Frequently asked Questions


What is Wrapping in Lokoloko?

We call wrapping to all our selfadhesive vinyl to decorate furniture, wall and floor.

What is self-adhesive vinyl for furniture, floor and wall?

Our cleanable selfadhesive vinyl for furniture, wall and floor is a layer with rectangular dimensions made by vinyl material.

Its back face is protected with a silicone paper and it has adhesive. You don't need any additional product to install your vinyl over straight surfaces without frames.

Which locations and surfaces can I put my slef-adhesive vinyl?

You can use our adhesive vnyl to decorate houses, shops, offices, schools, restaurants, etc. Of course, it's ok for outdoor.

You can stick vinyl over almost type of surfaces from home, business and shops. The most important is a flat and straight surface.

More common:

  • Furniture from kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, doors, drawers, wardobes, tables, desks, sideboards, etc.

  • Wall: flat, painted wall, display cabinet, marble tile, metal, etc.

  • Floor: tiles, parquet flooring, laminate flooring, marble floor, stairs, etc.

  • Electrical apliance like fridge doors, etc.

Do you have available roll of selfadhesive vinyl?

We have no stock, we make the vinyl with own sizes at the moment we cheking the order in out system.

Available measurements by

  • S: 120x95cm

  • M: 150x95cm

  • L: 180x95cm

  • XL: 205x95cm

Take a look to the images gallery of products before purchasing the order to check the design.

Medidas de vinilos autoadhesivos lavables Lokoloko

Hydraulic and tile design... Are they individual pieces?

No. Every our designs have specific measurements, as you can see above. Could you imagine sticking a complete design piece by piece? It would be difficult and the result couldn't be what you think. Remember we have just 4 sizes by design.

Opaque or transparent vinyl:

  • Transparent vinyl: Some designs have transparent option, it just in glossy or matte finish. It's very interesting for office display cabinet, shop window, mirror, screen, etc.  If you like some design and it has not the transparent option activated, please, tell to us ;)

  • Opaque viny: Our normal vinyl has a white base on the surface and grey in the back, so it evoids transparency with the backgropund.

Which finish can I get my Lokoloko vinyl?

We have 4 different finish for our self-adhesive vinyl:

  • Matte: The most popular finish. It evoid reflexions so, it's perfect to enjoy the full design from every point of view.

  • Glossy: A very good imitation of shine over polished surface. A marble texture design with this finish will be great.

  • Floor: It is what you need to decorate the floor at home. Very resistent and you can wash it with clean products.

  • Wood: Imitation of wood texture with a little relief. (Only for deisngs of Wood and Plane colors categories).

Can I clean the surfave of vinyl?

Yes, of course. Our vinyls are washable, so, no problem. The ink is protected, so you can use clean products. 

Evoid abrasive liquids like acid, etching, etc.

Can I wait for time to stick my vinyl or Have I to do it at the moment it arrive at home?

No problem. You can wait for days or weeks until you decide stick it. If you are going to wait, we recommend open the piece over a table or, if you want to hold it inside the cartoon tube, it has to be in vertical position.

What kind of surfaces are perfect to use adhesive vinyl?

Where to stick vinyl with dry metod: wall, furniture, door, cupboard, table, computer, laptop, etc.

Where to stick vinyl with wet metod: crystal, metal, mirror, windows, etccristales, metacrilatos, chapas metálicas, espejos... You hae to use a sprayer with water and a pair of soap drops.

Does the vinyl paste on marticle board tables or wood without application?


Can I stick a selfadhesive vinyl on a cooktop in my kitchen?

Cooktop is a space where you work with sharp tools, so it's dangerous for the vinyl. Lokoloko doesn't recommend it.

Can I put vinyl on a bar/counter?

Yes, but just in the wall of the bar.
You can stick it on the top too, but, be careful with ti, because is a space with a lot of use.Vinilo autoadhesivo lavable de losas cerámicas para barras de bar y cocina

Can I put on bath wall?

Yes. The surface of vinyl can be wet and you can clean it. Teh design will be perfect.

Vinilo autoadhesivo para paredes de azulejos de bañeras

I'm renting a flat; if I decine decorate it with adhesive vinyl, when I leave the flat: Could I remove it easily and keep every place like the beginning?

Yes, no problem. It's easy to remove vinyl from furniture, tiles, doors, floor... If a vinyl is paster for long, perhaps it would drop residue, so you can clean it easly with clean products.
If wall has bad quality paint, there is possibility it broken and you will have to paint after again.

Can you see relief of tiles if you put vinyl on them?

Yes. Self-adhesive vinyl is a thin film which attach prerfectly on the surface, and it shows you any joint or particle between vinyl and surface.
Si. El vinilo es una película fina que se adhiere perfectamente a la superficie, por lo que será un “chivato” de cualquier imperfección o junta que haya debajo.

If you use a design with a lot of details, it will dissimulate those relief.

Vinilos adhesivos en azulejos y cenefas. Lokoloko

Are they eco-friendly?

We use 100% odorless eco-friendly inks, nickel free.

International organization certificated signatures: UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD, PEFC, FSC... and AgBB³ criterion.

Where does material come from?

Material we use are manufactured in Europe and they have quality certificated and they have certificate of falme resistance DIN EN 13501-1V.

Can I wet the vinyl surface?

Yes!! Our selfadhesive vinyls are adapted to use water on it, so, no problem :)

Can my mouse wear away the design on my desk?

No, it can't. The print is protected.

Can a heat source damage the vinyl?

Our vinyl tolerate so good the low and high temperatures.

Can I put it on the ceramic-stove's wall? Is it dangerous?

Yes, you can do it, no problem. We've tested it.

Our customers have installed it and the result is amazing. No problem with heat source, just evoid contact with flames.

Vinilo adhesivo para pegar en paredes de azulejos de cocinas

What's happening when splash oil on the vinyl while I'm cooking?

Our vinyl are adapted for kitchen and wall of the ceramic-stoven. No problem if drop oil or liquid on the surface of the vinyl. The print is protected so design will be perfect. Remember clean it after.

How do I clean vinyl for furniture, wall and floor?

You can use any clean products to clean floor, windows, tables, furniture...

Fregando vinilo para suelos con productos de limpieza

Evoid abrasive liquids like acid, etching, etc.


Can I stick selfadhesive vinyl on tiles from kitchen o bathroom?

Yes, yes, yes. Vinyl sticks perfectly over tiles. The junction will be appreciated.

Does the vinyl stick on painted wall?

Yes, of course. Be careful of quality of the paint you use on your wall. If the quality is bad, it will break.

Will it damage the paint when I remove the vinyl from the wall?

It depends of the paint quality. Do it bit by bit and be careful paint keeps attach on the wall. If paint is good quality, no problem. If not, you must paint the wall again.

If my wall is painted recently: Could I put self-adhesive vinyl on it?

No!. We recommend wait for, at least, 15 days to be sure it will be dried. Paint xpel vapor after it is used, and this vapor could detach the vinyl. So, be pacient ;)

Does vinyl stick over venetian stucco?


Does vinyl stick on gypsum?

No, because gypsum gives off dust and particles, so vinyl won't stick appropiately.

Can I put in on gotelé wall?

Yes, it's possible, but, keep in mind this irregular surface. When you attach the vinyl on it you could see little shades. Depend of the design, it will look good (better if that design has details).

Can I put selfadhesive vinyl on in the kitchen sink's wall?

All our prints are protected by the finish, so, desings will be perfect always. No problem because of water or clean products. Just do it ;)


Can I put vinyl on the floor of my balcony?

Yes, our adhesive vinyl are ok for outdoor. Keep in mind the quality of the floor, what kind of tile it has, the junction and cleanliness.
If you have doubt, send photos to us to take a look:

Vinilo autoadhesivo pegado en suelo de terraza exterior

Can I cover the full floor of a room with vinyl for floor?

Vinyl for floor is a decorative element, we recommend use it just for little places: next to the bed, in the center of living-room, on the foot of kitchen sink...

Costumers have already put selfadhesive vinyl on full floor (kitchen and bathroom overall) and those places look very well.

Vinilos autoadhesivos para suelos de dormitorios, baños, cocinas

How I clean my floor before to install the vinyl?

It's basic to know cleaning the floor is the first step you have to do when installing adehsive vinyl. Please, follow these steps to be sure:

  • Sweep the floor.

  • Wash the floor.

  • When it is dried, clean it using a clean cloth, even on the junctions.

I've bought a vinyl for floor and I want to put in on the bathroom; Is+ humidity bad for vinyl?

No proble for vinyl on spaces where you use water like bathroom or kitchen. The vinyl is resistent to humidity and the print is protected, so, don't worry.

Does the vinyl for floor detach months away?

No. Its adhesive back gain strength for long. It's important the floor must be clean and dry to be sure the vinyl attach at the moment of installation.

Does the vinyl leak residues when I decide remove it from the floor?

No, it doesn't. When you remove the adhesive vinyl, the floor will be perfect. In some cases, if vinyl was attached for many years, perhaps it leaks a little adhesive residues, but normally not. Just clean with a cleaning products and you get it.

Could carrete heels damage the vinyl for floor?

Pointed carrete heel could damage the vinyl if it makes a lot of pression over.

If we drag tables and chairs over adhesive vinyl paste on the floor; could it be broken or scratched?

Vinyl for floor could suffer damage or scratches if dragging heavy objects over it with strong legs. It's recommendable add felt in the pegs of chairs and tables.



What is wall decals or wall stickers?

Wall decals is made with adhesive vinyl (material like plastic) and it's possible to stick in a lot of surfaces. A perfect element for indoor decorations.

We have 2 types:

Cut vinyl:  It's a silhouette plain color without background nor white borders. We have designs of 1, 2, 3 and more color combinations.

Vinilo decorativo de lobo, animales

Multicolor vinyl sticker: It's printing silhouette, no white borders, no background, just the design with all colors.

Vinilo decorativo de caballo poligonal

What do I find in the package?

The package has your vinyl rolled and protected inside a carton tube.

What are the parts of a wall decals?

Transfer: It's the first layer and help us to translale the vinyl to de wall or surface easily. The design keeps all elements in the correct position.

Vinyl: It's the main material, where the design is cutt and/or printed. It's the element which will hold sticked on the wall.

Paper silicone: It's the bottom layer which protect the adhesive back of vinyl. 

What is the durability of wall decals?

Our wall decals can live outdoor about 5-7 years and more than 90 indoor with good conditions and avoiding damage, scratch, flames, etc.


Must I select a color of vinyl before to do the purchase?

Yes, it's very important you select a color. By default it appears black but it doesn't mean black color is selected. Please, be sure you click the color you want.

What is surface color?

This option simulate your wall, use as if it is the color of your wall. It's just illustrative.

Some products are packs and their sizes are showed with letters; How Do I know the size of every element?

Some of our designs of wall decals are packs with a lot of independent elements and their sizes are showed with S, M, L and XL letters. In the images gallery you can see the reference of every element and its measurements.


What is self-adhesive wallpaper?

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a material made to get amazing and big murals to put them on the wall at home, shops, offices, hotels, bedrooms and more.

Pared de recibidor decorada con papel autoadhesivo de losas bauhaus. Lokoloko

How I install self-adhesive wallpaper?

You don't aditional products to stick our self-adhesive wallpaper on the wall. Just spray water on its back and the wall. Once it is in the correct postion, make pression with your hands to attach the wall paper to the wall.

If you want to stick several pieces, they have to go aligned side by side. Don't overlap one over the next. Just together.

We recommend this videotutorial about "How to stick wallpaper on the wall" to learn all steps you need to know :)

Has wallpaper maintenance?

No, it hasn't. Just clean the surface with a dry cloth when it needs.


Installation, tools and tips

¿Which tools do I need to stick self-adhesive vinyls?

These are the more common tools you need to paste decorative vinyl on every surface you want:

• Clean and dry cloth: The surface must to be clean before any installation.

Squeegee: We use this tool to stick the vinyl to the wall making pression on it.
*Tips: If you don't have squeegee, you can make your one covering a credit card or similar into a cloth. This is the best way to get a rigid and smooth customized squeegee. DIY ;)

*We add a squeegee with the order of every vinyl :)

• Scissors and cutter: Cutting tools are useful to make more easy the installation process.
We will use scissors cut the back paper (which protects the adhesive face).
We will use cutter (or needle) to poke air bubbles, and to fix parts of vinyl too.

Painter tape: To hole the vinyl on the wall before installation or to mark corners on the wall to mmake more easy the position. L

Measurement tape: We will use it when we need know distances on walls, height with the floor, etc.

Hair dryer: It's not necessary but sometimes we could need it.

Materiales necesarios para la colocación del vinilo

Does the wall be cleaned before install my vinyl?

Of course. The most important step is that. The surface where you want to put adhesive vinyl has to be completly cleaned and dry. If it has dust and you try to stick your vinyl, it will go down, so, please, clean the wall before.

Could I put vinyl on gotelé wall?

Gotelé is a very common technique of painting wall used in Spain, where surface has a lot of little reliefs. To stick a wall decals on this kind of wall it's possible but a little difficult. Take a look at this videotutorial about how to do it.

Vinilos colocado sobre una pared de gotelé

I've bought a wall decals but I don0't going to stick it until a month away;  Is it a problem?

We recomment install it as soon as possible. If pass much time, the transfer sheet could became rigid and could be very stressful. Don't wait for more than 15 days.

I've painted my wall recently; Can I paste my vinyl when it is dry? 

No. After painting a wall, the paint continues expelling vapor por 10-15 days and it could detach the vinyl. Please, wait for 15 days more or less before to install de wall decals.

What are the steps to stick my vinyl?

There are a lot of ways to install a wall decals. It depends of the design, elements, etc.

Visit this Youtube List with our videotutorials to learn all tips to install your vinyls.

We teach you the basic steps to learn how to install a standar wall decals:

1. Before installing the vinyl, clean the surface with a dry cloth.

Cómo pegar vinilos decorativos. Limpiar la pared

2. Place the vinyl on the wall using painter tape to hold it.

Pasos de instalación cómo pegar vinilo decorativo. Situar

3. Detach the half of vinyl and cut the back paper.

Cómo pegar vinilos decorativos Lokoloko. Cortar papel siliconado

4. Stick this part making pression over the vinyl with the squeegee, from the centre to out.

Aprende cómo pegar vinilo decorativo de siluetas en la pared

5. Remove the rest of back paper and continue sticking the wall decals.

Cómo pegar vinilos decorativos paso a paso. Lokoloko

6. Remove the transfer to descover the vinyl.

Retirar papel transportador del vinilo decorativo. Lokoloko

7. You get it!

Cómo pegar vinilos decorativos paso a paso. Lokoloko

Can I stick adhesive vinyl myself?

Yes, sure. It's n easy installation. Visit our Youtube channel to learn all steps and tips.

Is there any previous step before starting the installation?

Yes. The most important step is to clean the surface where you will put your wall decals.
Then unroll the vinyl and make pression with squeegee over the transfer to be sure the vinyl attach very good on the transfer to can translate the best as possible.

I'm detaching the first part o my vinyl from back paper but it doesn't do it correctly: What I can to do? 

What you can to do is to make pression with help of back paper to put the vinyl on the adhesive transfer face. We think those pics from our Blog could help you a lot. Check them!!

¿How can I take oof air bubbles from a placed vinyl?

After installation you could find small air bubbles trapped on the vinyl. Just take a cutter or needle to pock them and make pression with your fingers to expel the air.

Cómo quitar burbujas de vinilos decorativos. Lokoloko

How do I remove my vinyl from the wall?

It's very easy. Raise a corner or edge of vinyl and pull backward to detach it from the wall.
You can heat it up using a hair dryer. Vinyl will soften.

¿Can I use the dry-cleaning method to stick my adhesive vinyl?

Yes. Take a look at out YOUTUBE Channel to learn basic and advanced steps of sticking in dry-cleaning ways.

These are the best surfaces to put vinyl in dry-cleaning: painted wall, tables, doors, wodd furniture, floor, tiles.

We teach you basic steps to learn how to paste self-adhesive vinyl on a wood furniture.

1. Clean the surface with a clean cloth. Fundamental step.

Cómo pegar vinilos en muebles paso a paso. Limpiar superficie. Lokoloko

2. Place the vinyl* on the surface and hold it with painter tape. If you want to put it on a table, we recommend leave weight on the centre of vinyl to avoid it moves or turns.
*(idealy if vinyl is bigger than surface)

Vinilo pegar vinilo en muebles paso a paso. Sujetar vinilo. Lokoloko

3. Detach the first part and cut with scissors the back silicone paper.

Pegar vinilo en muebles paso a paso. Cortar papel siliconado. Lokoloko

4. Paste the first part using a squeegee or credit card. Make pression from center to up and out.Pega esta primera parte desde donde está sujetado hacia arriba. Ejerce presión para evitar burbujas de aire. Making good pression to avoid air bubbles.

Cómo pegar vinilo en seco. Lokoloko

5. Roll the vinyl up to the pasted part to make more easy the installation. 

Pegar vinilo adhesivo en muebles paso a paso. Lokoloko

6. Detach vinyl until you can hold the edge of back paper and roll with the same hand.
Continue sticking.

Cómo forrar un mueble con vinilo autoadhesivo lavable Lokoloko.

7. When it is pasted, cover the borders or cutt the excess of vinyl using a cutter. 

Instalación de vinilo decorativo. Cortar sobrantes. Lokoloko

8. The new look of your furniture is done!

Cómo forrar un mueble con vinilo paso a paso. Lokoloko

How could I cover the edges of my table or door with self-adhesive vinyl?

In this case a videotutorial costs more than 1000 words, so take a look to this video of "How to cover the edges with vinyl".

Is it possible to cover a edge of drawer or door which has straight and curve edges?

Yes, it's possible, but not entirely. In this example you can cover the lateral sides, but not up and down, which have to be cutt.

Cómo cantear con vinilo cajones de bordes curvados. Lokoloko

Is it possible to use water in the intallation process?

Yes. It's an easy method. Using water we can reposition the vinyl and correct its position before sticking it. Full a sprayer with water and a drop of soap.

Surfaces where you can paste vinyl with water: tiles, smooth furniture as tables or doors, windows, marble, metal...

How Can I remove the vinyl from the furniture or wall?

Raise a corner of vinyl and pull backward. If it is hard, use a hair dryer to heat it up. It will be sotfer and easy to detach. If it gives off residues, just clean it with cleaning products. No problem.

How Can I stick vinyl on wood furniture?

Sticking self-adhesive vinyl on furniture is very easy. In all case we recommendd to get pieces of vinyl bigger than surface to be sure we'll cover it.

You can find here some different process with photos.

Office desk
Rectangular table
Upper part of table with curve edges
DIY: Transformation of a box as footrest
Chest of drawer completly wrapped

Which is the best way to remove a vinyl from a surface?

Raise a corner of vinyl and pull upward to start removing it. If you keep perpendicular to the surface it will be easier. If it gives off residues, just clean it with any product or water. No problem.

Ejemplo de como hay que despegar un vinilo

If vinyl is put on the efge of a wall; could it be detached as time goes?

No. The vinyl will stay pasted on the wall. But if that edge has a constantly brush with arms of people or everythings the vinyl is vulnerable to detach in that part.

Cómo pegar vinilo autoadhesivo en esquina de pared. Lokoloko

We recommend be careful with the vinyl. It hasn't excess from the edge of the wall to avoid that type of situations.

Cómo no pegar vinilos en esquinas de pared

To be sure, the limit of vinyl has to finish near of the edge but not in the end.

Cómo pegar correctamente vinilo autoadhesivo a una esquina de pared. Lokoloko

You can place a corner piece as protection of the border.

Esquinero para proteger vinilo de pared

How to install vinyl for floor?

Please, pay attention to these videos. You will see it's very easy :)

I've bought a vinyl for floor to decorate my bathroom; is there any problem with humidity

Don't worry. Our adhesive vinyl are ready to resist humidity. Printing is protected, be sure to put it in bathrooms, kitchen or floor porch.

Vinilo pegado en el suelo protegiendolo de la humedad

What's overlap?

To complete the installation of a big mural you need several pieces of vinyl, thats why overlap is important to avoid separation between them.
Most of our designs are ready to be overlap (1/2cm coincidence side), so at the moment of installation you have to be sure that side coincide between two vinyl pieces.

El solapaje de un vinilo decorativo


What is a customized product?

It's a design adapted to the need of customers (size, orientation, finish, vinyl or wallpaper, etc).

Is it possible to order a customized product?

Yes. Just send a email to with all information we must need to make a budget: measurements of surfaces you want to cover, design you want to use, finish, vinyl or wallpaper, etc.

How much does the customized product cost?

Customized products have higher cost than standard ones because we have to adapt and make digital changes and more, depend of the instructions of the customer. So, that's mean: + time / + price.

Once you are ok, we will send you a link to do the purchase, and then we'll show you a with the previous image of the design adapted. When you tell to us all is ok, it will be de moment to make them.

What information I have to send to get a budget?

The most important are measurements of surfaces you want to decorate and type of each one (wood, tile, marble, etc.). If add photos it will be better.
Also what's your idea and design you want to use for it.

Do I really need a customized one?

Think about if our standard sizes give you enough vinyl to wrap the surface you want to decorate (table, door, floor, stand TV, wall, etc). Purchasing standard sizes is cheaper than customized product. 

For example: to wrap a table of 85x100cm is ok with a S size (95x120cm).

What's wrong if I want continuity of design on my kitchen furniture?

The continuity is just for geometric designs. It is not necessary with textures of wood, marble or cement.

For example: Imagine a column of drawers (50x15cm each one). If you only want to cover the faces of them, you can stick a vinyl over all and them cutt with a cutter between drawers.

Also if you want to wrap the edges, what you have to do is sticking every vinyl independently. So, divide the vinyl in several pieces, but never with the exact measurements; the best way is bigger than surfaces to be sure you will wrap the entire drawer.

If you want continuity of design in all vinyls, we must to make a budget, because we have to adapt all of them correctly, and obviusly, the cost will be bigest.


How do I measure the floor?

Really what you have to do is measure all walls of a room and draw a map which will represent the floor. Take all info you could need: walls, colums, bath, fixed furniture, etc.

Cómo medir el suelo para forrarlo de vinilo autoadhesivo. Lokoloko

How to measeure the wall

The wall is just a rectangle: Measure height and width.

Hay paredes que tienen elementos fijados que no se pueden mover, por ejemplo en las cocinas: puertas, ventanas, mueble bajo, armarios superiores, etc. Deberás medir el “lienzo” (espacio disponible para forrar) de tu pared, anotando cualquier medida para que no se escape ninguna información.

Medir pared con puerta para decorar con vinilo. Lokoloko

Medir pared de cocina para forrar con vinilo autoadhesivo. Lokoloko

¿Cómo medir muebles?

Medir superficies independientes es fácil, sólo necesitas ancho x alto: mesas, puertas, cajones, caras frontales o laterales de un mueble, etc.
En muchos casos, quieras cantear o no, es recomendable que midas también el grosor de los bordes de estos muebles.

Cómo medir muebles y cajones para forrar vinilo. Lokoloko

Hay muebles que combinan bordes rectos y bordes curvos (mide literalmente toda esta superficie de manera contínua), muy habituales en cuartos de baño y cocinas.

Cómo medir cajones de bordes curvos de manera correcta. Lokoloko vinilos

¿Cómo medir múltiples superficies de uno o varios muebles (baños, cocinas)?

Mide cada pieza de manera independiente. Es muy útil que indiques números a cada pieza con su medida correspondiente. Indica también la medida de los bordes si quieres cantear el vinilo, e incluso la distancia entre cajones y puertas si es evidente que existe separación. Debemos tener bien anotada toda la información necesaria.

Cómo medir muebles de cocinas para forrar con vinilo autoadhesivo. Lokoloko

¿Puedo planteármelo como una sola pieza completa?

Por supuesto. El mueble arriba mencionado tiene unas dimensiones de 174x60xm (ancho x alto). Con una talla L de Lokoloko tienes material suficiente para cubrir toda esta superficie. En este caso solo podrás forrar las caras frontales de las superficies. No tendrás margen para trabajar los cantos.

Si solo voy a cubrir las caras frontales de mi mueble, ¿puedo pegar directamente todo el pliego de vinilo sobre él?

Si. Es una manera muy fácil y rápida de pegar el vinilo autoadhesivo, aunque no cantees los bordes, y además mantendrás la continuidad del diseño entre las piezas del mueble. Ten cuidado de que los cajones o las puertas no se abran durante el proceso de instalación.

Echa un vistazo a este videotutorial en el que forramos las puertas de un archivador de oficina con vinilo autoadhesivo.

¿Cómo calculo cuánto vinilo necesito?

Lokoloko tiene 4 medidas estándar, así que tan sólo tienes que comprobar que cualquiera de estas piezas te da material suficiente para cubrir tu superficie a forrar (aconsejamos tener en cuenta material sobrante). En Algunas ocasiones tendrás que usar mas de 1 copia.