Vynil Wall Mural

Vynil Wall Mural

Lokoloko vinyl murals

Lokoloko has created in this section the most elaborate designs and star accessories for your decoration. The laminated self-adhesive vinyl murals have been approached in a special way, being unique and original author designs that you will only find in our store.

Large vinyl murals designed for different decorative styles

Our vinyls are drawn and created representing and being in accordance with styles as disparate and at the same time as current as tropical, botanical, art deco, memphis, japandi, natural raw...Large-format floral elements, animals with precise details of their feathers , eyes, colors. A level of detail and work where it does not leave you indifferent when you have it in front of you.

Why buy vinyl murals in Lokoloko?

A powerful alternative to resolve large surfaces effectively from a decorative point of view. The strong and elegant visual impact does not leave anyone who contemplates them indifferent if we add to this the cheap and fast installation, we are talking about significant savings not only in tools but also in labor.

Cleanliness throughout the installation process as well as speed, the possibility of covering large surfaces with the image, if they are larger we can adapt the mural and if the dimensions are smaller, the possibility of buying by size. Our wall murals adapt to all surfaces and sizes, being the only ones that are really washable with cleaning products without damaging the inks.

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