stretchs.

Tools, installations and tips

¿Which tool I need to install vinyl on the wall?

These are the more useful tools you need to paste your vinyl sticker on the wall or door:

• Dry and cleand rag: To clean the surface where we will paste de vinyl decor.

Soft palette: You need it to make pressure when pasting the vinyl.
*Tips: If you don't have palette, wrap a card with a rag.

• Cutter and scissors: Cut tools are very important to make easer the installation process.
We'll use the scissors to cut the silicone paper (where the vinyl is on first).
The cutter is used to poke air bubbles under the vinyl. Poke and put pressure on it.

Painter tape: To place the vinyl before pasting it on the wall. You can make marks on the corners too.

Measure tape: Use it if you need to put your vinyl desing with precision.

Hairdryer: Sometimes whe could need a hairdryer to attach the vinyl better, overall on walls with gotele paint.

Materiales necesarios para la colocación del vinilo

Is it necessary my wall is clean?

The surface must be cleand and dry. Dust particles can detach the vinyl, so to avoid it be sure all surface is clean with a dry rag. Very recommended.

Can I put the vinyl myself?

Decorative vinyl installation is easy. Take a look to our tutorials in Youtube to learn the best steps and tips.

Vinyl to decorate wood furniture

What is it?

The vinyl to decorate furniture is a great material to change te look our doors, tables, cupboards and more elements of our home. Our designs are digitnal printing protected with matte or glossy finish. You can clean de surface. No problems :)

How I can paste this adhesive vinyl on the furniture?

It's very easy and you just will take a few minutes to complete the process. Check this video and learn the best steps.

How I detach a vinyl decor?

raise a corner of the vinyl and pull up to separate it of the surface. If you warm it with a hairdryer it will be easier.

Ejemplo de como hay que despegar un vinilo

I?ve wrapped my desk, Is it dangerous if I move the computer mouse over it everyday?

Don't worry. The printing is protected by the matte and glossy finish, so the desing will be good for long time and you can clean de surface with water.

Decorative vinyl for floor

¿What is the vinyl for floor?

We offer the possibility to choose every design of our wrapping collection and select the floor finish to paste on your kitchen, bedroom or living-room floor. You can wash if and it's antislip.

Which kind of floor I can paste this vinyl?

  • Ceramic tile
  • Marble
  • Parquet
  • Wooden flooring
  • Smooth wood

Ask us if you need more info: ;)

How you can paste it?

- The fisrt step is to clean the floor where you want to paste it. It must be dry too.
- Depend of the design you can cut sahpes or just paste the full sheet.
- Take a look to these videos to learn about :)

Aprende a instalar vinilo de suelos


Is the humidity bad for this kind of vinyl?

Our vinyl are made to stay on places like kitchen, bathroom and porch, so don't worry about humidity or water.

Vinilo pegado en el suelo protegiendolo de la humedad

Online user interface

Have I to select the colour before go on the purchase?

Yes. It's very important to select the colour you want. By default you see black, but that's doesn't mean the blakc colour is selected. If you select nothing the information will be empty. To be sure, please select the colour :)

What is surface colour?

This option help us to simulate the colour of our wall and combine with the vinyl together. It's the best way to know if is the perfect colour for our home.

What's mean reflected direction?

The Reflected Direction option allow us change the desing to, for example, paste it on a gloss door and see it from the other side. Shop windows, shower screens...

Some product are vinyl packs and the sizes are named by letters; How I know the real sizes?

Some of our design are made by several element and shapes and the sizes of de pack are named by S, M, L and XL letters. You can see the sizes of all shapes in the images gallery.

¿How vinyl for furniture's sizes are available on the eshop?

All our designs of vinyl to wrap furniture have 4 sizes (widht and high): 120x95cm / 150x95cm / 180x95cm / 205x95cm.
You can see them on the images gallery.

Can I customize my order?

Yes. If you need a differtent sizes or change some colour, just send a text to we will give you the best solution.


 How to clean vinyl for furniture and floor?

You can clean the surface in dry and wet method. You can use a lot of products to clean and water.

Fregando vinilo para suelos con productos de limpieza