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Vinyls for glass and windows

Where to put the vinyl for glass and windows?

Lokoloko self-adhesive vinyl for crystals can be placed on any clean surface that does not give off impurities, being a good option to decorate an interior or exterior room. You can place and radically change the crystals of:

Furniture, partitions, glass walls, glass ceilings, glass railings, glass enclosures, playing the transparent or translucent finish with transparencies depending on the selection.

The high quality of our translucent and transparent polymeric vinyls, when laminated, they can be cleaned with cleaning products without the design presenting any alteration due to rubbing.

How to apply vinyl for windows and glass?

To avoid the appearance of bubbles in the installation of surfaces, it is always recommended to wet the surface with water or soap and water, place the vinyl previously with the silicone paper removed and stick the pieces of vinyl from the center to the ends, removing all the water or water with soap. Once the time has passed and it has dried, we will proceed to remove the excess vinyl by cutting it with a cutter.

The types of vinyl for Lokoloko crystals

There are two finishes, transparent and translucent:

Transparent vinyls

Its finish allows you to see through it clearly despite having the printed and laminated design. Its spectacular effect allows for a stained glass effect to be achieved in any type of screen, shop window, window or glass cabinet that, together with the Lokoloko trend design, raises the decorative value of the space.

You can place it on an opaque surface, the transparent vinyl will take as background color the surface where it is applied. Remember that in these vinyls, white is transparent, with softer color tones in the design, more transparency. You can place it on both sides of a glass, be it exterior or interior, being able to play with the inversion of the image and brightness of the glass.

They provide security, make visible glass accesses that go unnoticed due to transparency, thus avoiding unfortunate blows from loved ones or clients.

They reduce the incidence of ultraviolet rays.

The transparent vinyls are printed with eco inks and are completely washable with cleaning products without rubbing damaging the color of the design.

They withstand large temperature variations (-50ºc / 100ºc) without presenting any alteration in size, and can even be placed on kitchen fronts, behind a radiator, in areas of large temperature changes such as air conditioning or heating outlets.

You can combine them with more products from the online store depending on the design you select.

Translucent vinyl

The main feature is to let in outside light blocking visibility, providing privacy to the rooms, the effect is similar to glass called acid, or glass treated with sandblasting, frosted...

You can combine the decoration of the translucent vinyl for crystals with other decorative products that we have in our catalogue.

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