Decorative posters of universe and planets


Lokoloko Universe Posters

This collection is a test where Lokoloko reflects passion to innovate, we present a unique vision of the universe embodied through elegant and minimalist designs where you will discover fascinating and relaxing visions of Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, The Sun, The Moon... The planets and satellites of our solar system are here and are perfect for decorations where knowledge and love for culture is evident.

If you have a library, a reading area, a corner for tea or coffee, a meeting space, we are sure that decorating the wall with these posters will be the key to show your taste.

Original Universe Posters

In this section the designers propose a centered minimalist composition for each image. The presentations play with sans-serif fonts and the image that for the most part flirts with abstraction. The colors are softened to make integration in many environments simple and the combination between the different posters is feasible and a good option to achieve the desired environment.

Why buy posters of the universe in Lokoloko?

The high quality of the material makes it ideal if you live for rent, have a local, business, indoor or outdoor area and want to place it with double-sided tape or adhesive tape on your wall, you can do so by creating current and modern presentations, play with the colors of the adhesive tapes, mix designs or sizes and your walls will enjoy original compositional rhythms.

If you leave the house or want to change the room posters, you can remove the adhesive materials you used without damaging the product, a great advantage that, together with the ecological and innovative UV-resistant ink, adds durability, making our posters a perfect product. for interiors or exteriors.

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